Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well, 28 years ago, at 9:28 A.M., my sweetheart and I were sealed for time and for all eternity in the Mesa Arizona Temple. As Allison shared with me what the sealer spoke about during her sister in law - Kelli's - wedding, that day is the most important day of your life...for ever. We have experienced many things over these last 28 years, and I appreciated that shared counsel from Allison. Yes, it is the most important day of all of your life. It has been full of highs and lows, and a lot of hard work. I have not felt a great success yet at either wifehood, nor motherhood. I have done my very best, though, and I strive each day to do better, and to try to mend the damage that I have done. I am so thankful for a sweet, patient and forgiving husband, and for children that have grown and overcome my lacking areas to make themselves the wonderful people that they have grown up to be.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Fun We Had!!

We just finished the most wonderful visit with our sweet daughter, her wonderful hubby, and our grandbabies, Adam and Grace. They were able to stay with us this time, and it was so great being greeted by a smiling Adam every morning. I sure missed his happy face today!! We had such fun with them here. Papa took Friday off he got a lot of time with the grandkids. He swang them on the swing he made, played in the sandbox with them, fed the chickens, and just had a great time! It amazed me that you get so much talking time in while you are pushing little ones on a swing (though Adam found my pushing abilities less than satisfactory...not high enough, Grammy!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Life!

Our drive to seminary every morning, though lasting no more than five minutes, is filled with whit and interesting conversation. This morning was no different. First, there was the "complaint corner", involving the smell of the vehicle every day. The banter went back and forth, with comments on how the bathroom smells after "someone" uses it, to smells in their respective bedrooms. After a few minutes of heated debate, I determined that DNA testing would be necessary to truly discover the "owner" of the aforementioned scents. Each occupant of our home would need to release his own DNA odor, where it would be classified and then when we enter the vehicle, the bathroom, the bedroom, etc., we would simply test and determine "who dun it!" As she left the car, Kate said I needed to get a life! Hey, who else gets this much fun, science, and investigative reporting in five minutes at 6:20 in the morning!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

She's On Top of the World

Our sweet Kaity is now on top of the world: the last six weeks of her senior year. She got her cap and gown on Monday, and, after an hour long torture session, we were able to get this wonderful portrait of her for our wall. (I truly had forgotten all that we went through when the kids were younger to get those cute family pictures...remember the ones with all in matching tee shirts, or in 50s garb. It was an amazing flashback for me when we were fighting Kate just to get her to look the least bit interested at the camera!) We are so excited for her. Graduation is on the 23rd of May. And, since there are only 35 graduates, we can invite everyone!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two Steps Forward, a Step Back!!

Isn't it always the case...just when you think you get a little ahead, something happens to take away that "little ahead!" Case in point: income tax refund and the dentist. We felt so blessed that we would get some money back from the government (now, I know that's not a good thing, and it meant that our real estate lost money again, but the extra bucks are sure neat!)but, last week, a tooth I was supposed to have a root canal awhile back in went nuts...well, to the dentist this morning I went...The best solution: pull that tooth. No trouble...very affordable! However, the tooth on the other side that I broke with a valentine heart candy (never eatin' one of those things again!) needs a root canal and crown, and the tooth behind (my last large molar on the bottom - already crowned) has some crazy infection under it, and that tooth has to go too. Go figure. Now, I have a great dentist - Dr. Johnson - who doesn't want to take a bucketfull along with a handfull, and all is affordable, but no getting ahead! Oh, well, such is life!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Another Grand Performance

Kate participated in a recital for her guitar class last night, and did a wonderful job. I hadn't really gotten the chance to hear her play much. She just started guitar in the Fall. Well, she played "Blackbird" by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and did an absolutely stunning job!! Now, this song was no "On Top Of Old Smokey" like many new students begin playing. This was a real song. We were so pleased. And, we were especially glad that she performed second on the program, before all the percussion groups. We certainly had hearing loss after they left the stage!!