Sunday, November 10, 2019

Week of November 3 - 9, 2019


We enjoyed a very uplifting fast and testimony meeting at church. It was difficult to get a chair in Sunday school so we ended up going home and studying earlier than normal. I attended choir practice.

I did some Initiatory Work at the temple on Tuesday morning. Dad attended the temple with Kelsie and her ward youth and assisted in baptisms on Tuesday night. He ended up getting very ill during the evening and I ended up getting Kelsie home after ice cream. His illness lasted all week so no temple attendance for him.

I completed reading the October General Conference talks and continue to read the Book of Mormon daily. I also listen to at least one General Conference talk every morning.

I have indexed 20113 records and reviewed 55858 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins family is surviving as Mike seeks a new career and he and Allison work hard to keep the family afloat. Sam become ill this week and needed so extra loving.

Allison shared this on Friday:
"Almost 13 years ago, I sat in a car entertaining a little Adam and a baby Grace while Mike went on job interviews in Las Vegas because we felt like it was where Heavenly Father wanted us to be.

Today, I sat in our car entertaining a sick Sam while Mike was at a job interview because our other car is broken (of course) and I have got to pick up my other kiddos soon.

13 years ago, I was filled with worry and stress and fear. And this time I have peace. Because the last time this happened, it brought me to this city where I have met the greatest people and grew so much and laughed and cried and made the best memories. And I am so thankful.

Unemployment is stinking hard. But with these guys and Heavenly Father, it will be okay."

The Ethan Rice Family
This family had a good week. Kaylee spent some time making up her Christmas list from a catalog that arrived. Oh what memories when I was a kid and we would fight over the Sears Toy Catalog!

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber spent the week walking through their new home to note any repairs needed...which were MANY. They also had to work out a ton of financing stuff which could have been done a long time ago. Oh those bankers!!!! Hopeful to move in next week. Kelsie enjoyed her time at the temple Tuesday and getting ice cream with friends in her ward.

We saw Morgan as we spoke with Ethan on Wednesday evening. He is doing well. Wade has been putting him in "jail" a lot, but Morgan always escapes.

Kayty had a good work week. Normally, one can pay a dollar and wear jeans on Monday or Friday. In November, she can pay $16 and get to wear jeans every day, plus December is jeans month. She is beyond excited.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan, Jessica and family had a good week and took time for some camping and fishing on the weekend. 

Dad's Garden
He is now focused on catching and relocating rabbits, who eat everything including seedlings, plants, citrus leaves, and dates on the tree. 

Other highlights
On my Wednesday Trash Can Out Jog, there was thunder and lightning...and once I got home a little rain. Quite a very nice surprise!

Took Nano for lab work early Thursday morning. Dad had repaired her "traveling" walker so she was very happy about that. Sharynn was on the phone with me Friday, figuring out a better insurance situation for Nano next year. 

My Bulk Trash haul out:
Yes, all the wood from the playground tear down plus an ocotillo cactus, plus rakings from the front yard.

Not so highlights
Dad's stomach/intestinal virus lasted Tuesday night,  all of Wednesday and Thursday and most of Friday. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Week of October 27 - November 2, 2019


We had a good Sunday. We enjoyed a very spiritual and wonderful talk by Andrew Sheppard, who is leaving for the Alabama Birmingham Mission early in November.

Dad attended a session at the temple on Wednesday night.

I completed my first time through listening to General Conference talks and began again. My Book of Mormon reading continues every morning and I am still reading General Conference talks.

I have indexed 19841  records and reviewed 54246 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins family is strong and is enduring this present job challenge with faith. Mike has applied for many jobs and will works nights for Amazon loading and then job hunt during the day.  Allison continues to work both for Caption Call and at the temple. They have made great strides to live with the budget they have set and are doing well. The kids are busy at school and doing well.

The Ethan Rice Family
Pictures from their fun week and weekend of Halloween Activities including County and School Fall Festivals and church Trunk or Treat.

Kaylee got to dress in costume for Monday's dancing lessons.

It was Red Ribbon Week at school. On Tuesday, the theme was: "We Are Too Smart To Start"
She got to wear pajamas on Friday.

On Saturday, they attended a birthday party for their friend, Mason. 

The Doran Rice Family
The week started with sickness for Kelsie this time. Doran had to take time off work without pay, so he came and helped on the stone walkway between the lawn and tetherball here. He also had to work on things at the trailer.

They had a great time trick or treating in Arrowhead Lakes on Thursday evening.

Doran and Kooper came by on Friday and ended up helping Dad fix the jeep. So thankful they were here to transport to the auto parts store. Yard sales on Saturday helped them get a couch, love seat and chair. Next week is moving prep.

Morgan is doing well and enjoying spending time with Ethan and family.

Kayty had a good work week and celebrated Halloween as Rapunzel.

and one with the tiara she had forgotten

The Nathan Rice Family
This family had a good week. We tagged along for their trick or treating.

Emma is getting bigger and bigger...and cuter and cuter!

Dad's Garden
Rabbits ravaged the snow peas. Dad replanted and is now hunting.

Other highlights
Dad is working hard training for his new position as a Field Quality Engineer. He has studied for hours and hours and passed one test this week. He also went into the field with two other FQE's and got some experience.

Trailer, after two weeks of unsuccessful searches and people selling the wrong things to Doran and Dad, the trailer is repaired and the new wheel works.

Dad started working on the rock path. He wanted to facilitate my wheelbarrow passage from my hut to the house, but without it being complete, I cannot get my wheelbarrow to the house, so I have to individually haul tubs back and forth. We collected more rocks and dad put them in on Saturday.

Took down Halloween decor on Thursday and put up Thanksgiving on Friday.

I also started Christmas in the living room by cleaning and then putting up nativities. 

Mom began her string of weekly doctor appointments, this week it was the cardiologist. She is doing well, but I was gone nearly four hours by the time I returned home.

I made dinner in a pumpkin...without the pumpkin...for dinner on Halloween.