Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week of January 7-13, 2018


We now attend church in the morning, from 9 am to noon. This day was very hard for me in that I nor dad could attend Ellie's Blessing in Idaho. I was so sad, but I felt the Lord sent me some comfort with the things that happened in our ward. Though my heart was in Idaho, I could feel the Spirit and be taught and comforted here. This the first Sunday of the year is Fast and Testimony meeting, and I had also prayed that I would hear something that I could share with my inmate sister, Jessica, in a letter this week. That prayer was truly answered over and over. Among the many testimonies shared (including Dee's) was blessings of reading the Book of Mormon daily as counseled by President Monson and obedience, we were blessed to hear from Alan Dibb, who is the grandson of our beloved prophet who passed away on January 2nd. This is what he shared as Dad and I wrote down from memory after church:

Brother Alan Dibb and his family had spent the Christmas holidays in Utah. Their visit was nearing it’s end, so they spent some time at Sister Dibb’s parents house. While there, Alan slipped out and went to his Grandfather, President Thomas S. Monson’s apartment. He just sat there, visiting off and on, for a couple of hours. Alan said that he felt content that he had a good visit, and that if something happened before their next trip to Utah, he was at peace.
The next day, the Dibb family was preparing to pack up and head back to Phoenix. Alan received a call from his mother, suggesting that he go again to see his grandfather and give him a blessing. Alan told her that he felt at peace with his last visit and that it would be good till the next trip to Utah. Later that same day, he felt like he should do as his mom had suggested. He took his wife, Lindsay and the four children: Amelia, Thomas, Miriam and William, for a visit. They had a good visit and Alan gave his grandfather, the prophet, a priesthood blessing.  
The Dibb family began their trip back to Phoenix later than expected, and arrived home about 2:30 am on January 2nd. He awoke a few hours later and went to work. Later that same day, his mother called and told him that President Monson was not doing well, and asked if he could get there right away. He was exhausted with only a few hours of sleep, and felt he couldn’t drive, but was able to miraculously find a flight and arrived there late that night. He was able to get an Uber driver to take him to his grandfather’s apartment. As he walked in, there were a few family members there, and two nurses were attending to him as he laid in his bed. Alan slipped into his grandfather’s closet, stood among his suits and called his wife Lindsay (who is an anesthesiologist), answered questions as to his medical condition, and then slipped back to his side. Family was just sweetly, quietly visiting when one looked and asked, “Is he breathing?” President Thomas S. Monson had slipped away, no more than 15 minutes since Alan had arrived. Alan said that he could just imagine his grandmother, Francis, on the other side of the veil saying to her beloved husband who would soon join her, “Now just wait. Alan isn’t there yet.”
The family had time together, and each alone, to spend with President Monson. Then, they made plans for his services. Alan said the passing of his grandfather was a “sweet” moment.

Our Sunday School classes for this year are studying The Old Testament and our teacher, again Brother Dibb, led a wonderful discussion on living with Heavenly Father again and how He provides a way for us to all become like Him.

Our Relief Society meeting began a new era of a changed format. We walked into the room to our chairs in a circle and were able to begin to counsel as a group to help solve problems and meet the needs around us, both with ward members and those not of our faith. It was the beginning, an introduction, and people often had suggestions on how we could discern and work on needs around us. It was a great chance to step into a future of service and not just sitting and being taught.

Scouts for me went well on Wednesday. We have a new smaller room, and three boys were missing so it was easier to keep the chatting down to a minimum. Dad's Scouts didn't go as well. There is still a lot of confusion, a new leader, and a scoutmaster that doesn't share too much information. It will work out soon.

I am in Alma 57 in the Book of Mormon.

I have indexed 1584 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins family started a new church year on Sunday, and Sam graduated from Nursery and went to Primary.
They had a busy week back to school. Mike worked in Grace's room and painted one wall a beautiful darker pink.  It was a special day for Sam on Saturday. Happy Birthday, Sam!!
We were able to see him on Marco Polo. He got some wonderful gifts, ate Café Rio dinner, and had those candles blown out and off the cookie cake before the Happy Birthday song was over.
The Ethan Rice Family
Happy Birthday, Cameo on Sunday!

Here are some pics from the fantastic birthday party for both Kaylee (5) and Wade (1)

They called on FaceTime on Tuesday night and we had a great visit. I love talking to them. Kaylee showed me her clean room and all her birthday gifts. She enjoyed being back at school. On Saturday, she and Cameo had a girls trip out for some pampering. 
A neighbor gave this to Kaylee, but it seems Wade has other ideas...

The Doran Rice Family
This family was back to school and regular schedules this week too. Amber struggled with illness so we had Kooper's birthday celebration here on Saturday.

Morgan has improved healthwise after the accident. However, Goldberg and Osborn after sending him to chiropractors decided that, since the driver at fault had no insurance, they dropped the case. Thus, Kyle his friend has no car and only $400 from the junk yard, and Morgan has all the bills. Note to all: Don't Call Goldberg and Osborne.

Kayty has struggled with a cough all week, but was able to go to work. She stayed home pretty much all week after work. Nothing exciting other than after a couple of saves last week, she only had one near save.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan gave Elisabeth May Rice a name and a father's blessing on Sunday, January 7, 2018. Monday started school for Nate and Jess. Lots of hours, and homework, but they are hanging in there. Poor Ellie had allergy testing on Monday.
Poor baby girl! And poor momma! We are thankful though that she was blessed to have no food allergies. She did forgive mom and ate squash that night. Loved it. I got to see her when they FaceTimed on Tuesday and both girls looked great. Jessica was making homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum! They still are spending their Saturdays at the Laundromat, but that should change when they get a new washer and dryer.

School is hard, as it usually is for the last year students, and it's even harder when Annalee has so enjoyed having Daddy and Mommy home these last few weeks. She will adjust, but until then, its a struggle.

Jessica's Dad and Brother were in a horrible car accident in Tucson.
This is what he said:

Went on a trip to Tucson with Joshua my son Thursday morning. The trip was for a tour at the UofA Medical School. It was an awesome tour led by some outstanding med students.
After that meeting we were heading home. We took the Oracle rd route which runs along the bases of Catalina Mountain range. A nice drive to say the least. Very scenic and a little off the beaten path.
We were heading Northbound. All of the sudden a Ford truck heading Southbound crosses the medium, clips a car and veers into our lane. We were traveling at 55mph. Hit the brakes about the time of impact.
We ended up back at UofA Medical Center this time via Ambulance. Guess you could say we have the complete tour now.
We are both home. Beaten up a bit but ok. Seatbelts, airbags and the grace of God are the only reason we are still on this side of the grass. Stay safe and buckle up.
The Camery on the other hand, not so much!
Impact from my end 50-55 mph.

We are so thankful all are doing fine now.

Dad's Garden

Year of the House Part 2
Work on shower tile continues. We are trying to get a level line around the shower to start with. This has proven very challenging around the entire shower.

Other highlights

We had our first rain since August on Tuesday. It was wonderful!!

I took Nano shopping on Wednesday this week.

I spent Friday beginning a sewing project and watching the funeral of President Monson. It was 
Doran wanted to check out that hive of bees in the side yard. He and Morgan investigated and found it under a piece of wood and within a tire. They worked and worked...

And Doran even ran when he felt stinging was involved
They retrieved part of the hive

 Dad ended up with 20.5 ounces out of the hive they retrieved and more is still in the tire.

Not so highlights
It was a pretty good week.