Saturday, March 17, 2018

Week of March 12-17, 2018


My cub scouts was shockingly wonderful. We had eight scouts, but three have moved up to the next den, one isn't coming often, and one now has baseball, so we changed up what we were going to do and met the needs of the two boys who came. Worked on Code of the Wolf, and the next few weeks we will work on Digging In The Past.

I have indexed 7374 records so far this year.

I am in 2 Nephi   in the Book of Mormon.


The Wilkins Family
This was a busy but good week for Wilkins family. Grace is healing nicely. Sam enjoyed "F" week and took a fun trip to the pet store to see the fish. I was able to see via MarcoPolo both Grace and Josh in their classes recited from memory their poetry. They each did a fantastic job.
Josh's pinewood derby was Saturday. He did very well, and had a great time!!!
I forgot to add this news last week from the blog: Josh's tooth loss

The Ethan Rice Family
Here are some pics from Ethan and Cameo's weekend Camping trip

Lots of fish were caught by all. Kaylee made sure I put the correct tallies on our family fishing count. 

School celebrated Dr. Seuss this week. This was Kaylee's artwork
She also had a Dr Seuss meal fund raiser and program at preschool.

It was lots of fun to FaceTime with her and Wade during the week. We also talked with her on the phone. She finished naming all our chickens...

"Pig" somehow seems a bit offended by her name, but I am sure she will get used to it. They all turn into pigs when I feed them sunflower seeds. 

Leprechauns visited this house on Saturday. They dyed the milk green, walked through the flour, and left chocolate coins and Rolos around the house. 

The Doran Rice Family
Uncle Morgan has been busy doing what uncles do best: corrupting nieces and nephews. This week: gum. The kids sure liked it...not so sure about momma though.

Morgan still working and doing well.

First are some pics from Kaytys event last weekend.

Kayty started her new job this week. This job answered many prayers, and she loves it. Training lasts a month and then off to her cubicle.

Total saves this week: one major with seizures. 

The Nathan Rice Family
This week started with sweet Anna coming down with a 103 fever. She and I visited via Marco Polo and she seemed happy as long as the meds kept her fever down. This is Jessica's last heavy week of work this semester, and I prayed they would get through the week as though I was there with the girls. Weather was a little bit warmer, which helped. Nathan did well on his test this week and worked on a revised project. 

Dad's Garden
I picked peas once this week but the mildew and dust gave me such eye troubles that I needed antibiotic ointment put in, so no more picking without a mask and eye protection. 

Year of the House Part 2
Cut a few pieces of stone for wall trim.

Other highlights
Dad went on lots of hikes. I spent my week getting a routine going...still getting that together but next week will be better.

Nano had lots of shopping to do as well as blood work at the lab and a vitamin shot at the doctors office. 

We worked for four hours on an Eagle Scout project for one of Dad's deacons Saturday.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week of March 1-11, 2018

Nathan and Jessica requested help during a massively busy school week, and it was opportune for me to travel there, occupy and care for Anna and Ellie, and help them get caught up. My trip was from March 1-11, so for this time period, blog goes by these dates.

My first Sunday in Idaho was an Area Conference Broadcast at church for all of Idaho. Rexburg had received over a foot of snow by that time,

 and Nathan and I (Jessica had been up all night with Ellie so she stayed behind and rested) got the girls to church. I trudged through deep snow to get Anna to their van while Nathan worked to get the doors to the vehicle unfrozen. 

In the church parking lot before we went in. 

The meeting was so worth it. Among other speakers, the concluding speaker was President Russell M. Nelson, and he spoke about the history and importance of the Book of Mormon and the study of it.

The next Sunday, my final day there, was a regular day at church, thought their meetings begin with Relief Society/Priesthood and end with Sacrament Meeting.

Dad enjoyed great Sundays at home that included testimonies one week and wonderful talks the next.

No indexing completed while I was away. Could not do it on my Ipad and absolutely no time anyway.

I am in 2 Nephi 8 in the Book of Mormon.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins family is on a steady recovery. Josh feels well most days and doesn't miss nearly as much school as last year. Kayty traveled up on Friday and spent a week with them. She really had a good time. Other highlights via Marco Polo were that Sam took a great bath with Apple soap/shampoo on Saturday night. Grace had both her toes worked on Friday: ingrown toenail surgery. She watched the whole thing! I think medicine is in this girls future! Adam, Grace and Josh participated in a wonderful piano recital on Sunday evening and we were able to see them play.

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan and Cameo and family are finally well. Cameo and the kids had another infection and it took them down for days. They did get to go camping Saturday through Monday. (Pics of their trip will be in next weeks blog probably) I did receive this pic of Miss Kaylee fishing for dinner.
The Doran Rice Family
Doran, Amber and family are doing well. Amber shared a few pics of family with their pet babies

Still staying with Doran and Amber and still working. He is doing well.

Kayty enjoyed her time with Allison and family. She got some shopping done and enjoyed good food and good times before her job starts next week. She returned home on Friday and had an event Saturday where she dressed as the Pink Power Ranger. It had two parts, and she found the first event without trouble, but couldn't find the second and was drenched in the rain. (Yes, it rained here on Saturday. She readied for her new job Sunday night by re-coloring her hair.

The Nathan Rice Family
I will go into my trip in more detail. I had a nice flight from Mesa to Idaho, though, as we hit massive turbulence and came out of the clouds to land, it was snowing! Already more than I had ever seen in my life.

 I failed to take pictures of the sweet little family at the bottom of the escalator and through the doors, but Nathan, Jessica, Anna and Ellie were there to greet me. Anna kept saying over and over, "I miss you, Grammy Suzzy!" We stopped for dinner on the way home at their favorite restaurant, "Hickory" and then spent the evening at home...well, we did while Nathan headed out to school for more homework.

His typical day is leaving the house for school/homework at 7 am, returning home briefly for dinner at around 4, and then heading back and staying till 11 pm. Each problem in classes takes an hour or so, and tests take 3 to 4 hours each. 

Friday was spent with me keeping the girls as happy and occupied as I could while Jessica sat at her desk and started up a massive homework/project week. 

Saturday, Nathan worked in the morning, as did Jessica, but all of us ventured out for a little fun in the afternoon.

We visited the local Deseret Industries

And stopped to feed oatmeal to some very hungry ducks and geese.

 Nathan and Jess snuck out for a quick date and grocery shopping while we played at home.

Sunday was shared already, and for dinner, the missionary Nathan trained in Korea, Elder Smith, came over for a yummy Korean meal. Nathan and Jessica's food was great, and Elder Smith made some awesome kimchi.

Monday was a long hard day. Jessica was concerned about Ellie, so she took her to a doctor in Rexburg, and then had to head to Idaho Falls to see another doctor. Her school work started late but she plowed through.

Jessica spent late in to the night working. Ellie was not very happy that Momma couldn't hold her. She completed the days work at 11pm.

Tuesday was much the same though not so late. Ellie had Occupational Therapy and Anna and I played there while the therapist worked with her.

Ellie loves Mommy's mashed potatoes

 Friday therapy for Ellie...

 We kidnapped Daddy from homework and took him to Café Rio before returning him. Ellie was tired of watching us eat, so she took some salad of her own.

 Saturday morning, we had breakfast with the families of three of Nate's engineering friends. House was very old and very cold and drafty but Annalee didn't notice as she played with the other kids there.

 Nathan bought a pool noodle to cut up and use as bumper pads on the harder furniture. Anna decided it made the perfect sword.

 Daylight Savings time came early on Sunday morning. I got Anna ready for church and Nate got Elli ready after he showered.

We had a quiet afternoon, some yummy spinach shells and cheese pasta for early dinner, and then Anna helped me load up and they took me to the airport in Idaho Falls.

 This one slept through "Good bye"
Anna did not, and it was a tearful departure...both on Anna's part and on Grammy's part. There was a kind woman in the airline line that was a nice comfort for this teary grandma. Safe trip home, Marco Polo hello's and now back to work. 

Dad's Garden
Dad picked peas, cabbage and turnips last week. His tomato plants are doing well and the citrus trees are blooming. 

Year of the House Part 2
Dad invited some men in the ward over who helped hoist the huge piece of stone onto the saw horses and he did some trim cutting.

Other highlights
Dad hiked...

 Wednesday Mutual scout activity

 Saturday, he attended a Spring Training Baseball game with the deacons to watch one of their leaders, Brother Eric Sogard, play for the Milwaukee Brewers.

He made lots of beef jerky, which Annalee loves!