Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week of October 13 to 19, 2014

Monday - Not much going on today. I exercised. Kaylee came and we played outside, did ghost games and ate a ghost sandwich inside, then looked for hop hops till Mommy came and the mosquitos were eating us. Dee worked with many suppliers, got his paperwork caught up, I signed him up for two more ushering opportunities at the temple during the week, he worked on feeding the garden. He spent the evening squeezing and freezing key lime juice. Later, he called and tried to located Morgan or someone who knows Morgan.

Tuesday - I got up early to run. Kayty was still up! Bad girl! She is still not used to sleeping for early morning shift at work. It was nice (for me...not for the grouchy neighbors) that the temple spire was illuminated. I ran to the store, brushed the pool, watered the flowerbed, and picked some limes and key limes.

Kaylee and I enjoyed our stroll and feeding the goat. I discovered that she is not a fan of spider sandwiches nor oreo spider cookies, but still adores her taytoes!

We read a book about Miss Spider going to school and she was just so sad when Miss Spider's wings didn't work and she fell and hurt her nose.

Visitors came to look at Dad's garden from the ward he taught last week. Clean up and early bed to be ready for Dad's early meetings the next day.

Wednesday - It was an outdoor kind of day. I ran very early...4:15 am I was on the road. It so beautiful when the spire at the temple gets left on. This is morning 2 of the spire and I just never get tired of it. I got back and got Dee's breakfast ready and him out the door for early meetings by 6 am. I vacuumed and cleaned, and napped a few minutes.

Kaylee and I played out in the back yard: sand, swings, slide. We fed the chickens

and picked up "shakes" (Joshy knows what I am talking about. They are dried mesquite pods and the beans inside of the dry pod shake. Oh, those mesquite pods. I hate to rake, but love them entertaining grandkids!)

Kaylee made a black cat out of a paper plate, did some coloring and watercoloring, and played with balls.

 She napped, we heard from Morgan on Facebook, and then Dee went to work a 4pm to 9pm shift at the temple open house. He served as a special needs usher and pushed a wheelchair through the temple on two separate occasions. (He likes these opportunities because he gets to just stay with the one on tour and can look at more details of the temple. No rushing here.)

He also was able to trail a tour. ( That is when you are at the back of a tour group so there are not stragglers.

Meanwhile, Ethan came and Kaylee had played outdoors in the afternoon for over an hour, so she was ready to go. (It was cloudy and oh so nice, so I just let her do what she wanted to).

I ran to get groceries to feed the missionaries dinner the next night, and then got home and dusted and vacuumed. I was dead by 9:15. Dee was pretty tired when he got home at 10.

Thursday - Temple spire on yet again! There are going to be some grumbly neighbors. It really only illuminates the spire. I don't know why they complain! Great run. Came home to brush the pool and, since it was still dark out, I looked to spy the spire...nope. Even went to the top of the landscape hill in our yard. No spire.

Oh, well.

Picked tons of limes. Got tons of pokes in my arms. Not sure if the mosquito bites or the key limes are getting me more sore and itchy.

Kaylee and I had a great nature walk. We saw quail on the wall, two horses eating grass, fed some granola bar and watched ant trying to get the pieces into their hole, saw a squirrel, two rabbits, watched dove in a bird bath, a barking dog or two and fed our goat raisins and granola bar bits. We had a pumpkin kind of day, with pumpkin pizza for lunch.

I helped Dee get dinner ready for our missionaries (with the temple and cultural celebration business, no one is feeding them) even though I never feed missionaries on my Kaylee week, and Ethan, Kaylee and I enjoyed the yard - and the mosquitos enjoyed my ankles - before they left.

We worked out some details on an upcoming stake baptism, shopped a bit, and headed to bed.

Friday - Spire on again! Awesome run! Once the sun did, or did not appear, since it was cloudy, it was a beautiful morning. Dee had many meetings at work. I bet some were about why things weren't getting done...too many meetings! I had to practically lure Kaylee outdoors. It was gloriously cloudy!!! We did finally get outside.

During her nap, I got a lot done on my last Christmas stocking for the year. Kayty was off work, so she took Dee down to the church for "training" and he spent the evening serving as an usher at the open house. He followed three or four tours. Cameo came by and Kayty "bloodied" up a nurse costume of Cameo's for a work Halloween dress up...she is going to  as a Zombie Nurse. Cam and Kaylee headed home, and I went to pick up Dee at the street across from the temple.

Saturday - Up early. Spire lit. Me inspired! Great jog. Brushed pool. Watered flower bed. Picked limes. Did a few exercises. I headed down to the stake center to help at Stake Service Day. Dad headed to a few yard sales. Now, I have been to stake service day before. The cultural hall and outside is packed with people. This year, there were very few people there. It was kind of sad. The sister in charge works hard all year long to prepare for this. She lost her husband to a sudden heart attack about a month ago, and she still did this. There were moms who brought their kids. There were a couple of missionaries. Sacks were colored and lunches prepared to give out at homeless shelters. I instructed at a table where note cards were prepared to give to rest homes to share and write on. Someone had cut many papers and many die cut designs to decorate these.

 I think there were about 400 cards made. I also helped package many newborn kits, complete with a beautiful crochet edged baby blanket, a bib or burp cloth, a onesie, hand crocheted booties, and a bottle. The room was full of quilts being tied and there were hygiene kits being prepared on the other side of the room. Sewn monster toys were stuffed and completed, beaded key fobs made, and I separated gently used socks into pairs, and then four pair bundles. Afterwards, I fought Costco on a Saturday, walked through Target and Dollar Tree, and then waited for Dee's call to pick him up.

Dee served as a temple usher, walking with tours and being a tour room guide in the building. Nate called while I was waiting for him...and we had a great visit...and then I got Dee all picked up. The rest of the day, Dee gardened,

and I dumped our old self dehydrated food and cleaned out the containers. Pantry looked pretty good. Compost bin looked pretty gross.

Dee spent quite awhile squeezing key limes and putting the juice in the freezer.

Sunday - We enjoyed a quiet morning. I studied General Conference talks online and Dee read. I caught the photo album up with the pics I had missed. We headed out to church and had a wonderful Primary Program. Our ward is so blessed with amazing leaders and teachers...and equally amazing children! After church, we visited with Dorrie, returned baptismal clothing to the church, and made calls. Our stake baptism scheduled for next Saturday is only to involve kids from one ward, so it became a ward baptism, and I signed Dee and I up to usher at the temple on Saturday night. We had a brief sprinkle that left the evening cool and wonderful!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week of October 6 - 12, 2014

Monday - I began my jog feeling cold...yes Cold! It was amazing. I jogged by the temple. It seems there are two brethren assigned to sit outside and keep out riffraff, i.e. me! I miss jogging up to the front gate and getting a breather as I looked at it.

Oh, well...soon enough.

When I got home, I gathered my stuff and went out, in the still dark morning, and planted my bulbs and then some alyssum, lobelia, and gazanias. I still have some space for more alyssum, but that will come. I got Dee's work computer going and he got up to check my work. I had planted one of his pepper plants, thinking it was a very mature gazania. I removed that quick!

One thing led to another and I ended up removing those chicken chunks I had canned at the cannery nine years ago, as well as some ground beef cans and spaghetti sauce. I thought it was all bad, so I removed and rearranged. Dee decided to check at the cannery...all was still good unless the cans were bulged.

 I also found a case of potato pearls, which were still good, so I am sharing some with family, and the rest are in my huge supply of potato pearls!

So, I removed and replaced, and then removed cartons on the floor that termites had gotten. No fun.

I did get it done...and I was glad to find out what we do have. My project on my next week off: tossing the self dehydrated stuff on the top shelf.

While this was going on, and I was filling the front porch with empty cartons for my sweet and very strong husband to take to the trash, I also had decided my mattress needed ) I did it myself (Dee was busy in meetings). It was crazy hard, but I got it turned and the sheets washed and replaced.

This stuff took all morning, but it felt pretty darned good.

I did my regular  stuff all afternoon while Dee struggled with suppliers in Utah via email and phone. He was considering whether a trip the next week was needed to solve the problems.

After work was done for the day, we headed out to the post office to mail the said Utah supplier some prickly pear jelly, hit Costco for a few things, went to get chicken food until we remembered that the store is closed on Mondays. I also got a few more alyssum to plant, which I did when we got home...and the mosquitos proceeded to eat me alive, so Dee did my watering for me.

I wanted to see Duck Dynasty's Sadie dance on Dancing With The Stars, I show which I never watch, and suffered through till the next to the last performer of the night...Sadie! We enjoyed it...worth the wait, but never again!

We took a brief walk and ended our day.

Tuesday - I snoozed the alarm too much and woke up an hour late, so it was a quick out the door to jog. I brushed the pool and planted a few more alyssum before my day started. I saw an email asking for four more volunteers to put shoe coverings on temple visitors' feet, so I called up and added a shift on Thursday.

The day was full of cleaning: bathrooms, dusting, mopping, vacuuming.

I took time in the cloudy mid afternoon to finish planting. Dee had purchased alyssum seeds...enough to cover 150 square feet, the package said. For me, it covered about 18. Perhaps too many seeds...I covered it with mulch and pronounced it complete.

We readied for the Phoenix Temple tour, where I was reminded again how the Lord is mindful of each and every one of us...individually, and that His hand is in all things for our good.

You know, we were at first told that we were not to attend the special tour for the temple neighbors. Our bishop had been concealed that this was a special opportunity for neighbors to come, ask questions, etc. We were surprised when an invitation was delivered to us, by a friend from the ward we were once in. Brother Seguritan assured me we were supposed to get the invitation, and showed me his map. Well, we knew what the bishop had said, so we decided to give our invitation to Dr. Johnson and family, and we did so when we ate dinner at their house a few days later. That Sunday, a youth in our ward said he had been assigned our road to deliver an invitation to, but didn't, since our bishop had been instructed we should not attend.

Last Sunday, between General Conference sessions, we received a call from someone in our ward who also is on the temple committee, saying that we indeed were supposed to attend the open house. Now, mind you, Dad had already arranged to teach a gardening class at Nano's ward. He wanted me to go, and we determined we would go as early as possible, so he could see some of the temple. As we walked up to the door of the chapel, I noticed Carolyn walking up. Carolyn lives just north of the temple. She is not a member of the church, though through a mistake Salt Lake City records made, they sent records of a woman with the same name to our ward, so mixing the two different individuals as one. For years, a sister in our ward wrote letters to her, to visit teach, thinking she was a member of the church. Dad was her husband's boss at Honeywell for a time, and when he passed away, we would visit her. Through the temple discussions, she came to church with a neighbor on that same street for awhile. She loved it, and even served in the library, but was terrified of water, so never was baptized. She eventually stopped coming and Dad would off and on have the missionaries stop by to see her, but nothing came of it. This person we happened to walk into the building at the same time with...during a tour that was available for over three hours. We stayed with her on the tour, and she said on more than one occasion that she felt she should come back to church. She said she felt something when she was in the celestial room. Before Dad went on to teach his class, Carolyn had said that a light on a parking lot utility building was beaming in her windows at night, so Dad immediately called Bishop Pierce, who is in charge of meeting neighborhood concerns, and he was going to take care of that problem.

His gardening class went well. We later received a text from the Johnson family thanking us for the invitation and saying how beautiful the temple was.

There are no accidents in Heavenly Father's kingdom. No invitation was accidentally delivered to us, nor was it an accident that we went to the open house early so Dad could teach and walked in with Carolyn.

He truly is mindful of each and every one of us. He knows each of us by name. He cares about us and what we need. He places us where we need to be to do His work.

Oh, and the temple is beautiful! I was brought to tears in every room as I thought of our little family moving out to this far away place, with no grocery store or gas station nearby.

Now we have a temple...50 seconds away, rather than 50 minutes away.

Heavenly Father is truly mindful of us!

Wednesday - It was supposed to rain, but I managed to get a jog in with only about 15 raindrops to interfere...they really didn't interfere though.

I received an email the night before that my temple usher volunteer time was to be earlier than scheduled, so I needed to be ready and there by 8:30 am rather than 10 am. Time for cleaning schedule edit.

I vacuumed, got ready and headed to another ward building nearby. We park there, are trained there, and carpool to the temple site from there. They  immediately needed four sisters for shoe coverers, and since I just was there to help, I was grouped with the next three sisters that came in and we headed to the temple. For the next five hours, sitting on the front porch of the temple since rain threatened, but did not deliver, I put on shoe covers, took off a few shoe covers, and enjoyed break times with the most lovely sisters. I knew Kim Livingston, but none of the others. It was a VIP tour day, so there were probably very important people being shoe covered, but I didn't know them. I know one of the painting artists toured with the temple president and explained why he painted the desert scene the way he did.

I got home mid afternoon and ate, tried to do a few things around the house, and watered the flower bed. I had checked all week and finally the texts of the General Conference talks were available, so I started reading each one, this time on line, and marking the scriptures referenced. One talk completed before bed.

Thursday - I was awakened in the early morning hours by sprinkling rains, so my run was delayed but still wonderful. We didn't get much rain, but enough to water my flowers. My temple day wouldn't start till noon, so I set out dusting, vacuuming and cleaning.

After finding an outfit that would hold keys in my pocket, long enough to sit and bend, not low so anything would show, I headed out to the devotional at the nearby church building and then spent the next nearly 5 hours periodically putting on shoe booties. When we arrived at the temple. five of the past Mesa Temple Presidents were on the tour, including President Nephi Allen, who was near 97 years old. They had lovely photos taken of the group that will probably appear in some publication. We just had periodic special visitors in groups of 15 to 30 .Congressman Trent Franks went through a tour and got his booties right next to me. President and Sister Taylor, the former mission presidents here in the Phoenix Mission also came through. It was a nice time being able to visit with the new and old friends doing booties. They had about 300 people all day today. Friday was to start the regular tours and they expected 900 to 1200 people an hour!

I came home and ate, helped Dee plant herbs and some final flowers in the flower bed, did some shopping...that's it.

Friday - I got up extra early so I could get a run in before our temple open house service. We arrived at the church building...totally packed with people from Prescott Stake and the Singles 6:45 am. We were assigned to be Special Needs Ushers. I was able to push a sweet elderly sister from Mesa through the temple tour. We ended up not staying with the original tour group since there are wheelchairs only for outside and only for inside the temple. I didn't dump her out (miracle!) and she was kind and patient. It was kind of good there were other ushers because I was just too slight in size to do well. Dee had a wonderful couple that weren't members of the church that he got to take through, and she read every sign and looked at every room. It was nice to go through again. The celestial room is absolutely gorgeous. Busload after busload of visitors came, nice and orderly, and were sent to various rooms so tour groups stayed about 50 people in size. I just kept tearing up, seeing all these wonderful excited people of all ages, coming from all over to see a our neighborhood!

We were very tired when the shift was over and our replacements came. There is lots of walking around the church building, moving wheelchairs, cleaning them, etc. We hit Dee's favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch, and hurried home for him to get back to work at his job. I did laundry and packed for Vegas, we got oil for an oil change at Walmart, looked around Costco, and headed home, where Dee fed his plants and worked in the yard. Ethan, Cam and Kaylee stopped by on their way to their ward campout in Prescott.

Our missionaries, Elder Nokes and Oliphant, stopped by. The poor guys. The temple site only has sister missionaries at it. They can only stay in the neighborhood here, and it's very busy with a temple open house going on. Dee volunteered to feed them Thursday night next week. I did some readying for Vegas and Dee scheduled a garden visit by someone from that garden class the other night.

Saturday - Happy Anniversary, Doran and Amber! I wanted to sleep, but also wanted to jog by the temple. Crazy, I know, but it has been such a long time it was a plot of dirt, and then a construction site, and now a temple! It was a little warmer, but still cool, and I came home, read more Conference talks, brushed the pool, gathered key limes, and watered the flowers.

Dee hit a few yard sales while I got ready and loaded the jeep (which we had to park on the side of the house since the other side had roofers...and we have not had good luck with roofers and theft!)

We had a good, and uneventful trip to Vegas. We did attempt to get the cheap 2.99 a gallon gas in Kingman at the Flying J. Everyone else was doing the same thing, so we didn't even get off the freeway.

We arrived to Doran and Amber and kiddos there visiting. The kids played.

Papa took the cousins on a little shopping trip.

They had to head back to Phoenix, and we had a quiet evening. Allison has her house decorated for Halloween: adorable lights in the windows, wreaths, and they have an inflatable witch in the front yard! We had tasty easy Mexican food for dinner. Poor Joshy...he fell asleep while he was eating. That little boy is always a night owl, so he must have been exhausted!!!
Grace read us her lines from a Christmas Play that she will be performing in. 

Sunday - Dee was already awake when Mike left for Stake Priesthood Meeting. We got ready and enjoyed the kids when they woke up.

It was fun to help Grace get ready!

Papa showed Adam a different tie knot.

Joshy hid under his blanket.

Sam just does his own thing, with an occasional shake of the head and a big smile!

Sacrament Meeting was wonderful! Adam, Grace and Josh each prepared a talk, and they recited other lines in the program. The singing was excellent! I loved being able to look and see each of them!

We gave lots of hugs, a handshake...I got a "take your breath away Gracie hug" and we headed out for home. We had prepared so we wouldn't have to make any stops for food or gas on the way home.

It was a looooooong drive, and a painful 'get out of the car' when we got home.

All was well: Kayty, chickens, gardens. Dee watered and fed.

It was just awesome to hear from Nathan after we got home. He got another raise in his job this week!!! Plus 31 bucks in tips! He is doing well at his job, and his next semester is his off track semester, but Jessica will be on track, so both are working on their degrees! He joined some societies at school that will help him on his career path! They involve mechanical engineering, rocketry, etc. He spent a lot of time luring me to Idaho...and if this Phoenix City vote raises our taxes too much, I may just take him up on it!

He had called to ask for the recipe for the pumpkin chocolate chip coconut bread I used to make him. I have used this recipe for ages, just adding different ingredients. I need to share, since you have all had it...even have added beans to it! eh eh eh!

A to Z Bread

2 cups sugar
1 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs, lightly beaten
2 cups A to Z ingredients (see list below)
1 Tbsp Vanilla
3 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)  

A to Z Ingredients

Apples, peeled and shredded
Apricots, (dried) chopped
Banana, mashed
Carrots, shredded
Dates, pitted and chopped
Figs (dried), chopped
Grapes, seedless, chopped
Oranges, peeled and chopped
Peaches, peeled and chopped
Pears, peeled and chopped
Pineapple (canned), crushed and drained
Prunes, pitted and chopped
Pumpkin, canned
Raspberries, unsweetened fresh or frozen
Rhubarb, chopped fresh or frozen
Strawberries, fresh or frozen
Sweet potatoes, cooked and mashed
Zucchini, peeled and grated
( I would use the full 2 cups pumpkin for Nate's bread and then add about 2/3 cup coconut and chocolate chips)

In a mixing bowl, combine the sugar, oil and eggs. Mix well. Stir in A to Z ingredients of your choice (can mix and match too) and vanilla. Combine dry ingredients. Then, add to moist ingredients unit just moistened. Then stir in nuts. 

Pour in TWO greased 8 x 4 x 2 inch loaf pans. Bake at 325 degrees 55 to 65 minutes or till wooden pick inserted near center comes out clean. (If you add coconut and chocolate chips, it may not be clean...melted chocolate is on just doesn't have dough) Cool 10 minutes before removing to wire rack to completely cool. 

Can be cut in portions, wrapped and frozen, or freeze a loaf for later. 

Recipe CAN be halved

I caught up the laundry, cleaned a bit and got ready for my week with Kaylee. It is nice to have the windows open and enjoy cooler weather, though it is nothing compared to the cool in Idaho.

It's good for me!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week of September 29 - October 5, 2014

Monday - We slept with the windows open and fans on. I literally heard the air conditioner let out a sigh of relief! It has been running, set at 80 degrees, since late April/early May. Finally a nighttime break!

It was 63 degrees when I set out on my jog. 63! At first, I wished I had worn my hoodie...but by the time I stopped at the temple to take another picture of the big tent (which, I was told the day before by the missionaries, will be where the missionaries will be located during the open house to answer any questions), I was warm.

Not as puddly as usual when I got was so NICE!

Typical day...played in the sand (with mosquito repellant on), toys, good nap. Dee was able to get temple open house tickets for a friend from high school who really hasn't committed to going with us.  We may have 6 extra tickets for October 23rd at 6:00 pm. (Plenty for Dad, Ethan, Cam, Amber, Doran, and Kelsie...and Grammy will watch Kaylee and Kooper so you all can enjoy...if Larry doesn't work out...and even if he does, it doesn't matter if you have tickets...they let you in...) Dee also worked on his pepper garden between meetings and downloads at work.

He tried to fix his bike rims...for the umpteenth time...but called walking a bike home with a popped inner tube. Those wheels are inner tube killers for some reason.

He wasn't amused at all!

Cam came early after her doctor's check up and so I worked outside with Dad for a bit.

Tuesday - I set out to run at 64 degrees. Love love loved it!

The temple spire was lit...saw it over a half mile away. Love love loved it!

That "tent" is quite the structure. It now has doors that swing, a generator, air conditioning...and two men that stand outside and talk at 5:14 in the morning so an old lady can't sneak up and take a close up picture.

Kaylee and I walked to feed a granola bar to our goat friend, and on the way, saw quail birds and a hop hop. She also served as my visiting teaching companion to visit a sister in the ward. We were playing outside when Daddy came and she had fun with Daddy swinging her high and sliding.

Dee worked on the flower bed preparations and even got some winter lawn seed spread in the barren spaces of the lawn.

Our home teachers shared a message with us right before the end of our day.

Wednesday - It was a long and rather sleepless night, so I decided to sleep in a bit and not take my jog. I celebrated the first of October with some jack-o-lantern pics on the walls with various shapes for their mouths. Kaylee wasn't quite sure what I was doing, but had a good time walking along and putting up rectangles and hearts on their mouths. We made a couple of paper plate spiders. She humors me...she really doesn't know why she is putting chenille stems through holes in a paper plate and pushing an eye into a puddle of glue. The took a loooong nap...over three Dee spent his day off working on gardens, lunching with his mom, and getting a flower bed ready for me to put bulbs in next week.

We took a quick trip after Ethan and Kaylee left to get more "corn" for Kaylee...yes, I am corrupting another generation.

Thursday - This morning's jog was a bit warmer and very windy. I missed the temple yesterday, and there was much progress in open house set up. Though the temple was not illuminated, the parking lot and entrances were full of pathway guide ropes and awnings. They now have brethren that remain at the temple site to watch things (so I cannot sneak over the flags to get a close up peek).

Cameo works late the first few days of the month, so she worked till 10 the night before and was exhausted, so I picked up Kaylee to save her a few minutes. She loved the ride! We played in the back yard, and since it was breezy, we had no mosquito repellant needed! Awesome! Dee worked and worked on his gardens. We got a call from Nate and hoped that the van sold...ugh...I just wish we could get that thing gone! If it doesn't sell, Dad is gonna need to fly up to Idaho and drive it home, since it has to be emissions tested before the end of October and no one will buy it here without that being completed. After Ethan and Kaylee left, I helped  him get the last plastic on the garden, and while he planted, I mowed the lawn.

I think I did a pretty good job! (Note to Ethan, Doran, Morgan and Nate: do not laugh, or look to closely!) Salads - as always - for dinner. Quiet evening, other than I received an email needing more open house volunteers, so I signed up for another day next week.

Friday - Great morning jog! My favorite house has it's Jack-o Lanterns up!
I LOVE this house! And notice in my hand: my pink pepper spray to keep the creepers away. Thank you so much Doran and Amber! It's with me always!
After returning, I made a quick trip for a few things at the grocery store, and a withdrawal from the bank for Dee to take yard saling later. He did well...there are many community yard sales this weekend...and got some reloader parts, and a cool wood bead patterning toy for the playroom that Kaylee loved.

After Papa got home from the sales, he and Beau walked with us to feed the goat. It was getting a little warmer, but Beau managed to live. We were sad that our goat friend was no where in sight, but it was a nice walk, watching the bunnies and birds and ants. Kaylee liked playing with my homemade play dough and sitting at her table in the house. We went outside to help Papa cover the lettuce from the sun, and ended up having a later than usual morning play in the playground and sand. Kathy and Nano surprised us with a visit, bringing something  for  Kayty to take to Vegas. They left and while Kaylee was eating lunch, Amber called and stopped in for a minute on her way to...the Phoenix Temple Open House. She and her boss attended the contractor tour!

Kaylee sweet talked Papa into taking her into the pool. She had a blast! Perhaps the most fun she had all summer on that swim. It was cold and she was kind of mad when it was time to get out, but she really enjoyed herself. She took a long nap again, and Daddy came after we had walked to the mailbox and watched the hop hops in the yard.

We got news from Jessica that the van sold! I am grateful! Idaho folks are rather cheap, but we would have had to fly Dad up to Idaho and have him drive back and get the emissions testing done this month. Cheapest airfare = 90 bucks. Gas - 200 plus bucks. I am thankful it is taken care of. That van was good to our family and brought us much happiness. Hope it is a blessing to others (and if the purchaser is a rip off artist who wants to turn around and sell it for more, I hope the van exacts its revenge...It has our backs!)

Dad and I ran out to a few stores in the evening.

I saw many people that posted pics of their Phoenix Temple Tour. It was wonderful...but I admit I was a bit jealous. We were there at the beginning. Dee put the balloon Kayty brought home from work, and tied it to a Home Depot bucket that I carried to the center of the dirt that was the temple site. He secured a string to the balloon and sent it up to the initial designated temple height, and then responded to all that received the neighborhood newsletter, asking them to look out their doors and windows to see if they could see the balloon. This angered the neighborhood organizer that had spearheaded the protests. While we spent a lot of time, and he overcame his harsh feelings towards us, he would never let Dee advertise disc jockey work in the newsletter, because we were deemed "unscrupulous". Disc jockey business never got outside the church work, and we were replaced by the iPod. We went to meetings. I tripped over the neighbors' protest balloons. I went to church with people walking with protest signs and huge inflatable gorillas out in front. It's all good, though, and I still get chills every time I catch a glimpse of that spire in the evening when I go to get the mail. We will get to use that temple...and that is the MOST wonderful thing!

Saturday - Great and cool jog, though I really miss going right up to the gates of the temple and looking inside. It will only be for a couple of months. (Secretly, I want to figure a way to get past those guys in the golf eh eh!)

Yard sales were so so. There were so so many that it was hard to even make a dent before we wanted to be home to watch General Conference. I usually catch up the photo albums and family scrap book during General Conference, but for some reason, I didn't do it in April.

Epic Mistake.

I worked...and listened...and sang (I love singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It's the nearest I will ever get to being a member of it!)...and worked...and listened and worked. The only break I took was a quick trip to WalMart and Dollar Tree when Dad left for Priesthood Session. I returned and got the second half of priesthood session, which was awesome. (And after I watched the recording of what I missed on Sunday after morning session, I was glad. That missionary choir singing a medley of Primary songs had me a bundle of tears when I heard it on Sunday. I would have been drying soaked scrapbook paper had it been on Saturday night.) My mind and thoughts were edified, my heart was filled, and my hands were sore, but I managed to scrapbook February thru May, which included a missionary homecoming, two baby blessings, and a wedding.

Note to self: either quit doing these family scrapbooks or NEVER let that much time and that many events sit and wait for attention.

Kayty did run in briefly late afternoon, dumped dirty clothing on her bedroom floor, and headed out for a week in Vegas.

I cleaned the house until Dee got home from dinner with Ethan after Priesthood Session.

Sunday - I slept in, and then woke and prepped for the day. Dee had brought home a few unwashed baptismal outfits from being at the stake center, so I had washed and dried them Saturday night and just folded them and bagged them to return to church.

Dee's Conference Breakfast: Chorizo and eggs.
Suzzy's Conference Breakfast: Chocolate chips between scrapbook pages. ( Dark chocolate chips are  very good for the heart. My heart is in excellent shape if this is true!)

I listened and learned, sang and prayed, and scrapped. Again, I watched the priesthood session and cried my eyes out at all those missionaries singing Primary Songs. What would it have been had one of my boys been serving a mission when I saw that. I shudder to even think.

I actually finished before the afternoon session, got my mess cleaned up, and ordered a few more pics that I had missed.

Now, I have to finish Nate's personal book (I stop when they get married, so his will be done and done!), Kayty's personal book and Morgan's personal book. It's hard when they get to be adults...only pictures here and there.

I totally enjoyed the afternoon session of conference. I can hardly wait to begin reading and studying. Printable words are available this week!

We did receive an invitation to the private neighborhood tour after morning session. We told the sister calling about it that we were told by our bishop we were not to attend, so we gave our original invitation to Dr. Johnson and family.

The sister said it was incorrect information.

Lots of changes happen when these invitations go out, when plans are made, and changed, and set, and unset. Dee still is looking forward to teaching a gardening class in Nano's ward, so he plans on going to that. I will go to the tour.

It was so wonderful to end my great week listening to the words of our church leaders. All the things we are blessed to hear are for us to improve ourselves. There is no criticism of other faiths or other beliefs and practices. We are taught at the feet of a prophet and living apostles what we need to do to be more Christlike. Those teachings, and the inspiration we receive as we listen, guide us for our next six months until we listen again.

I noticed on Facebook that the movie 17 Miracles will be on BYUTV tonight at 6 pm our time. That is our plan.