Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week of September 8-14, 2014

Monday - I was awakened during the night with thunder and lightning. I got up at 4:15 am to run, and saw the rain, so I went back to bed to try again at 5:00. There hasn't been a rain around here that lasted more than that, and I could just run through puddles.

At least, I thought that.

At 5 am, it was still raining, but dark, so I turned on the news and decided to exercise.

I was shocked. There was rain and flooding from one end of town to the other. Freeways flooded. Cars sunk. And it was still raining outside.

At the end of the morning, there had fallen a record 3.96 inches of rain at Sky Harbor Airport...all time record for one day.

Between Saturday's rain, and todays, we had a total of nearly 4.5 inches of rain!

I texted my kids to make sure all were well. Those who worked made it there, or had it cancelled. Those who had school made it there...and Kelsie had it cancelled. I felt blessed that we were dry and well. We had some friends from church who did not fare so well.

I spent the day cleaning and packing and preparing for my three days in Vegas.

Tuesday - We got started to Vegas by 8:20 am, after renting the smallest, "mid-size" Ford Focus I had ever experienced. I was crunched and all the stuff barely fit. Since it was Dee's business trip, he got Subway sandwich for him on the way up.

It was great to see Josh and Sam...oh, and Allison waiting outside for us. I unloaded my stuff and Dee came in for a rest. Allison asked if he had heard about the road closure. I played with Josh: puzzles, trains, etc. while Dad soon discovered that the only road to his St. George Utah destination had been washed out the night before and the detour added 250 miles to the trip! I hugged Sam and Josh and I played and organized his trains some. Dee's boss told him to cancel his St. George Hotel and return home the next morning.

Josh with his hiking stick

Sorry about the ghetto selfie...the smart card from my camera was misplaced when Dad took pics of his garden, so this was on his i-phone

So, we made the best of our shortened time. I did more puzzles with Joshy, played with Sam, and Papa gave the kids the walking sticks he had made for them.

When the family went to a church activity, Adam stayed home and we played a couple of card games with him. I read to Josh. Dee played War with Grace.

We had a blast...wish it could have gone on longer...but at least I got a little time.

I haven't played with these guys in six months!

Everyone finally got tired...Dee took the couch and I took the floor.

Wednesday - I woke up early on my own, got dressed and got most of the stuff in the car and was greeted by Tyger...and Adam. It was nice to see how very responsible and independent he has become in just a few months. And he sure is a sharp dresser for school! It's hard for me to realize he is in sixth grade. Gracie woke up and I helped get her lunch ready. Sammy came out...with Mommy...donning his always present big smile. That kid is SO happy...All of the time! And Joshy, who is NOT  a morning person, came out and snoozed by all of us. Kids readied, "Preach My Gospel" was studied, and prayers were said...and out we headed so the kids could get to school.

But not without a big, take-my-breath-away Gracie hug...

And a kissing hand kiss...that I will treasure...forever.

Long drive...again! Dad got a Subway sub in Kingman.

Drive was painful and uneventful. We arrived to a clean home and I started housework while Dee went back to work. We returned the painfully small rental car...and ended up getting a 10 percent discount for the mixup in "midsize".

I hope Honeywell appreciates me!

We made some prickly pear jelly.

Dee mowed...and poisoned the weeds we have from all the rain.

I received a phone call asking for some help tomorrow with the Cultural Celebration costumes.

We didn't want to leave the house at all the rest of the evening...until we saw a Facebook post that the construction fence was partially down around the temple. We had to go see that!

Thursday - The early morning was nice and cool and my run was wonderful...made more wonderful when I got to the temple. I have jogged past this site for years: in the dirt...on the busy street...on a sidewalk peeking in at the granite jogging path behind the construction fence.

I wanted to be one of the first ones to jog on this past...

So I was.
It is dark, but this is the path, looking West, with the construction fence and street on the left, and the temple on the right. Yes, I was running in the dark, towards the dark, behind a fence. Not the brightest and safest move...but so worth it to be, perhaps, the First!

The fence is still up on the street side, so there was a bit of backtracking...So worth it!

Pool was brushed. Chickens were treated with corn on the cob, watermelon, and grass clippings. House was vacuumed.

I headed over to Debbie Blake's...and with Cheryl Burrow and Yvonne Brimhall (friends from church) we went to another sister's house and worked on cutting out 'leather' jackets for the kids to wear for the Phoenix Temple Cultural Celebration. Yvonne and I worked at a short, vinyl covered card table...not easy...but in two hours, we got four cut out and I visited with Yvonne: fun...and visiting teaching her done for the month. I also received a wonderful call from Nathan, who had a break from work for a few hours. Made my morning!

My back ached for awhile, but a trip to Dollar Tree cured some stuff I needed: cleaning products (they say that the "Totally Awesome" brand of cleaners there really are, so I am testing).

The rest of the day was cleaning up and laundry.

Friday - The construction fence was down, so I was able to run on the temple path...awesome! (As you can see, it really doesn't take much to please me.

I was going to head to the grocery store, but felt I should check Kayty...I am ever so thankful Heavenly Father  loves Kayty so much, and that I have learned to act on those promptings. I walked into her room, and she sat up...I checked her leg and it felt cold and then she began the seizures - sign of low blood glucose. I asked her if she was low and she said "Yes"...(miracle because you are VERY low at seizure time). I grabbed the nearby sugary soda and gave her some in a bottle. She tried to hold it herself but it was difficult with the jerking. (That in itself was so miraculous that she was aware enough at that low level...she must had a glucose in the 20's!) We got two cans of soda down her, and  she  was able to eat some candy...I checked her glucose at that point and it was 79, so I had her swish her mouth with water to keep her teeth safe and left...VERY THANKFUL! I check on her all night...routinely...and I am so thankful that the Lord gets me where I need to be EVERY TIME!)

We hit a couple of yard sales when Dee had a work break...I hit the jackpot with the two six inch round cake pans Cameo needed for Kaylee's Minnie Mouse Cake, plus I got a half sheet cake pan, to rectangular pans, and two eight inch rounds ...all for $13!

I wasn't going to start the Fall Put Away (I pack up all the decorations that are on my shelves, etc. i.e. photos, missionary plaques, etc. in the Fall and get them back out in January after the holidays) but one thing led to another and my shelves were emptied...a suitcase and a box in the garage DJ/office room, and the rest in my hut. I vowed that I needed to thin out some of my stuff...

I finally got my dusting, vacuuming, mopping and bathroom cleaning done. I worked on adding purple flowers to my back porch wreaths.

Dee needed more chicken manure, so we headed to a friend of a friend. Lots of chickens...but no manure (rain washed it all away).

Quick shopping trip to the 99 cent store and WinCo for salad stuff. Dee worked in the garden and poisoned weeds.

Saturday - Another wonderful jog by a temple...I pinch myself all of the time! It's too amazing to be true!

I brushed the pool, did a little back yard cleaning. Dee woke up early to plant and poison more weeds.

Love the rain...the weeds? not so much!

Yard sales were pretty good. I helped Dee get two garden beds ready to plant, and we planted the snow peas in the morning...and he planted tomatoes in the evening.

In between time, we went to Costco, took some stuff left in Vegas to Ethan and Cameo's and ended up going to New Asian Kitchen with them for lunch. We then got two propane tanks filled and rested out the heat of the day.

Morgan called and updated us on how he is doing...sounds great!

We got Dee's tomatoes covered and in...all while being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Quiet evening

Sunday - We both woke early and so Dad enjoyed the yard and I got a few things done and ready for church. Sunday classes were all good. It's our last day in our building...they are even changing the locks and have asked that we not even try to come into the building until further notice. Temple wards make great sacrifices, but get to walk out of church every single Sunday and see a temple.

Worthwhile trade off, I would say!

Nathan called and updated us...He worked LOTS of hours last week! They are doing well...he starts college on Tuesday. (I wonder if Jess could get me a "first day of school" pic with him holding a sign that says "College Freshman"?...

I doubt it. I am sure not going to mention anything on Facebook either...don't want to spend the next year 'unfriended' like it was in high school!

Dee home taught and I went to Ethan's to get the car seat I bought fixed up...turned out my rear seatbelts didn't lock...Dad worked on it, though, and it seems all good. I still am going to get it checked at a fire station at my next opportunity.

We finished packing up Dee's stuff for his trip to Utah next week...

We ended the evening with Kayty showing us pics of strange men in suits on her phone.

The fun never ends around here...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week of September 1 - 7, 2014

Monday - Oh, the joys of insomnia. I just could NOT get back to sleep, so I exercised till Kate got home from movie night, and then I ran at 3 am.

NOT a good idea.

Started out fine, but on my last mile, there was a creepy pickup truck just sitting at one street corner. I just kept on, acting as though I didn't see anything. The truck went up one street and I moved the safety switch on my pink pepper spray (thank you so much, Doran and Amber!) and kept on. The truck then came from behind me...lots of prayer going on...and turned on another street.

I sped up a bit...or a lot.

I was watching everywhere...and almost called Kayty to come and get me...

Then...and owl started hooting.

I nearly fainted...ran faster...and made it home.

I repeat...NEVER AGAIN!

After I dried up (it's doggone hot even at 3 am!) and then got dad up to go Dove Hunting.

Yes, it was opening day!!!

While they were away, I dusted, vacuumed, brushed the pool, mopped...after a nap of course!

Dee, Ethan and Doran had a great time!...So did Beau!

I swear...that dog no energy to walk from the kitchen table to the family room rug. However, you put him in Ethan's truck, drive a half hour and pick up a big dog cage...and Doran...and drive another distance, let him out and fire a shotgun, and that dog is a pup again.

He picked up Ethan's who limited first (15 birds), Dad's (13), Doran's (15)...

and then went and stood by some strangers to fetch their birds for them.

He's loyal that way...

He was unconscious the rest of the day...

Amber and Doran came, set up, ran and cleaned up Kelsie's birthday party...

They did awesome!

Kelsie had a great time...and so did we all.

When Kaylee came in with Mommy and Daddy, she did NOT expect to find a house full of strangers!

Dad and Ethan left early to try hunting north of us...

No doves...

I vacuumed and Kaylee prepped, and headed to bed.

Tuesday - It has been warm...108 degrees every day for the last few days, and though the mornings are dry and "cool", 80 degrees isn't that cool when you run...(though it's way better than 90 degrees!)

Kaylee and I tried the pool for a little bit, talked to the chickens (and our chick who became a rooster became aggressive, so it was determined he needed to be relocated.) She had a great day and played and talked and even ate...she likes mashed potatoes. Right at her nap time, she was standing on the couch and she leaned over, out of the blue, and gave me two kisses, said "Wuv You", and curled up in my lap and talked about eyes and eyebrows and ears and teeth.

I love being a Grammy!

Ethan came and she played for a bit and then they headed home.

Dee worked in the garden...not me - it's hot out there...

Dee melted lead and molded bullets...not's hot work...

Then I took a hot bath...go figure!

Wednesday - Another warm morning...another warm run. Rain is predicted this weekend, so that will be nice...except for the fact that our weeds are getting a nice watering.

I am so not a fan of spurge (nasty weed that won't go away)

Thursday - Dee had many supplier visits to make, so it was Kaylee and I for most of the day. We played in the water with the little pink pool. We danced and sang and played with babies and I was "Elmo" rather than "naughty". She loves to tease.

After dinner, we prepped for our trip: packing, getting air in tires, etc.

Friday - I had a great run, made sure the house was dusted, the jeep was completely loaded, got ready, and woke Dee up...and off we headed for Las Vegas. We needed gas in we purchased just a bit, and tried to get more in Kingman. Then, our every on the ball credit card company called, suspecting fraud, and had stopped our card from working! I am thankful they are watchful, but it sure can get in the cost us an addional 40 cents a gallon!

We arrived and had great cousin time.
Since the kids were near me, Dee took a picture...(Kaylee hadn't arrived so it was just for fun) Kooper really wanted to give Sam a kiss!

Uncle Doran had converted an old fire extinguisher into a pretty awesome water squirter for Adam

Grace demonstrated her new skates she purchased with her birthday money.

He smiled when Mommy said "ma ma ma"

Mommy couldn't say "ma ma" and look this great at the same time, so Sam's smile was hidden...

Dinner was potluck, with chicken sloppy joes, coleslaw, chips and grapes.

The younger kids watched a movie for a little while,

and then we headed to our hotels.

Saturday - Wonderful, restful night (though Dee nearly froze me out in that hotel room!) Wonderful breakfast, with Kelsie, Kooper, Doran, Amber and Grandma joining us. We headed to Allison's and joined Nano and Kathy...and the beautiful Wilkin's family, ready to enjoy this special covenant event.

Kathy Hayes, Gracce and Nano
 We headed to church, and there met the rest of the family.

Pictures were taken
Grace and her best friend, Katelyn...both baptized on the same day!

Cousins Kelsie and Grace

Daddy and Grace

 After the baptism and confirmation, we "attempted" a group grandkid was hilarious!

Ethan, Cameo and Kaylee
 Daddy baptized Grace, with Grampa Wilkins and Papa as witnesses, and then Daddy confirmed Grace a member of the Church and she received the Holy Ghost. So special!

We returned home and celebrated with ice cream!

I was photographing Adam's root beer float creation when Grace came for additional whipped cream...

And boy, she sure did get "additional" whipped cream! Adam's float looked awesome.

Kaylee met Tyger.
Adam and Josh wrestled, and Kooper wanted to join in.

Some of the family decided to head back, and so Nano and Kathy, Doran and family, and Dee and I left. Doran and us met in Kingman and ate at . Kelsie loved the mac and cheese...and the mandarin oranges. Papa loved the clam chowder. I loved the salad! Kooper did NOT love much of anything.
We headed for home.

(Ethan and Cameo enjoyed spending the night there with the Wilkins family. Cameo shared this pic with me...

Evening was wonderful, as we were deluged with 45 minutes of hard rain.

It was also wonderful that we went to fill up the jeep with gas, and as we went home, I said, "Lets go see the temple." It was gorgeous and we stood by the fence and just looked. We walked more north and were stopped by a sweet couple that asked what this building was for. They asked who the man on the top was. Dee shared the purpose of the temple, the history of the Angel Moroni. We also told them about the upcoming open house, and told them to check things out on It is amazing to me that the Lord is so mindful of all...that we "happened" to be looking at a temple when someone just was out driving and came over Thunderbird Mountain and saw the beautifully lit building and stopped to see what it was...and we "happened" to walk by this couple, who "happened" to ask a question.

This day was a day of a beautiful and sacred covenant event. Grace has been taught for eight years of what it means to be obedient to Heavenly Father's commandments. She has been taught by her parents, in both word and deed, what it means to live as Heavenly Father would want us to live. She loves Jesus Christ and wants to be a member of His church, to keep His commandments, to serve Him and to strive daily to be more like Him so she can live with Him someday. She made this choice on her own, and she knew everything about the covenant she was making. It was so wonderful for me to see all the family supporting her in this choice: Daddy, Mommy, Adam, Josh, and Sam, Great Grandma Dorrie, Nano, Papa and Grammy Rice, Grampa and Grandma Wilkins, Uncle Ethan, Aunt Cameo and Kaylee, Uncle Doran, Aunt Amber, Kelsie, and Kooper, Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristi, Hayden and Noah, and Uncle Nathan and Aunt Jessica, who couldn't come from Idaho, but sent lovely baptismal remembrances and a beautiful white flower for Grace to wear in her hair, and Aunt Kayty and Uncle Morgan, who had to work, but kept her in their thoughts. Grace, you are very, very loved!

Sunday - It was a wonderful Fast and Testimony Meeting at church today. We have the greatest people, both old and young, and they share very inspiring messages and testimonies every month.

Dorrie came by after church to drop up some Vegas-bound stuff.

We dropped off Kaylee's Grammy Bag and visited a few minutes.

Kayty came home and we finally saw her awake!

Quiet end to a good week.

We have been so very blessed to have so many wonderful things happen in our family this year: two sweet baby boys, Kooper and Sam,  born in January, Nathan returning home from his mission in March, Kooper and Sam's name and blessing in March, Nathan and Jessica sealed for time and all eternity in May, and Grace's baptism in September. We are very thankful for all our family that is here to support each other in these blessed events too!