Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Excuses New Start

I do this...frequently...begin sharing, vowing regular additions.

Then, I forget.

Until I get a message from a busy daughter - three kids, newborn baby boy, c-section, allergic hives, who has posted to her blog as a gift...and she is doing it on a weekly basis.


I love it...every single moment and deed.

But...then the guilt.

So, for whomever reads this, I am doing my best to try and catch up...and go forward.

Our family has already experienced many miracles...

Imagine two two states...due two weeks apart...

Born on the same day!

And in four weeks...

A missionary son returns...

In three months...

A wedding for said missionary son and his waiting sweetheart...perhaps


An eight year old will be baptized.

And there are possibilities for many other events...


Here I go.

If you want a good laugh

Scroll back to my last entry on October 18, 2013

Obviously an empty promise!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Last Full Day

This family is doing well. Allison looks great! And, considering the fact that she had a terrifying allergic to one of the medications they administered intravenously...causing horrible, blistering hives and leaving her pain medication free after her toughest surgery, blessings from the priesthood, and many many earnest prayers were answered. Mike had a meeting at church, so I got the kids up and Allison checked to make sure they were all well and in order...and I took them to church. Again, it was nice snuggling up with my grandkids during a wonderful Sacrament Meeting. Sunday School and Relief Society were as uplifting as they were last week. This ward is so wonderful and the people are amazing and genuine.

We went home, had lunch and enjoyed the rest of our day.

Photo Bombed by Adam!

 And San got his first bath. The kids said he was stinky...but to me, he did not stinketh...

Joshy was funny that evening. We talked about me leaving the next morning, and he said he wanted his mommy back and started moving my suitcase, my blankets and my coat to a pile...I swear he would have had me out the door right then! It's ok, though. I am glad he was ready to take over and help his momma!

And  Kooper went to church for the first time...
I woke up on Monday morning, and got Adam and Grace up and ready for school. Daddy arrived home in time to take Adam, his class pet tree frog, and Grace to school. There were no tears...hooray...because we reminded each other that the next time we come, Uncle Nathan will be with us!

I learned so much these past couple of weeks. I learned how very much I respect and revere my daughter and my daughters in law for being mothers and for taking on all that comes with that great privilege. I am thankful for the dear and wonderful people that Allison associates with. Her ward friends are so wonderful. The day I had all four kids when Allison went to the emergency room, her friend Jessica came by. I was thinking today that she truly was inspired to just stop and visit. She is just that kind of person that helps you get into a good frame of mind and not worry so much. I was so grateful for her and her inspiration to just stop by. I am thankful for the Nielsen family. They live closer to Allison and family than my pizza oven is to my back door. Their daughters are beautiful and kind and helpful, and that family is right there for her. I saw amazing families, living different ways, but all living the Gospel and doing their best to guide the individual spirits they were blessed with in the way of the Lord. There is no one right way to raise kids. I did things I felt were best for my spirits in my home. Allison does things that are best for her spirits in her home. As does Amber, and Cameo, and Jessica and everyone. I am so thankful for the moms that raise my grandkids. I am amazed at Allison and Mike and how they work together, how they know just the right questions to ask, the right way to respond. I am so thankful for doctors who helped these two moms bring two healthy little boys into this world, and for brave families who don't worry about money or time, but only want to do as the Lord wants. I learned, too, that I am not able to be what I once was when I was young. I prayed more than ever that I could do what I needed to. I did hard things and the Lord blessed me to be able to...and now that I am home, I think I am almost recovered. :) I only woke up once thinking I had to get Adam and Grace and Kayty up for school and work! I am so thankful for my mom being there to loan me her car, for Liz taking Kaylee the extra weeks so that I could be away. I feel so blessed...and these two precious little baby boys remind me that tender mercies happen every single day.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Trip To Cheer

First, I get glimpses of my new Arizona grandson via Facebook...Here are some images posted today.

Grace cheers on her school JV Cheerline. We drove to Henderson today to cheer at a soccer game. She did great...and was the cutest one there, don't you agree? It was nice, too, because after the game was over, one of the player's mother had made hot dogs for the team...and she got one. Though she said she really didn't like hot dogs that much, this one, sitting in the back seat of Nano's car, covered with Grammy's jacket, tasted pretty doggone good!

And with a head full of sock curler's (Daddy's Gold Toe socks make great curlers!), and all ready for bed, big sister takes a little time with her baby brother.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun Friday

The kids go to school Monday thru Thursday. So Friday has usually been more of a fun day, and then Saturday is a chore day and get ready for Sunday day. We did lots of great things on this Friday, and even took a stroll down to the park.
 Youngest babies have it so nice...this little guy is so loved!
 He gets up, practices his piano, does his chores, all for 30 minutes of media time per day. Donkey Kong was the media choice.
 Gracie is busy planning a great construction.
 Joshy and I built a Thomas the Train town.

His light up pumpkins
 We decided to go to the park. Mommy could go with us if we walked slow.  First, though, they picked the strawberry they had been growing. Adam and Grace liked it!
 Joshy was not so sure!
 And this is Sam's first outing...He wasn't so sure about the daylight!
We swang. We climbed. They dug in sand to get to my house in Phoenix. They chased. And we went home.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Another Day Off School

These kids have been out of school since Wednesday! Even they were kinda tired of it! We managed to fill the day with good times...

Gracie planned quite the tea party, with a pony, a dog, Clarabelle and Hannah and I was invited as well.
 Really this is not a typical photo. Adam is just so good with Sam! I have a feeling these two are going to be very close!

 Plenty of Sandcastle construction occurred...

 And someone sneaked a pic of me doing what??? Puzzles...From now on, Aunt Kayty must get my clearance prior to purchasing a Spiderman Puzzle that changes pictures as you put it together!

 And while I was busy in Nevada, Dad had a business trip to California for Monday and Tuesday. He had a chance to stop at the beach to get 'live sand' for Ethan's new saltwater aquarium setup.

At the Santa Monica Pier

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday...A Day of Rest

I truly enjoyed Sunday this week. I had two grandkids snuggled next to me in Sacrament Papa to share them with...(bad Grammy!) Both Sunday School and Relief Society were wonderful, with messages from the Old Testament and the teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith that made such a difference in my life! The rest of the day was family time.

We built a birdhouse, with the kit Papa sent up with me.

 You absolutely would NOT believe the major negotiations that had to take place to get the last couple of drywall screws out of Joshy's toolbox. He literally sat on it! And then we needed to use Grace's new drill to screw them in, as I was using Adam's to predrill (yes, Papa, do not faint! I did predrill...a nasty revelation!)

 Then, Mommy and Joshy made sweet and sour meatballs. That sweet little guy was kinda unsure about how things would go with this new brother in the house, but Mommy got up and made meatballs with him! He was so doggone happy too!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Busy Saturday

Grace has cheerleading practice after school during the week, and then she cheers for her school soccer or volleyball team on Saturday. Daddy packed a lunch and we headed off to the park where Grace cheers. Dad watched Grace while I watch Joshy and the boys played in the park.

Meanwhile back in Phoenix, Kooper is still in the hospita. Fighting some infection. A few more days,little guy...