Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Happy New Year! After years of being married to a disc jockey who was always gone on New Year's Eve, or readying for an early Javelina hunt, we are not party folk on New Year's Eve. I was reading a church magazine, and he was out in the family room. I heard a bang outside, walked down the hall and wished him a Happy New Year, and then set out to get into bed.

He planned to try cooking ribs on his grill. Then his really good friend from high school who cooks ribs for a living offered to cook them on/in his smoker/grill thingy. (not technical at all!) We drove down to his house, a few miles away, and picked them up before the new years 'festivities'. He invited whichever kids wanted to come and taste. The full time missionaries that serve our ward also stopped by, Elder Smith and Elder Ogden. Poor Ethan...he was home sick...

Doran and Amber helped out a cousin by watching their wonderful kids! Everyone had fun. Here is a seashell from our sandbox. 

Kaylee and Grammy got in on the fun too!

Doran has built this r/c airplane from scratch.

Kaylee is wearing her Korean shoes from Uncle Nathan. 

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