Friday, July 29, 2011

Please Forgive...

Please excuse my lack of posts recently. Sometimes, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. Unfortunately, for now, the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.  Time does heal, so I will post again...very soon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Reading

I was quickly going over my Google Reader blogs while the air conditioning man is out trying to figure out why are three year old air conditioner, who has performed in a stellar manner for the last two Phoenix, Arizona summers, wants to stop working when it...gets hot (again, I say I live in Phoenix!) On the blog, there was a comment about a teacher reading the book "A Bridge To Terabithia" to the class every day. I also watched a movie the other night in which a teacher read to the class at the end of the session. I was brought back to my days in school. I am 51, and a lot has happened, but I never have forgotten coming in from lunch recess, hot and very sweaty, and sitting in my desk, while Miss Ray read "Charlotte's Web" to our class.  I remember picturing what I thought was going on, what Charlotte looked like, the antics of Templeton, and even what "treasures" he found to eat at the fair. I am so grateful for a teacher who gave us Phoenix kids time...too cool off...and to listen and imagine.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Not Very Often...

My very talented hubby, the private disc jockey, has worked very hard, for over 31 years, playing dances, parties, and receptions, so that I can be home with my sweet kids. So very thankful. Now, he plays for friends. I go for the wedding basics...bridal march, toast, cake cut...all requiring special is LOTS of work... I planned on leaving right after those festivities so he could work his magic on the open dance floor. Well, it started late, pics took waaaaay too long, and our entire four...turning into nearly five hours (I noticed tons of champagne in an ice chest and he asked the bride's dad, who had forgotten...toasts take a LONG time!). I stayed the entire time. I got our food last...and it was nearly gone, so dj hubby got the pulled pork, roll, beans, coleslaw, pasta salad, and I got a handful of craisins, the caesar salad, and a bit of coleslaw. It was over 105 outside, in the sun, and we were located in the dirt in a back yard (Bride's dad apparently wasn't too gung ho about a disc jockey. He had a nice home system on the patio. He did seem pleased after he saw all that the disc jockey does!) We drank bottle after bottle after bottle of water. When we left, I Was Dead...and hungry!

One good thing, though. Kayty and the bride had attended high school together...and I got to see her first bouquet catch attempt (I guess that is what you could call it). The pics are not the best (sorry, if she KNEW what I was doing, she would have killed me!) but it was an awesome, never to be matched event.

She said her first was at Allison's wedding...but she was that doesn't count, at least in the United States!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fathers' Day

This year, it was the DOING that was Dad's gift. Nate organized his ever-so-strong brothers to come over, push the hull of Dad's project 1960 Ford panel truck from the back patio to the front driveway, so he could work on it: something he has wanted FOREVER! They stayed and ate pizza with us too, which was awful fun, and icing on the ca.... pizza...or, rather, cheese on the pizza! He loved his gift card, cards, and just seeing and talking to all his kids too...The Best Father's Day EVER! Thank you to you ALL... your work meant more to him than you will ever know.

Now, to get him out the door, in 118 degree weather, to work on the ugly thing classic treasure.

Happy July Birthday for Jessica and Mom

Jessica, as you have probably noticed,  is just part of our family now. Heck, any girl that can survive Game Night a la Rice at Ethan's House qualifies to bypass Marine Boot Camp. Her birthday is July 9th, and Mom's is July 4th. So, Mom made her favorite Texas Sheet Cake, with tons of walnuts in the frosting (she always doubles the frosting recipe for snitchers). Nathan, all by himself, made a four layer red velvet cake with chocolate buttercream frosting for Jessica. He did such a great job. We had so much fun, even though the Rice girls couldn't be there (Allison, et al in Vegas and Kayty had a choir party). We missed them so much.

Mom's Texas Sheet Cake...with 5 sparklers

Nate's 4 layer red velvet cake with 18 candles for Jessica

Grandma and Jessica wait for everyone to arrive.

Mom's sparklers lit by Nathan, Doran, Ethan, and Morgan

Nano takes a picture of Ethan and Cameo

Happy Birthday to Us!

Blowing out candles...Jessica had more, but her lungs were better. Plus, how DOES one blow out sparklers.

My new ornament for my patriotic tree...a bear on a bell.

These roses from Ethan and Cameo can be planted in my flower bed...when the temps drop below 500 degrees...

Eating my very favorite Sees Nut and Chew. Don't know its name, but it's awesome!

It was quite an effort to get us to be with the right partner AND get the flash to work...and the best pic ended up being one we didn't know Dad was taking! Go figure!!!
P.S. Thank you ALL for the most awesome birthday ever...Heck, they just get better and better. I was with/facebooked all of my kids, had fun, did what I wanted - almost (didn't ever get to my oh so behind scrapbook), ran 3 miles AND hiked with Daddy aka Grumpy (he was rather grumbly on the way up, and his knees really hurt on the way down. He did have pleasant memories...after the ibuprofin kicked in.), ate yummy chocolate, got lovely balloons, cards, gum, money, a hair cut (thanks Nate), my wonderful spice shelves, a green lion crayon, a cool blinking flag pin, lovely flowers, a great ornament for my patriotic Christmas tree, a green key ring, and even a green pipe cleaner s n a k e (blech!) (Adam, I do love that you made me a snake and it will go in a very special place in my craft/laundry room, right where I can see him all of the time and think about you and how my heart is beating fast and that I am scared to death...uh off task. Thank you for making me feel so very loved every single day, with every single act and word.