Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Not Very Often...

My very talented hubby, the private disc jockey, has worked very hard, for over 31 years, playing dances, parties, and receptions, so that I can be home with my sweet kids. So very thankful. Now, he plays for friends. I go for the wedding basics...bridal march, toast, cake cut...all requiring special is LOTS of work... I planned on leaving right after those festivities so he could work his magic on the open dance floor. Well, it started late, pics took waaaaay too long, and our entire four...turning into nearly five hours (I noticed tons of champagne in an ice chest and he asked the bride's dad, who had forgotten...toasts take a LONG time!). I stayed the entire time. I got our food last...and it was nearly gone, so dj hubby got the pulled pork, roll, beans, coleslaw, pasta salad, and I got a handful of craisins, the caesar salad, and a bit of coleslaw. It was over 105 outside, in the sun, and we were located in the dirt in a back yard (Bride's dad apparently wasn't too gung ho about a disc jockey. He had a nice home system on the patio. He did seem pleased after he saw all that the disc jockey does!) We drank bottle after bottle after bottle of water. When we left, I Was Dead...and hungry!

One good thing, though. Kayty and the bride had attended high school together...and I got to see her first bouquet catch attempt (I guess that is what you could call it). The pics are not the best (sorry, if she KNEW what I was doing, she would have killed me!) but it was an awesome, never to be matched event.

She said her first was at Allison's wedding...but she was that doesn't count, at least in the United States!

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