Saturday, August 19, 2017

Week of August 13-19, 2017


We had the special opportunity to attend the Tucson Arizona Temple dedication at Glendale North Stake Center on Sunday. We had originally planned to attend the early session, but Kayty took her insulin later than expected, so it was either Dad go alone or we go later, and we chose later. It was a lovely session. The music was beautiful and there were many great messages given. Youth were especially encouraged to participate in proxy baptisms often. Elder Gary Stephenson gave a wonderful talk on temple work. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke and then gave the dedicatory prayer. It was such a blessing to be able to be in attendance, and remember our own Phoenix Temple dedication. I won't forget how blessed I felt to be the last two people selected to enter the temple itself to witness the dedication. Every time I am in the Terrestrial Room in the temple, I look at that place they set a chair at the end of a row. I remember just sitting there with tears in my eyes, expressing such gratitude for being able to be in the room right next to a prophet of the be in the temple that we had worked so long and hard for as it was dedicated. I won't forget that feeling.

I attended a session at the temple on Tuesday morning. It was very full! Dad attended the Wednesday evening session. We went on Thursday to perform sealing ordinances.

My cub scouts practiced their flag ceremony for pack meeting next week. We didn't hit the ceiling with the poles, though my co-leader did get bopped in the head.

I am in Mosiah 23 in the Book of Mormon.

I have indexed 25747 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
Adam's first day of high school was Monday.

Sam created yet another look

Grace achieved quite an accomplishment this week. Allison challenged all the kids to two hours per week working a certain Math program, and if they did this, a treat was in store. Grace received her reward for completing the assignment: manicure and frozen time with Mom all by herself.
And since this guy hasn't been on the blog for awhile, and yet I love him so much...

The Ethan Rice Family
Family is doing well. They are anticipating Liz coming out at the end of August to visit. Wade got himself in a bit of a situation Monday evening, and was not happy about it.
Wade has been exploring the house...

Cameo and the kids spent one afternoon with Katie Adair and her kids.

On Saturday night, they had some friends over for a movie night
Image may contain: one or more people, living room, night and indoor

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber purchased a new car on Saturday. It is much more economical on gas and the upkeep will be much easier. With Amber commuting now to downtown Phoenix, it makes much more sense. They both enjoy their jobs and the kids are doing very well. Doran did some fishing on Saturday night and just missed out on some catfish. The car spent its week in the shop with Check Engine Light issues. This is a real strain on a family. Amber was at a dog event on Saturday morning.

Morgan is taking a month leave of absence from work to get some other things taken care of. He and Christy went on a camping trip last weekend. He did some legal work this week, helped his friend, Kyle work on a car, and plans to return to his regular job on Monday night.

Kayty didn't get a recommend to attend the Tucson Temple Dedication, so she slept in later than she usually sleeps in. Monday, she did work out another month of insulin, plus she determined a way to get some remaining out of other insulin pens. Sure wish we would have kept those things now! She should make it to the time she can get insurance and see a doctor. The rest of the week was typical, other than saving her on two mornings.

Two minor save this week.

The Nathan Rice Family
We talked to Nathan and Jessica briefly on Sunday night. Annalee is still trying to adjust to the new ward time and naps, and that makes her not herself on Sunday evenings. She always asks to see the kitty, and usually, Lilly obliges. I was listening to the morning news, and an expert was speaking about the total solar eclipse to occur on August 21, 2017. Right after the broadcast, he was heading out to the best spot to see it: Rexburg Idaho! Who new that Nathan, Jessica and Annalee would be at ground zero for this special event! Lets just pray that Elisabeth stays snug and warm where she is so they don't have to even think of venturing out in the horrible crowds and traffic. Jessica had a good doctor's appointment on Wednesday and induction was scheduled for August 30th if she doesn't come sooner. That would mean three sets of cousins share the same birthday: Kooper Rice and Sam Wilkins - January 13, Joshua Wilkins and Wade Rice - December 1, and Grace Wilkins and Elisabeth Rice - August 30.

Dad's Garden
Dad and I spent Monday evening shoveling the chicken compost he had picked up last week into wheelbarrows and to the gardens. It took awhile, but shoveling that is much lighter than shoveling sand! He spread it all over the gardens, and now it will have time to leach nutrients into the soil if we are blessed with any more rain. We spent the rest of the week digging that in. It was great exercise and cheaper than a rototiller.

Year of the House Part 2
Dad made arrangements to get the piece of stone for the bathroom counter. He also cut the concrete floor to move the drain.

Other Highlights
This year, our weather has been just wonderful, for Summer. We had rain Saturday morning, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. It is indeed humid, but not blazing hot. The sun is setting sooner and once it is lower in the sky, it's nearly pleasant to work outside.

Monday morning run was great! I saw four meteors from the Perseid Meteor Shower. It was awesome. I saw only one on Tuesday, but the morning was beautiful. I enjoyed amazing runs Wednesday and Thursday with temperatures in the 70's. Friday, I was at a particularly dark part of the street, and I looked up and a star/meteor streaked across the sky. I just had to stop and thank Heavenly Father for such a beautiful world, both night and day.

Nano Shopping this week went well. She had already picked up her sewing machine so I made sure it operated. Why is every sewing machine different???

Not So Highlights
Just the normal concerns...nothing new.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Week of August 6 - 12, 2017


Sacrament meeting was very inspiring. We heard testimony from Audrey who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and begins 16 weeks of chemotherapy this week. We also heard from the mother of our Young Women's President who was diagnosed with leukemia a few months ago and is home recovering from intensive chemotherapy and a recent stem cell transplant. They both have a long way to go to return to health, but both testified of the power and strength they receive as a result of the prayers being offered by so many people. Prayer is a truly wonderful blessing for us. We had a lesson in Relief Society about "certain women". It was very uplifting.

My Sunday evening was absolutely wonderful. We visited via FaceTime with Nathan, Jess and Annalee. Grace texted me and sent me video greetings as well as a Happy Birthday song she sang and played on the piano. I spoke with Doran and Amber via FaceTime and talked to Kooper and briefly to Kelsie (busy getting ready for school the next day). I had been blessed late the night before to talk to Kaylee on the phone as she shared her camping adventures and her fish she caught. Thank you all so much for taking time to share your sweet lives with me.

Attended a Tuesday morning session at the Phoenix Temple, and dad attended in the evening. We also performed sealing ordinances on Thursday evening.

My visiting teachers came and visited on Wednesday morning.

I am in Mosiah 7 in my Book of Mormon reading.

I have indexed 24747 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
Adam attended orientation for his high school.

Grace texted me on Wednesday and told me all that was going on and all that she was doing.
Same dressed as NinJago

Grace's New Glasses
Allison posted this on FaceBook Saturday
with the notation
"For those days when you can't decide if you are a ninja, Superman, a ballerina, a Star Wars guy or Maui (the marker on his arm is a Maui tattoo"

The Ethan Rice Family
I got pics late Saturday night from this family and their weekend camping trip to    
Kaylee had a great first day of Pre K on Monday.

She called me that night and said she liked seeing all her friends again.

Wade is a very healthy eater. He likes food, which is so much better than a more picky eater.

The Doran Rice Family
Kelsie started back to school last week, mid week, so this was her first full week. She said the worst part of school is all the classes. Not good news, since that IS what school is. I am sure it will get better though. This family was very busy last week with Amber's company grand opening of their new archery range. I got to see a video of Kooper manning the phone desk handling calls. It was funny. That boy loves his trucks, especially the earth moving kind. And when you play with him, he has to select the truck you are permitted to play with. (it's usually the least real or defective one) He was given a set of yellow construction toy trucks that he loved. He did check them out thoroughly though, and discovered the bull dozer was equipped with wheels rather than treads, so that is the one he lets others play with. He's so funny! He is talking a whole lot more too! I know he will just let loose one day, and Doran and Amber will miss these quieter times.

They were on tv with the pups the foster on Saturday morning.

Dad took Morgan to stay with Doran and Amber on Sunday. He was trying to find transportation to and from work, the last we heard. He sent us a thank you for the fishing reel he purchased with his birthday money. We have all his things stored here in the playroom: clothing, tent, fan, toiletries, jack, fishing stuff, etc.

Kayty went to Costco with me on Monday...hauled my water and heavy stuff to the car. She is amazing! Work the rest of the week.

Two major saves with seizures this week.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jessica had a good Sunday. Annalee enjoyed returning to her nursery and making new friends. Nathan started up working on Monday and Jessica kept Anna entertained while getting re moved into their apartment. We were glad to be able to FaceTime with them a few times. Anna decided to try to climb out of her crib and got her foot stuck...twice. So, they swiftly converted her crib to a toddler bed and she is adjusting to that and doing well. By the end of the week, they had replaced blinds hung and a microwave oven all repaired. The spent Saturday finishing up preparing for Elisabeth by hitting some yard sales.

Dad's Garden
He ate a couple dates and loved them. He also picked up a trailer full of compost from our goat milk friend.

Year of the House Part 2
Dad learned via YouTube how the shower drain should be done. He began the process of drilling concrete to make the drain in the best position. After consulting with Nathan, he may choose to saw the concrete first to make later attempts to remove more simple. I am trying to avoid concrete dust at all costs!

Other Highlights
Monday morning jog was the best! It was a cooler 82 degrees. The sky was clear...and I saw Orion's Belt for the first time in a long time!! Orion lets me know Fall will be coming soon and then I saw a shooting star. It was amazing!!

Good shopping Thursday with Nano this week. She continues to have memory struggles, but has a better and better list of things she needs. We went to WalMart and I was able to find some fabric I thought I would have to order.

Dad substitute taught on Friday. It was 7th and 8th grade math, but they were just doing pre testing for the year.

Wonderful rain on Saturday morning. I thought it was going to miss us, but we had a great downpour.

Not So Highlights
Dad had to turn in his smart phone for a flip phone. It has strangled his work. One other SDE called him on Friday from a site and needed access to their bosses phone number. Dad could not do anything since he had no access to the Global Directory without a smart phone. He is teased by all the suppliers for his flip phone, and now even the 7th and 8th graders were mocking him. Part of his "stay in school" message involves how great it is to be a professional rather than work at McDonalds as a career. Well, that phone does nothing to reinforce that, since these low income kids all have phones better than his. Nothing we can do, though.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week of July 30 - August 5, 2017


My Sunday began with a Cub Scout Committee Meeting at 9 and choir practice at 10. Our church meetings were good. Sacrament Meeting focused on Girls' Camp that occurred in June, and our fifth Sunday joint lesson was another one on genealogy and finding a name to take to the temple.

Attended a morning session at the Phoenix Temple on Tuesday, and Dad attended a late afternoon session. It was so nice for me to be there, as I had missed going last month. I felt great peace as I spent a little time in the celestial room in prayer. I was blessed later in the day with blessings and answers to some of those prayers. We also did a sealing session on Thursday evening.

Cub Scouts went well and the four boys who came enjoyed Adventures in Coins.

I am in Jacob 2 in my Book of Mormon Reading. I also completed reading the August Ensign magazine this week.

I have indexed 23653  records so far this year. I ran out of marriage records and started Naturalization records, which take longer, so I had not achieved as many records completed. Then, on Friday, to my amazement, when I went to download more records, there were New York Ship Records available, like the ones I did last year, so I am working on those until they run out.


The Wilkins Family
Back to school preparations are under way. New glasses were first on the list...
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and eyeglasses
They picked perfect frames, didn't they!
 On Friday/Saturday, Grace got to attend the birthday party of her best friend, Katelyn.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, swimming and pool

The Ethan Rice Family
Kaylee got a haircut last week...
Image may contain: 2 people, indoor
She looks so cute..."just like Momma's hair", as she told me.

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber had good work weeks. Busy, but good. Amber got a raise too. Woot woot!! Congratulations!

Morgan is struggling right now. Keep him in your prayers.

Kayty had a good work week. They finally got her signed into the computer system. Stayed up late watching one of the One Direction guys on Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show and got hooked on a new Hulu show offering.

Two minor saves this week.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jessica came by Sunday evening, and he loaded his stuff here up in the car, as they felt they needed to leave early Monday morning rather than later. They packed the final few things Monday morning and were on the road by 5:30 am. They traveled all day and reached Ogden late that night and rested. Up early Tuesday, on the road, arrived home to a mess of sorts, and they called in the carpet cleaning that hadn't been done and headed to Jessica's doctor. We are so grateful for answered prayers and blessings, because Miss Elisabeth was just fine, measuring totally normal. The doctor here in Phoenix just lacked some experience. They headed home, relieved, and set out to scrubbing and cleaning. Nathan hunted elk some on Thursday and Friday, and also got a job writing code for a machine shop. They are busy setting up their home again. Anna got a new shelf and bins for the shelf and was very busy filling her bins and putting them in the slots.

She used Christmas money to purchase her own "Poppy" blanket, from the movie "Trolls" that she absolutely loves.

Dad's Garden
We worked hard and got the dates all covered up, protected from bunnies and birds.

Year of the House Part 2
No house work this week but we did get a lot of cleaning and organizing done on the back porch and in the garage.

Other highlights
Dad attended a Substitute Teacher Meeting on Tuesday. Turns out it was all about Proposition 206 and their earned sick time from their part time work. Crazy. These people have other jobs or income. We were opposed to this ballot proposition which raised the minimum wage in increments over the next few years, plus gives sick time to part time employees. What a waste of money for taxpayers, as they are the ones paying the wages of teachers.

Nano's shopping this week included groceries, looking for more extras for her Christmas gifts, and taking her sewing machine in for a tune up and any necessary repairs.

While we were at the temple on Thursday night, a huge storm hit and we came home to tons of rain...even on the porch under the patio cover. Yes, the baby pool way up on the porch had water in it!

I had a lovely run by the temple on Friday morning. It was a very humid 79 degrees, and I got to see some of the debris moved by the running water from the deluge of rain, but it was lovely.

Not so highlights
So much to be thankful for when we see pics of grandkids with new glasses, happy in their homes, children safe in long travels, families back together in their homes, new babies healthy and safe, jobs going well. Prayers are indeed being answered.