Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 16 - Februray 22, 2015

Monday - President's Day...for some. Not for Dad, or Ethan, or Cameo, or Amber, or me. I kept checking Kayty and was just concerned that she was sleeping...well, in a way that made me think she would go I checked and checked. Finally at 4 am I gave up, exercised some, and planned to run, when Dee came out, worried about the same thing I was and not able to sleep. He tried, and I finished exercising. He finally gave up and we talked, I prepped for my Kaylee week and he went to work.

My prep consisted of picking up key limes, brushing the pool, picking up the yard, starting a load of white laundry, vacuuming, cleaning counters and doing dishes from the night before, setting up diapers, the table, a shape puzzle, the books we read before her nap, the shape sorter, a Minnie Mouse Bow Shape Match, and getting stuff out for President's Day.

The plan: build with Lincoln Logs, glue popsicle sticks on paper to make a log cabin, and build a pretzel/peanut butter log cabin.

She really had fun with the logs, though she was more interested in the tiny horse and making sure he and Minnie Mouse had a house. We spent the morning playing indoors and outdoors. She absolutely LOVED all the orange juice Papa squeezed for her. I bet she drank 20 ounces of the stuff all day. We tried the pretzel/peanut butter log cabin, but she kept eating the logs after they were installed. I tried to interest her in the supply pile, but nothing doing. She liked gluing the popsicle sticks on the log cabin and putting her Lincoln penny on the paper.

She was quite the busy little busy that she would not take a nap. After two and a half hours of attempt, I gave up. I did get Taco Soup for dinner made.

Dee's day consisted of trying to save all his computer information to another hard drive because Honeywell wants to exchange this one. It was a very slow process. After work, he managed to help Morgan's friend with a car problem, and he enjoyed a couple of good conversations with Nathan. He got the grit blaster all fixed and ready to blast car parts.

Kaylee had more playtime outside and she encouraged me to roll in the grass with her (I had to adjust to make it not such a dizzy experience), play in the sand, and go in the lower courtyard. )

I scrubbed both bathrooms, vacuumed the house, cleaned up dishes and dinner, and ground up a ton of egg shells for Dee.

After Cameo came, Kaylee left and promptly fell asleep (which lasted until after 8 the next morning).

Tuesday - I started with exercise and then got Dee up, made his breakfast, made some cherry pancakes for Kaylee (just pink small round cherry flavor)

got dressed, vacuumed, laundry, weeded a bit, prepared for the day...

Dee went to his morning meeting, squeezed orange juice for Kaylee, worked on emails, met again at Deer Valley Honeywell in the afternoon, plus, he contacted someone who had reserved his great great grandparents names for work in the temple, and they released the names.

Kaylee and I had a good day. She liked the pink pancakes, as long as I had plenty of dip-dip (maple syrup). We made a cherry tree from crumpled tissue paper squares and glue....she LOVES the glue part and is very thorough!

She painted cherries using a wine cork.

We used the red play dough to count cherries on top of the cupcakes.

She had Peanut butter and cherry jam sandwiches, carrot sticks and dip-dip (this time, ranch dressing).

We played in the playroom and I made a bed for her Minnie stuffed animal out of a box.

She fought her nap, but finally gave up....

I had been fighting something in my throat all day...echinacea, garlic, oregano pearls were my main ingestion all day.

After nap, we ate peas, played outdoors and fed chickens and blew bubbles.

After Ethan came, I had dinner ready and then I just felt crummy. Hot bath. Warm clothing. Ibuprofen and an unexpected early bedtime.

Dee had worked on grit blasting some of his truck parts. He wanted to go to the temple to seal those names released, but I just didn't feel up to going. I encouraged him to go...but he stayed home.

Wednesday - I slept in!...till 6 am. No exercising today. I felt better, and still loaded up with echinacea, garlic and oregano pearls. I cleaned up, made breakfast, and got things ready.

Dee headed out to his meetings. Kaylee arrived and we spent the early time here putting felt shapes on the flannel board and playing littlest petshop. She smiled and said her tummy was saying "grrrr", so I hurried and got her apple slices, peanut butter and a few bites of granola bar for breakfast. Our morning was spent playing house with all her Minnie's that she brought, making a play dough flag,

watercoloring a flag star,

 and going to story time at the library. After we got home, Papa was gone to another meeting, so we ate lunch (there were three tries to get something she really wanted), and read books. Naptime and then outside play till Daddy came to get her.

Dee had a great work day, though early morning emails have been taking more time than needed. He made arrangements to alter that situation and things went well. Morgan and his friend Chad brought my pressure canner back...Chad got it anodized at the place he works at.

I made tostado fixings and ended up making Dee's dinner before he went tot he temple and Kayty and I went to mail Nate's meds to him, get gas, and get some LED lights for the kitchen ceiling at Costco.

I vacuumed and cleaned and ended my day. I have had lots of reading time and have made great progress through Psalms this week. Old Testament is not my favorite but I am keeping with it.

Dee enjoyed a good session at the temple in the evening. He came home, greeted me as I fell asleep - this "thing" I have been fighting with every known natural remedy is starting to get me, insead of me getting it!), had some soup and went to bed.

Thursday - Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat

I had a hard time sleeping and was up between 2 and 4 am, but finally got back to sleep. I didn't exercise again...this cold has to scram! I got ready for Kaylee and Dee headed to Safeway for donuts to take to his work meeting. I got Kayty up for small task!

Kaylee arrived early, so we started our Chinese New Year fun. We made a sheep, and we colored,
and we painted. (Photos missing due to memory stick missing from camera.)

Dee had a good day and received his annual review and a raise in the coming months.

Kaylee was kind of subdued all day. We went outdoors, but she just sat in the sand, and in the yard.

She took a great nap and then we got ready and met Mommy at the dentist. Kaylee did great (though she was a bit skeptical about the man in the checkered pants - the dentist) She and Mommy went home and I returned to Dee working on his grit blaster preparing parts for painting. I cut up bags of tomatoes and froze them to make sauce this weekend. Dee went to the temple and I cleaned up and ran a few errands.

Kayty went to Dave and Buster's with someone she met on Tinder...and came home alive! ;)

Long night with a terribly runny nose. I took sedated...big mistake. I could have run a marathon in the middle of the night!!!

Friday - I didn't sleep much, though the couch was my best friend. Elevated head meant I could somewhat breath. I didn't feel worse, which was all I could say.

Kaylee came and wanted to play outdoors. We did some Chinese dot pictures first...

And then she helped Papa pick and squeeze orange juice for her...

Nano came and we played in the sand while she visited.

We went in and decorated a Chinese drum. Papa made some veggie Chinese for her, but she would not have any!

Nano left. Kaylee took a noon! I should have known something was off. Our afternoon was filled with snuggles and a feverish little girl. Daddy came to rescue her...she was so glad to see Ethan!
Cameo had a fever too and was home showering and heading to bed.

The nicest thing was seeing pictures and a video from Amber. Doran and Kelsie went to a Daddy Daughter Dance (this must be something everyone is doing....except our ward, that is). She looked so happy and I was just so doggone happy that Doran made her night so special! Doran, I am so proud of you!!!

Saturday - I was not exercising to assist in an early recovery, though it was not working. Again, a night of coughing, and no worse feeling, but no better. I did set out to work on those bags of cut up tomatoes. I cooked them for a bit, processed them through my strainer on my Kitchenaid, and let the sauce sit. The juice and solids separated after a few hours, and Dee siphoned off the clear liquid for him to drink, and I proceeded to can the tomato sauce. I ended up with 12 pints by the end of the evening.

I also dusted...and coughed...and vacuumed...and coughed...and laundered...and coughed...and got ahold of my nursery leaders to let them know I would not be at church on Sunday. Missing nursery would be ok, though I was sad about missing choir and singing in Sacrament meeting.

Dee worked on sifting sand for the grit blaster, and had to run to Harbor Freight, aka Heaven, to get a new hood for him to blast with and not be covered with sand. He had a productive day, getting many parts ready for painting, locating items that have been acquired over the years for the truck, and cleaning up the porch. He talked with Nate about some pretty awesome target shooting.

Cameo was in bed all day, barely able to get up and eat. Ethan took Kaylee to the doctor and she had double ear infections and a throat infection! She never complained about her ears...poor kiddo!

Again, I could do nothing, so he went out and got us a veggie sub from Subway (that was the absolute highlight of my day!) and we watched some old Indian vs. the US Cavalry movie.

My bible reading completed Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.

Sunday - Another night of coughing. Got up, read Isaiah, Sat around. Dee and Kayty each headed to church. I did some prepping for the weeks ahead. I did find some over the counter mucous medication and I tried that to see if it would help my lungs.

I had Kayty's dinner ready: a spicy rice and chicken one pot meal, and a great salad for Dee when they arrived home. Dee had much to share from ward conference. Sounds like I missed a good meeting, but I am not remembering much of what he said now, other than our bishop emphasized that we are not to be seeking the praise and awards of the world.

That's about all...cough...cough...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week of February 9 - 15, 2015

Monday - Things accomplished today:
Ran and exercised
Woke up Dee and made him breakfast

Vacuumed the whole house
Scrubbed a bathroom (the other one was scrubbed Saturday night)
Finally coordinated my visiting teaching companion and the two sisters we visit and we have two appointments this week.
Texted back and forth with Cameo...Kaylee was home sick with a stomach bug and fever
Picked up pictures I ordered
Went to post office and sent off Valentines to out of state grandkids
Made a cute little book for Kaylee to enjoy next week on Chinese New Year called "Red Dragon, Red Dragon What Do You See" I printed and colored the pages and then laminated.
Loaded more stuff in the car for Deseret Industries.
Kayty finished her birthday cake...

Dee picked up his motor mount bracket thingy but still needs more stuff to get that motor on the frame.
Dee washed off the pool filters and brushed the pool, sprayed weed killer on more yard weeds, worked in the garden, ate tomatoes

We looked for a bullet loader that was not where he put it and talked to Morgan for a bit on the phone.
I made it to Ezra in the Old Testament (I am reading the four Standard Works this year. Old Testament first. So far, not my favorite but I am enduring)

Tuesday - Ran and exercised before I got ready, woke up Dee, and headed to the temple. It was a really nice session, though I kinda wish the older folks in attendance would smile. I am assuming there are groups from Sun City that seem just a bit on the grumpy side.

Note to self: be a happy matter how old you get.

Dad had meetings galore (he found out his new boss of a few weeks is no longer his new boss and he will have yet another new boss...this new thing is craziness!), worked, after work he painted Brother Humphrey's Food Truck (just the background so his wife, Peggy, can do her artistic magic with it)

mowed the lawn, unreserved family names from Family Search due to a family member's complaint, loaded some bullets for Doran to try out, he and Ethan put in for an elk hunt.

Kayty went to her endocrinologist appointment and worked.

After arriving home, I cleaned, vacuumed, weeded the lower courtyard, made an awesome lunch salad for Dee, made pretty fabulous chicken breasts and sautéed collard greens for Dee, took the trash down the road, worked on next weeks extras for Kaylee (we are celebrating President's Day and Chinese New Year next week), had an awesome phone visit with Nathan as he fixed his poor dented truck that some kind ward members pulled out of the ravine for him, labeled bullets Dee loaded, packed up a few things for Morgan and gave him a hug as he left and prepared for the temple early the next morning.

Wednesday - Our it was a day full of "stuff", sandwiched between temple sessions. I made the 6 am session...only 5 sisters and 19 brethren. It was wonderful to do work for family members who have passed on. They can now make the choice to take advantage of the ordinances performed in their behalf.

I cleaned up, went to pick up my visiting teaching companion, found out she was not home, went and visited one sister on my own, composed the visiting teaching letter to the by mail only sister I visit. I cleaned, dusted, laundered, picked up key limes, prepared and started dehydrating oregano, made sauce for our tortelini, ran to Party City to try to locate Chinese New Year stickers (none), and helped around the house.

When I arrived home from the temple, Dee was on the phone with his new boss, who asked him many questions and was trying to discern what his job is...a common dilemma in this new assignment. He measured Kayty's bed to make a new one, talked to Nate on the phone (he replaced his broken headlight), picked and packaged produce, and asked if anyone was interested in extra tomatoes. Our friend/neighbor Julie B was going to stop by. We meanwhile discovered a notice from the City of Phoenix that they were leaving our water on for one more day due to delinquent payments. I freaked out totally. Turns out, our new mailman does not deliver any mail to 4807 W Happy Valley Road, even when it has our name on it. Three months. (I know that sounds freaky but I just pay the bills when they come and don't necessarily notice) Dee has to complain to the postmaster tomorrow, and also explain to Phoenix what happened. I did pay the bill asap and signed up for email bills from now on. Dee's final nasty note to WalMart resulted in their FINALLY refunding all the bogus charge from November. NEVER again am I going to do business with!

After Julie and Mike B left, we headed to the temple together (which is a rarity) and finished out day in a session there. The nicest thing was that as we entered, Dee found a young couple that was going to perform baptismal ordinances and was happy to do the ones he had. After our session, there were still many, many youth in the baptistry...there had been 75 there that night. 75 is a lot for the Mesa Temple...way huge for ours! The temple workers just stayed, until very very late, to make sure every youth had an opportunity.

Thursday - Ran this morning. First the temple was dark.

Then it was light.

Nicest rest place ever.

I exercised, woke Dee up and made him breakfast before he left for a meeting.

After he returned, he spent time on the phone, first with City of Phoenix Water Department, to determine what had happened. Yes, our bills had been returned to them as "undeliverable"...funny since we have had bills delivered to the same address for 32 years. No water turned off, and finally the correct address on the water bill, after years of begging. Then, he called the postmaster to discern why our letter carrier did this. The result of 2 new letter carriers on 2 different routes and a clerk not realizing, again after 32 years of receiving mail. All got worked out! Finally.

I dusted, vacuumed and mopped big time today. I also found a HUGE tomato in Dee's garden...nearly two pounds. I took down my Valentine's Day use waiting till Saturday night. While I was cleaning, I went to unplug the vacuum and whacked my head good on the wall. I spent awhile resting after that.

Dee and his friend Joe worked on his panel truck doors for awhile. Tacos for dinner. Quick run to the post office, Michael's, Harbor Freight and WalMart ended the day.

Friday - I left earlier than usual, so my wait for the temple lights to come on was longer. When I got back running, I was colder and it took a bit to warm back up. Exercising, wake up and breakfast and some clean up followed before I got ready and headed to my final visiting teaching appointment. We had a great visit...the first time we all three were there together. The only challenge was talking as her cleaning lady vacuumed. It was great.

Dee went to his regular meetings and I did laundry and managed to get a month's worth of photos put in the 2014 album. I even put many pages back twice when the binder fell off the shelf and some fell out.


It made that published photo book look even more enticing.

Dee hurried off to the temple to complete a few initiatory work and then he returned and ate my awesome Texas Two Step Chicken and did some machining work in the garage while Nate and I texted back and forth about him finally locating Juanita in Idaho, with an upper floor in her home the size of our entire house.

Wouldn't you know...his long lost mother is wealthy too.

Kayty had a good day at work and contacted some Bachelorette Show guy...not sure who he was but she was doggone happy.

Saturday - Dee called me in at 3:30 am. He said Kayty was not right. I checked and she said she was fine. I decided to check back later.

45 minutes later, I heard a noise and went back. Her legs were cold and clammy. I turned on the light, said, "Kayty, you are low" and proceeded to get soda. She repeatedly said, 'No, I am not low!" and got a bit mad, so I asked if I could check her. I got the meter and worked hard to get blood. When I finally got enough and read the meter, it said "38". She was extremely low. By the time I did all that, she was in seizure and I was frantically trying to get her to swallow the soda. I called for Dee and he helped hold her up until I got 2 cans of sprite down her and she was starting to come around. She then ate tootsies to bring it up. After tests of 110. 100. 84. and then 124, I let her fall back asleep.

I am so very very thankful for the Spirit, and for the Lord being so mindful of Kayty and her life. I always fall to my knees in prayer and thank the Lord for one more help.

Needless to say, I couldn't get back to sleep and was getting ready to go run, when Dee came out. Between is back pain (he hurt his back yesterday in the chicken coop, while bending over and walking) and not being able to get back to sleep, so he rode his bike and I ran, though I am way slower than a bike goes. It was his first time to enjoy the temple rest break and now he knows why I love stopping there.

Home, a little cleaning, ready and going to a few yard sales (I was looking for Dr. Seuss books...only found one...and not a very popular one. ) After we got home, he sat with ice on his back and I gave him his Valentine Card. We never made too much of Valentines Day. He was always working...disc jockeying either a wedding or a school dance or party. All our extra money went to getting stuff for the kids to give to their classmates, their teachers, and for us to get them a little something. Nothing left for dinner, etc. after that, and I have never been too much of a flower fan.

We worked inside and outside. He picked a ton of tomatoes.

I chopped and froze some of the older ones to make sauce on a week off.

I invited him to empty my jeep with me at Deseret Industries and then I suggested lunch at his favorite Chinese place. I am not much of a fan, but he enjoyed it.

A few stops and we were home, busy on the rest of the day.

We headed to Costco to buy chicken food, an external hard drive for him for work and he got flowers for his mom, which we delivered on the way home. We enjoyed visiting with Dorrie. She said she enjoyed attending Sam's baptism in Queen Creek earlier.

I was sad that we weren't even invited.

Dee went to see Curtis' garden, and there was a discussion that went way too long with Curtis and we hurriedly went home, got ready and headed to our Stake Conference Meeting.

The meeting was different. It was on councils and there were demonstration and open discussion. It didn't really pertain to us, but we stayed and stopped for chicken at Albertsons on the way home. It is Dad's favorite too.

Sunday - Sunday is sleep in day, even if we had to be at our building for an internet broadcast of Stake Conference at 10 am. Usually there is only one ward in our building when a broadcast occurs, but something must have gotten mixed up when both wards were there. Not an empty seat in the place and many were out of town for the three day weekend.

It was a wonderful session. Four speakers each were assigned the topic of times when they were ministered to or did the ministering themselves. Four delightful and wonderful people with the same topic, but very different talks. The Mission President of the Phoenix Mission and his wife gave beautiful talks as well. Our patriarch, Kent Mecham, gave great instruction on making ourselves worthy and ready to receive personal revelation. President Page spoke about knowing what road we are on and how we are getting there, and about setting goals and having a family mission statement. President Martin went over the book of Enos in the Book of Mormon and taught us so much about the importance of a father's teaching, of prayer, of inspiration, and of concern for our fellow man.

Dee missed much of the meeting due to his back. He started there, but had to leave to get some ibuprofen. He was back for the last 15 minutes or so. It was nice seeing how some of our old ward friends had children who had grown up so much in just a little over a year.

We snacked, Dee iced his back and did some scripture study.

We picked up Morgan and went to Dorrie's for a post Valentine's Day dinner. Meatloaf, potatoes and cheese, cauliflower with cheese sauce, heart beets, salad, and bread, with brownies and ice cream for dessert.

We played outside. 

Do not be alarmed. There were firefighters just around the corner.

We took a walk to wear off all that yumminess.

 All had a great time. Weather was beautiful and it was a nice day to just enjoy.

We took Morgan home. We were thankful for his knowledge of the laws regarding controlled substances and gardening, and hope his advise was acknowledged.

Kayty came home and we had a quiet evening. Nate called and talked about his Valentine's Day for Jessica, about Lily trying to steal his biscuit, and talked to Dad about reloading. Dee talked to Sharynn on the phone and she helped him do more genealogy.