Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Mormons Build Temples

To my dear, sweet neighbors... the temple that is to be built in our neighborhood will not be full of traffic and noise. No large meetings happen here. It is a place of learning, of peace... A place of God.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Never Give Up

For many months, our lives have revolved around a son who plays varsity football for his high school. We have it our all for the last eleven months. He has had practices 6 days a week. He has had weight lifting and conditioning before school, thus requiring him hours of personal time to make up for seminary homework he missed. We gave up vacations. We gave up hunting trips. All for football. He has two more games. Two more chances to do what he loves to do. He, his teammates, and his coaches have all sacrificed...a lot...for something they love.

So, last Friday, their opponent was Scottsdale Christian Academy...They are good. They are big. (My question do we-the 2A school with the largest enrollment-get the "luck of the draw" to have NO 275 pound, 6'8" linemen. Nate could play another position, but he is the tallest, and the biggest at 6' 190 pounds. All the private schools have fewer kids, but seem to always get the biggest guys...funny...)Anyway, these guys worked hard. Scottsdale was great, and, by halftime, had racked up a 50 - 0 lead. I was with the abundance of great, supportive parents and family who trekked there to cheer for our Falcons (whom, the Scottsdale announcer kept calling the Knights...come on guy! I know we are just a blip on your quest to beat the other two Christian High Schools in this division - our opponents for the next two games- I know you are going to State and are constantly talking about who will host it and where it will be, as if we are not even here! But, please, could you at least get the mascot right?)We cheered as those guys ran off to regroup and rest at halftime. We cheered our heads off when they returned. I wondered..."How do they do it? How do they come out those doors, doing all in their power to win, and down by play more? Would I be able to do that?" It's easy to play a game, to come every week, to run out on that field when you are winning. But what if you are losing? How hard can that be?

The Falcons never gave up. They passed. They ran. They were intercepted. They fumbled. They picked up, tried play after play. Some worked. Many didn't. They were behind 72-0 in the final minutes. We got the ball. They pushed. They passed. They caught...and, with 56 seconds remaining in the game...they scored! Mind you, this was not a "gimme" score. Scottsdale wanted a shut out...and a huge one at that. This was not their second string...they didn't appear to have one. I don't think I have ever, ever cheered harder that I did at that moment. Parents in our stand were screaming their heads off. Yes, we much...but those guys...those MEN...NEVER gave up.

I never knew, until this year, what being on a football team in high school means...what it does. You always hear men referring to "when I was in high school, our football team..." Football teams MUST play together. Each and every person plays a role. From quarterback, to kicker, to tight end, to lineman...each has a job to do. And they do it, whether they hear their name on the loudspeaker or not. They have four quarters to play. They have a plan. They prepare. Sometimes those plans work. Sometimes they don't. And when it doesn't, they try a new way. And when they are down, they can't just walk off and be They NEVER give up.

They were back out there, yesterday, practicing, planning, preparing, for Northwest Christian...another 2A football powerhouse. They know they have the ability, the training to win. They will practice today, and tomorrow, and the next day. They won't give matter what happens...beginning to end. Thank you, Falcons, for teaching all of us so very, very much!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day At The Museum

I have a few catch up, here I come!

I received information that there was a special museum day, sponsored by the Smithsonian. I got on the site, selected a museum that Dee had mentioned wanting to go to, and printed up the ticket for two. So, on Saturday, September 25th, Dee and I set off to go to the Pueblo Grande Museum.

Pueblo Grande has been around for many many fact, for thousands of years. It is where "they believe" the Hohokam Indians first lived. Dee used to remember going there on his bike after school to see the "dead Indian" in the glass case. (No dead Indian now.) The last time he and I went...about 20 years ago, you could look right down and see the walls of these ancient dwellings.
Now, of course, since the "evil" elements are "hurting" the village, they covered the walls in...with dirt.

So, there are a lot of assumptions. They "assume" the ancient people played ball in this pit...I was wondering who came up with that! This pit was very shallow...and we have enough trouble with the volleyball always getting hit out of the pool...more time spent chasing than playing. You cannot tell me that ancient Americans wanted to chase after some ball any more than my kids do! So, really that pit thing...could have been a place to sacrifice people, for all we know.

It is interesting to see what they conjecture, too. The walls are made of mud and trash...the rooms were found filled with trash...this place had trash everywhere, according to the experts. I began to wonder how much trash they could have had...I mean, no wrappers, no paper and plastic cups...what COULD there be. And places here were supposed to be ceremonial in nature...and there was so much what they called trash? This place sounds like maybe it wasn't sacred...but a dump! Anyway, it was very interesting to see the artifacts that were displayed from this era....the pottery was awesome.

So, it was an experience and we DID something besides work in the yard. And I worry about what will happen, many years from now, if I don't get the trash out of Kayty's room...what will they think of me...of our civilization? Who knows...there were 19 year olds back then...maybe those rooms full of trash were once occupied by ancient teenagers...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is to apologize for my lack of ...well anything! I am now officially "in" over my head! I signed up to take the income tax preparation course with Jackson Hewitt months ago...they called...and, finally, someone is interested in employing me! Albeit, it will be for four months, but every little bit helps! (Especially since hubby is being moved to his "new office location" tomorrow...a trailer in the engineering parking lot...not exactly job security!) Anyway, I am taking the course, and, if I do well, and they have a need, I can be hired. It doesn't cost anything, except for the 25 dollar book...and boy am I glad I bought that! It was getting rough trying to take notes and writing in the "margins" of my computer screen...ha ha...that was a joke, people...feeble as it may be! The "each session will take about an hour" has proven to be quite a myth...yesterday, finishing a lesson and test took over 5 hours! But, I'm not giving up! I may have to cancel a planned November trip to Vegas, but they will see me this month, and in December...and I am SURE Joshy will NOT be disappointed at all!!! So, I trudge on...

Now, I haven't been totally lame...I have baked two loaves of bread every week, dinner is on the table every night, (okay, maybe a Saturday or two we have "encore" meals...but we have leftovers, so it is really using our resources). Christmas ornaments...haven't given up on them, though there is NO way they will be done by Halloween! House is cleaned every day, though some days I just can't get down the hallway. I caught the family scrapbook up to March last Sunday (good Sunday history work...I had a goal of 2 pages, and I did 6!) Halloween decorations are up, though I have to stop saving ideas on my blog...just won't have time, even for that adorable 2x6 Frankenstein. I have planted lettuce and spinach in the garden and some is already coming up. I planted more sweet peas this morning to replace ones that a grubby little rodent got thru the netting and feasted upon. I have watering duty each day, and it does get done...Chicken duty too: water, feed, clean out dishes, bring out veggie/fruit/grain scraps, gather eggs. I sweep the pool Monday, WEdnesday and Friday (used to be more fun when I came home sweaty from running and got in, then cooled off as I swept. I have cleaned up messes in the front yard from Nathan's Truck Restoration. I pay the bills, watch the calendar for appointments. I am my son's biggest football supporter, which includes not only cheering, but washing ever so stinky clothes, and making sure he has the food he can eat: pasta, low fat, almond milk...a full time job to be a dietitian fora football player with a very sensitive system. I grocery shop for us...and now pick up a few things for Danyel so she can get cheap food. I even have a few dear Sr. friends that I sit and chat with once a week (sadly, this may have to go in January...) Laundry is done and put away every day. I teach the small children at church .... I am assistant I get to share the responsibility to teach certain songs, and sing all the wonderful Primary songs...and the sweet wonderful sister that I assist...well, I wish I could be just like her!!!

Well, washing machine is calling me...the vacuum is calling I must go.I am really trying...trying hard to keep up...but this little blog may have to be patient for a bit!