Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week of February 20 - 26, 2017


I was able to attend the first evening session at the temple on Tuesday.

I wrote a letter to my new inmate sister, Jessica. I actually shared what Kaylee's primary teacher talked about. . That is what kept coming to my mind and so I shared it. Ancient and Modern Day prophets and how important it is now as it was then to follow the prophet.

I have been texting my visiting teaching sister whose husband was in a serious motorcycle accident. They had been able to repair the crushed hip, but his vitals and lungs had not been stable enough to repair the compound leg fracture or the vertebral breaks. I texted my love and concern and asked if she needed anything every few days. I didn't want to nag but wanted her to know I cared. Well, the thought came to me to text her, and so I did, expressing love and prayers, letting her know I had but their names on the temple prayer list, that her visiting teaching was taken care of and sending love from others. Her response..."We lost Billy this morning." I was so very sad. I immediately let the Relief Society President know, who then got in contact with the bishop and their home teacher. I was guided to text at just the right time so the information could get to all that needed to have it, and sweet Linda could be with her family.

Never postpone a prompting.

I sure needed a hug from Dad...and we ended up talking for quite awhile when he returned to his hotel that evening.

Cub Scouts on Wednesday went very well. We discussed boats, what powers a boat, buoyancy, dispersion, and then the boys had a blast creating their own boats out of pool noodles and corks and cups.

I had my visiting teaching interview as soon as scouts was completed (I scheduled it that way.)

We had a wonderful visit by our home teacher, President Edwards, on Sunday evening. 

Dad was able to give out a Book of Mormon to two people while he was away.

I am in Alma 1 in my scripture reading. I also read the entire March Ensign Magazine this week.

I have indexed 6144 records so far this year. 


The Wilkins Family
Busy and doing well.

The Ethan Rice Family
Kaylee and I had a fun few hours while Cameo put in her time at work, and Wade and Liz cared for baby Wade.

Kaylee spent Tuesday and Thursday with Wade and Liz, and Wednesday with Dorrie and Curtis. She was back on Friday.

She drew Grammy and Kaylee

Eating a corn dog

Looking up the names of some of the seashells in the sandbox

On Saturday, they went on a picnic with some friends
Cameo, her friend Michelle, and baby Wade
 And I got these late Sunday night. Wade is wearing a shirt first given to Ethan, and then handed down and worn once by each of his brothers...

The Doran Rice Family
Doran enjoyed working his first week at his new job. Amber has not enjoyed a longer commute to downtown Phoenix where her job relocated. She also has been struggling with a cough for weeks. They did end up going camping...though it was so cold, they only stayed one night.
They played here a little after they dropped off the tent trailer

Morgan and Christy had a busy work week, and Morgan finally had a weekend, so they went camping as well..Dugas Ranch. They were there before Doran and Amber and family arrived, and stayed another night after they left.

Kayty worked for the week, and spent her unbusy time putting in resumes and applying for new jobs. She worked a couple hours overtime on Saturday and a full day on Sunday so she would have a full final paycheck.

Total saves this week: 1 with seizures, 1 we got in there before so glucose tablets could be eaten.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jessica and Annalee had a good week. Nathan is busy at school, but also managed to make sure his paperwork was complete for his internship at Chromalloy. They have everything ready for him to spend the next semester learning and working there. Jessica made great pizza on Wednesday, and I learned the importance of verifying any text involving measurement and numbers before send ing it on. 2 and a quarter cups are way different from two quarts! He had a rough test on Friday...took hours and the teacher determines the grade by 6 test results...nothing else. He is concerned about losing his scholarship. A average must be maintained. We talked to Annalee a bit and she is just talking up a storm!

Dad traveled to Monterrey, Mexico on Monday. His first flight to Houston was fine,

but the second flight swayed and swerved and left him with a very upset stomach on landing. Hotel was ok and he had a good dinner. Meeting Tuesday was very productive and the lunch at the plant (chili rellenos) was excellent.

 His dinner at the hotel was NOT great.
 Since we are redoing our bathroom, hotel bathrooms become very interesting...

Wednesday was full of Field Quality work for him. He was given a tour of the mountains on the Eastern side of Monterrey

met up with another Honeywell employee already there, and had a great dinner. He headed to the airport on Thursday morning, had a much nicer flight to Houston, fought his way through Customs and then Security AGAIN, ate some meh Popeyes Chicken, and made it back to Phoenix on Thursday. 

My week started with early rise, jog, drive Dad to airport and then fight my way home, dust, vacuum, scrub, vacuum and mop, and then pick up Kaylee for some fun while Mommy was at work. Tuesday I got up and took short jog jaunts with Kayty checks in between. I picked 2 pounds 8.5 ounces of snow peas, struggled with the pool (which turns green every time Dad leaves the country) and got it brushed and operating properly, did my typical vacuuming and laundry, and scrubbed the toilets, fed and locked up chickens, gathered eggs, released chickens in the morning, updated the spread sheet, vacuumed, shopped for groceries, went to the post office to mail envelopes, cooked once for Kayty, laundered, picked more peas, worked more on the pool, prepared for a Sunday presentation (It's Great To Be 8 gathering and I am telling the kids about cub scouts.),

Dad's Garden
Cabbage, carrots, snow peas galore...
basil, oregano, turnips, beets, and chickens are laying plenty of eggs.

Year of the House Part 2
Still working on plans. We need a termite treatment as well as to get information from a friend about drains, etc.

Other highlights
It's hard for Kayty to have a glucose low early in the morning, but it ends up making me feel more comfortable on a longer run, knowing she will be fine for a longer period of time. Hence, I got to run by the temple..
Our chest freezer has been going nuts for a long time...warm spots and cold Dad found one that was a pretty good price and it will be delivered Monday...thank you Lowes.

Not so highlights
We have been putting out bulk trash in front of our house...I even keep the mulchable branches, leaves separate in case the city sends a mulcher truck first.  I try to have a pile that makes it so "good" stuff is easy to be retrieved by the metal searchers, etc. Yes, Allison...I keep my trash neat and organized! Well, the men came and went, carefully taking the branches and boxes, but left most of the debris from our bathroom tear down! We even had 5 gallon buckets with the extra tiles torn out in it...they only had to toss the buckets in. Now, we have a pile that we have to put some of in our regular trash can each week as we haul it down the road. It will take a couple of months. I tell you, no more neat pile for this girl!!