Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week of February 6 - 12, 2017


Though cub scouts was cancelled on Wednesday, the day was too crazy and so we chose to attend the Thursday evening temple session together.

I wrote a final letter to my inmate Sister Nena and wrote a first letter to my new inmate Sister Jessica. Nena sent me a final letter, since she will be released to a halfway house on Valentine's Day. She is so excited to get out of the prison, and is very anxious to be reunited with her daughter soon to leave on a mission and hopefully her younger son, who is kept with his father in California. I hope she continues to correspond in the halfway house and she will be in my prayers to continue the progress she has made. Sister Jessica is 26, a mother of four, and will be incarcerated for a few more years, so I will have a great chance at sharing messages I hear and witness.

Our ward held a special fast today for a brother in our ward who was in a very serious motorcycle accident on Friday morning. He will need multiple surgeries for the compound leg fracture, the crushed hip, the broken vertebrae. I am his wife's visiting teacher and will try my best to keep in touch and help in any way she needs.

I had Cub Scout committee meeting before church and left with a huge list of assignments! Blue and Gold Banquet assignments, pinewood derby assignments....

Dad gave his High Priest lesson this week rather than next and felt he studied and prepared and was guided by the Holy Ghost in his teaching. 

Dad visited two home teaching families on Sunday evening.

I completed reading the February Ensign Magazine and am in Mosiah 7 in my Book of Mormon reading.

I have indexed 4705 names so far this year. I was able to index the marriage records for Chang and Eng (their last name on Wikipedia is Bunker. When in line to turn in American Citizenship papers, they saw they had no last name and asked the man behind them what his last name was...Bunker. So they took that one.) These two gentlemen were joined by a ligament at their sternum and shared a liver and were discovered as teenagers in Thailand...then called Siam. So Chang and Eng were the first Siamese Twins. They married sisters, Adelaide and Sarah Ann Yates on 13 April 1843 and I indexed their marriage records. The ended up having more than ten children each, and it was quite scandalous for the time. After all the records I have gone through (which now with marriage records that included five additional names per record), this is the first famous one!


The Wilkins Family
First, we have to share the completed Super Bowl puzzle...
Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Sam does them his own way...
The Wilkins had a very busy week, with work, school, sports, scouts, activity days, dances,etc.
Grace and Dad had a wonderful time at the school Daddy/Daughter event

And everyone had the same different locations on Saturday. Allison had great help from friends. She was at Josh's game and you can surely tell he is doing what he loves to do!!

The Ethan Rice Family
 Cameo had more success at getting in her six hours each day, thanks to her dad being there to help.
Ethan has been working every single day for over a month, but finally got an evening off to enjoy dinner...
And a wonderful entire day off on Sunday.
At Clayton County International Park

The Doran Rice Family
Doran continues at his old job this week and may help Amber's company relocate to a larger facility. Kelsie and Kooper are doing well and happy as ever!

Morgan and Christy had a busy work week.

Kayty went to the zoo Monday for her birthday and spent way too much time in the snake enclosure!!She worked the rest of the week, had a treat at her regular Thursday meeting
 ..and went to church on Sunday.

Total saves this week: Two with seizures

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan has been busy with school projects and homework, and Jessica continues to work and keep Annalee safe. We were able to facetime a few times this week with her. She is talking up a storm! She is also becoming quite the artist...
...or was this her list of what Daddy was doing instead of watching her when this happened?

Dad's work week was busy, as always, and even busier when he was told his co-captain had quit and he is now solely responsible for reports from Supplier Development Engineers from Arizona and Utah going East till they encouner the East Coast he still has suppliers of his own to contend with. Days are over 12 hours long and calls and messages come throughout the night. He took a vacation day on Friday and fought a 5th grade class. Well, most of the class was pretty good, except the one kid who greeted him with "I have ADHD" and had predetermined he did not have to behave.

I mixed cleaning, laundry, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing 1 bathroom, baking homemade bread, cooking breakfast, lunches and dinners, with hammering up the thinset in the bathroom. There was a tool available, but we just weren't sure it would work in our circumstance...and the tool costs over $150, plus the dust from thinset powder all over the house would take me months to clean up. So, I hammer and chipped away some every day.We finished on Saturday...and only my room needs a good dusting next week.

So worth it!!

New samples...
 And the floor medallion dad purchased at a yard sale for $5
I haven't been able to decide about the bathroom cabinet...paint, toss. And there is not room for two bathroom sinks, so I figured that maybe I will just have Dad sand, re stain, and seal with a shiny varnish...the brown oak does go with this. Then I only have to decide sink and counter top (and where to put all my stuff since there is no room on that cabinet for my things AND his...)

 Dad's Garden
He is cabbaging and snow peaing us to death!! We have had Snow Pea Chicken Sundays for weeks. I think I will make some egg rolls this week using more of the cabbage. The weather has helped the tomato plants turn around and they are thriving now!

Year of the House (part 2)
You see we are going strong. Dad has goals for figuring out the shower drain, a vinyl membrane for the floor, and where to locate the wall. (He is figuring out how to cut the least amount of the stone tile that will go across the shower stall floor and up the wall behind the shower spout.

Other highlights
Lilly Rey disappeared on Wednesday and after hours of looking and searching, we stayed home from the temple to get Kayty's help and ended up Dad heard her cries on the back porch and he and Kayty captured her. Not sure how she got out and since Happy Valley Road is very noisy and Lilly likes it quiet. She must have been so terrified!

Beautiful jogging this week! I even ran without a hoodie on Saturday...first in a long time! Weather has been perfect!

Not so highlights
None that stand out...

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