Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week of January 30 - February 5, 2017


Dad attended his favorite temple session on Wednesday evening. I was going to attempt a Friday morning session with our relief society sisters, but I had to clean, buy groceries and do lots of cub scout stuff.

Cub scouts was time consuming this week. Two hours of Scouting for Food flyer handouts on Wednesday night and Saturday morning food pickup took time too.

It was great to be back in church on Sunday and tell everyone about my adventures in Georgia. We had a wonderful Relief Society lesson and I was able to write letters to both my inmate sister that will be released in a couple of weeks and my new inmate sister who will be incarcerated for a few years. 

I have indexed 3944 records so far this year. I was accustomed to one name = one record last year. Now, when you type a marriage record, one record = six names and a date. It takes me almost two hours to do 100 records.

In my Book of Mormon reading, I am in Jacob 6.


The Wilkins Family
These super kids all celebrated amazing report card success this week...
All earned straight A's. (And Sam is obviously a Straight A Little Brother). Congratulations!!
I received this update from Allison early Sunday morning...

Hey! I am so sorry that I am such a terrible daughter and never call/write. We are all doing good. I started working part-time (every night) at the beginning of January, so life has been crazy! We had temple shutdown for 2 weeks and I had to work 6-7 hours a day, which threw everyone off. I'm still just getting caught up on the housework that was missed while I was working so much. Adam is on the school basketball team and is having so much fun. He has been hanging out with some friends on Friday nights the past couple of weeks, and I am so happy for him. He made the park of "King" in the spring musical. He got a weird infection 2 weeks ago that affected his kidneys, but he has recovered and is doing well. Grace is a "townsperson" in the spring musical and is also doing basketball. She's still trying to get the hang of it... today she was THRILLED when the ball was passed to her (but she ran toward the wrong basket with it). She has an amazing math teacher this year and earned the highest grade 1st semester (math has always been a struggle for her), so we are super-proud. She was such a huge help when I worked so much... putting Sam to sleep each night. She's such a sweetheart. Josh just started soccer at school and LOVES it (of course). He has really improved in his reading. He read the scripture all by himself in Primary opening exercises last week and did awesome! Sam is doing great and is talking more and more. He came in the bathroom while I was in the shower on Friday and was furious and said his first whole sentence: "Grace and Josh are playing MY Christmas game! I'm mad!" Why in the world they would WANT to play "Hi-ho Cherry-o" without being forced to by a toddler is beyond me, but I was thrilled with his sentence. He has his 3-year-well check last week and is the weight/height of a 4 1/2-year-old. The doctor is recommending him for speech therapy because he says a few sounds wrong. Our ward is getting re-aligned on the 12th and I am so hoping we get more youth! The kid's school (which I adore) has always taught in a more traditional way (not common core) and has refused to "teach the test." Their test scores fell in the 5% margin last year, so the state is threatening to shut them down mid-year. They have to present a plan in 45 days to show how they are going to improve test scores. Ugh! I'm sure it will all work out, but we are all a little worried about it. Adam is auditioning for LVA for piano (they are an arts magnet school, but are rated highly for curriculum as well). The school he's zoned for his good, but is only a 4-star school, so LVA is slightly better. We will see what works out. We miss you guys so much! Love the pictures of you with Wade and Kailee! Love you guys!
 While the men enjoyed the Super Bowl, these two enjoyed what seems to be a very challenging puzzle.
Image may contain: one or more people and indoor
Snacks were shared by all so it was a win-win!

The Ethan Rice Family
Cameo got up, got ready, and pumped all the way to the airport and got me there on time! She is a super hero!! Kaylee and I played a few upstairs hide and seek and tag before i had to go. Atlanta was a crazy busy airport!! I had been so careful what I packed, since I was frisked and xrayed, but still, they thought my very obvious boxes of Mickey Mouse Village accessories were potential explosives and had to rub some paper all over each box and test it for such. It was a pass, but I had to repack everything! I finally found the right subway, got to the right gate and headed home...on time! I had a window seat and enjoyed seeing the clear land across our nation.

Regular schedule returned and Kaylee went to school on Tuesday, though Ethan had to work day hours, which meant Cameo had to drive the nearly two hours of to and from, do her six hours of work for her job, and keep Wade full and happy. Kaylee loved school Wednesday, and Wade had a great two month check up that day too, well, until they brought the shot...Anyway, he has gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches. 23 Inches long and 13.6 pounds.
Grampy Wally aka Wade, arrived on Saturday to meet his little namesake. Kaylee was very happy Grampy had arrived and Ethan was even off work in the evening!

The Doran Rice Family
Doran's neighbor shared a job opportunity with Doran and they offered Doran a job with a vehicle, a significant raise, and better insurance. His employer made a counter offer but it wasn't significant so he chose to make the change. New job ahead for this family!!

Doran was such a help again on Saturday. Dad and I started the demo of the master bathroom and filled some very heavy wheelbarrows full of block and bathtub, which he hauled with ease. Then, I went off to play in the sand and on the swings with Kooper and Kelsie and he helped get the tile, mirror and drywall down and hauled away. Dad grilled some burgers and made French fries to feed these great helpers. Thanks so much, Doran!!! Amber was busy at pet adoption events all weekend. Kelsie says that they are boring!


Kayty slept late, met a new guy on a date Monday afternoon, and viewed Bachelor/Bachelorette Monday night. Tuesday was back to work.She enjoyed her work week and switched shifts on Sunday so another co-worker could watch the Super Bowl.

We celebrated Kayty's 26th birthday on Friday night with her favorite haystacks for dinner and her favorite cake for her.

Lilly Rey: cake guard

Kaylee FaceTime sang with us.

Kaylee even got to sing via Facetime and wish her a happy birthday. She requested that we freeze a piece of that cake for her to eat when she comes to visit in a couple weeks. 

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan was busy at school with homework and working on projects required for his courses. He designed and fabricated a brass hammer that was very impressive.

Annalee had a rough start to the week with a stomach bug and fever. Nate and Jess spent one night on an air mattress till they could clean up their bed.

He called Friday morning to let us know that he scored a 100 percent on a six and a half hour dynamics exam. Hooray!!!

We spoke with them via FaceTime on Sunday morning before church. Annalee is growing and talking so much...and her hair is getting longer! She's a beauty!

Dad had meetings and visits  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday he took a couple of vacation days and taught 6th Grade. Thursday was not a good day...the kids just wanted to play and goof around. Friday was no better. He is finished substituting on vacation days for awhile.

My Monday was travel, and I ended up getting all of the laundry from my 5 days and Dad's three day trip done and put away late Monday. Tuesday was cleaning up after not being here to do chores for days. My regular cleaning schedule returned on Wednesday and I scrubbed tubs, toilets and floor, dusted, vacuumed and mopped, and did it all again on other days.

Dad's Garden
Lots of produce this week: snow peas, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, and much citrus. Dad bought some tomato plants to replace the ones that didn't look good after the week of cold weather at the end of January.

Year of the House (Part 2)
I was doing a painting tape product review and painted by the doorway of the sewing/laundry room. I liked it so much that I am continuing. Yes, that leafy ivy wall border is going away (the door will remain, however) but it's just a bit at a time. I can't handle too many messes at once.

Bathroom demo is for the tile to be chipped up that has been there for over 30 years. Cabinet and toilet will stay and cabinet will be repainted. (Yes, guys, he will paint an oak cabinet!)

Other highlights
Thought the pilot didn't announce it, I DID finally see the Mississippi River...via aircraft. It was big, though I had imagined barges on it and none were visible.

My goal for the year involved Faith without Fear. Well, my first big chance to have faith and no fear was not as successful as I had hoped. I was faithful...until my plane left four hours late, and dad called two mornings in a row with Kayty's low blood glucose and her not being cooperative nor even kind, and then I was up nearly every hour at night worrying...and praying a lot, and I was not the least bit confident in a strange new airport, and was really uncomfortable on the way home, and was frustrated with the plane that had no spot to park in Phoenix and just sat on the tarmack...for along time!. No, my faith was not pure in January. I did come to the conclusion that I really find it refreshing to just get up when the Spirit moves me, walk in and check her, and hop right back into bed. There is always more time and more opportunities, though I am NOT a fan of traveling nor airplane flight in the least.

Not so highlights
Other than my Scouting for Food fiasco and Dad's discouraging teaching experiences, it was a good week.

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