Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week of January 23 - 29, 2017


My visiting teachers came on Monday and I went and completed visiting our last sister with my companion on Tuesday. I had hoped to attend the 4:30 pm Tuesday temple session, but with checking in for my flight, printing boarding pass, taking care of chickens, cooking and everything else, there was no time...plus I had pack meeting that night, which included a skit our boys needed to perform and handing out the new calendars.Dad attended the temple Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights.

Church was wonderful on Sunday, both for Dad in Phoenix and me in Georgia. I attended with Cameo, Kaylee and Wade. They are part of a ward full of wonderful people!!!

After church, we enjoyed time together, 

Ethan and Cameo's home teachers came, and then we ate a wonderful Chinese dinner Ethan prepared and Ethan had a few moments away from work and with his family.
I didn't remember to write down where I was in my scripture reading but I was somewhere in the latter half of second Nephi in the Book of Mormon.

Before I left, I had indexed a total of 3429 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
No word from this family this week. I know they are very, very busy!

The Ethan Rice Family
Kaylee and I had a great conversation Monday evening via FaceTime. Hide and seek, catch, and just good conversation...until Mommy made her the perfect honey sandwich, which she gave me a bite of and she was off.

Ethan wanted his Christmas gift to be that I came out to see them, so I used his Christmas money to buy the ticket. By the time I FINALLY arrived, it ended up being a blessing, since Ethan had to work many many hours during the week (22 one day) and I was there to help out while he was away.

My flight was delayed before I left.  It was delayed when I got to the airport. (It turned out to be an interesting trip there. Grandma was to take me since Dad was gone, but with the first delay, Dad was able to meet us along the way, and I ended up switching cars along the way at Camelback road in a parking lot. Dad took me and dropped me off in his rental car from his business trip.) At the second delay, the offered us a ten dollar lunch, so I took the paper and went to the nearest restaurant (not many choices in that set of gates at the airport)...Got a $9.96 chicken caesar salad...
Literally the size of my hand...but it sufficed. My plane finally left here at 7:45 pm and arrived there way after midnight, which meant that the most busy airport in the United States shut down their travel subway at midnight. I ended up climbing off the plane on rickety metal stairs down to the tarmack and then off to a bus, which took us to the terminal. Ethan was in the terminal and I was coming in from outside! He looked great, we hugged and headed off to his house, quickly, since he was to get only two hours of sleep before he had to go to work. I quickly saw Wade, their lovely home and went in the guest room upstairs to bed. 

It was so cold the whole time I was there. We mainly stayed indoors, except to take Kaylee to and from preschool. I kept Wade walked and happy, fed him milk mommy pumped while working, played game after game after game of hide and seek, and had a grand time!

 The pics were pretty good, since I discovered when I arrived that something had broken on my good camera and the lens would not stay on. I used my phone and Cameo took lots with hers.
On Saturday, Kaylee wanted me to help with her Easy Bake Oven, which I was all too happy to do since I always wanted on but never had one.

Went to McDonalds for Kaylee to get a chance to play
Ethan was able to come home from work and enjoyed playing with Wade

Kaylee, Cameo and I took all the decorations down and put them in their boxes. 
New home are a crazy expense aren't they? New refrigerator and dryer (hookups were wrong), new blinds (builder provides front windows, owners provide for back)- 2 front windows (8 windows side and rear), towel racks, ceiling fans, furniture that fits including a new dining table, sofa, chairs, and guest bedroom bed and dresser, plus creating a home office for Cameo, and then new furniture for Wade's room. Their house is awesome and the basement will someday be amazing. And the closets!!! Awesome!!!
Thank you for the gift, Ethan, and the Mickey Mouse accessories for my village!!! And thank you for the hotel like setting to stay with you!!

The Doran Rice Family
Dad saw Doran on his way down to Tucson. Doran's injury is doing better...he ended up calling the doctor last weekend and it was figured that Doran, who was feeling very weak, had lost nearly a pint of blood with the injury, which his body will have to absorb.Still, he brought the kids over on Saturday to play while he helped Dad align the jeep. Dad made Chinese to show his appreciation for the help.

Busy work week but all is well.

Kayty had a good Monday off work, sleeping late and watching shows on NetFlix.She ended up going low twice in a row while I was in Atlanta and Dad contacted me via FaceTime to talk to her and get her to take some sugar. It was a HARD job for Dad and he was a Super Hero!!

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan had a busy school week, but is loving it. Annalee was sick, so Nathan and Jessica switched shifts with each other on Sunday.

Monday, Dad was in meetings from early morning till 1:30 pm and then I took him at 2 pm to go pick up his rental car and he headed off to Tucson for two days of Kaizen event. He arrived after a rainy trip, ate some wonderful Chinese food, found a 99 cent store and settled into his hotel, which ended up being quite a nice place! It was a resort and he had his own casita with two beds, a sofa, a back patio, and a bathroom larger than ours at home! They brought him a fruit basket and water bottles as soon as he checked in. It was a drive everywhere, so he didn't get to use his breakfast voucher at the restaurant, since he was on the phone with another coworker during is prep time. He would have finished his responsibilities on Tuesday had the leader of the event done his job and another participant not taken things off track the entire day. Dad did get an amazing meal on Tuesday, including a seafood salad that was to die for.

Dad's Garden
A rainy Monday was glorious for the garden! Cold Tuesday and Wednesday nights were a concern though, and finally some plants succomed to frost on Wednesday, as the huge wind blew off Dad's cover. Still, he picked a huge Chinese cabbage that he was able to share with two other people and still keep some for himself. Peas are plentiful and the garden still is pretty doggone happy. 

Other highlights
Dad was invited to dinner on Wednesday by our next door neighbor and enjoyed meeting another neighbor down the street.

Not so highlights
Late flight. Frozen plants. That's about it. 

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