Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter was...wonderful and interesting! It was Fast Sunday, so we didn't make the traditional deviled eggs before church...Dee made them the night before. Ended up being a great plan, even with the TON of cayenne pepper that ended up in the egg filling. The BEST part was that Kaylee Alyssa Rice was given a name and a blessing by her grampa, Doran Rice. Bishop Jeff Pierce and Dale Meikle, two very important men in Ethan's life, were part of the circle. After Sacrament Meeting, the Young Singles in the family went to their ward, I worked in the nursery, and those who could, went to Grandma Dorrie's for Easter Pot Luck and egg hunting. Dee had a great time. By the time Kayty, Jessica, and I were finished with church, they were already hunting eggs, so Kayty shared Easter with the Best family, Jessica went home, and I went home alone to eat what we had around the house. Thank goodness for those spicy deviled eggs: made my Easter. 

Kaylee Alyssa Rice in her blessing dress

Hunting Eggs after Easter Dinner at Grandma Dorrie's 
Doran helps Kelsie hunt

Doesn't look like Kelsie really needed much help

Counting eggs and "sharing" goodies

Cousin Abby Harris
All by myself at Easter

My Easter dinner

My friend, Joan Ferrell, went to visit her daughter, who is teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. She brought me back these 'treats' from Korea...almost like having my son right here! It was the BEST gift!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dying Easter Eggs

Cam invited us to dye Easter Eggs with her and Kaylee. I decided to try something new with our eggs: baking them. Let's just say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" (Cam told me this one!) EPIC FAIL! All the residue from the oven settled on the eggs, so I had to wash each one, leaving a coating that made the final dye only stick in places, and peeling them...well, those eggs truly were a zero calorie food because you burned way more calories peeling them than eating them! It was fun to watch Kaylee in her high chair while Mommy worked on her Easter carrot cake. Kayty was the most creative one in the bunch, and Ethan came late and made some very, very, very colorful eggs.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Fun Saturday

Saturdays are typically work days. Like the LDS Primary Song says "Saturday is a special day. It's the day we get ready for Sunday..." We usually go yard saling, pick up surplus produce at Market on the Move, and do yard work. Today, we started the day in the usual way, but since Jeff and Mardene Smith were visiting from Utah (Jeff baptized Dee in 1975), Dee and Ethan went  target shooting with a neighbor, Earl Dyer,  and then we dined on pizza oven for pizza. It was a great day, and we did get ready for Sunday, even without all the work!

Earl Dyer shooting an antique rifle.

Ethan shooting his great grandfather, Ethan's 30-30.

Then Cam and Kaylee came and joined us for pizza...

Brent and Lisa Hall, Jeff and Mardene Smith, and Me and Dee

Etham, Cam and Kaylee