Monday, March 31, 2014

March 24-30, 2014

It was a "W" Kind of week…

Weeding- I do LOTS of work on my 'week off' and weeds were the order of business, starting today. Me and my trusty screwdriver dug and dug and dug.
Weeding can also refer to cleaning up, especially when you are weeding out a returned missionary's suitcases that have been sitting on his bedroom floor for three weeks now. I just put papers in plastic sleeves, put them in a notebook and got those cases up in the attic. Nate is really having lots of headache pain, and between that and being with Jessica, I thought this might help clear clutter out of his living space.
Work-Nate started a new job, which was his old job plumbing for Perkins Plumbing…and he loved it!
Work also refers to the pizza party Dee and I attended with his work associates. They have a week long seminar here in Tempe and so all the Supplier Development Engineers flew in from all over the U.S. Dee brought his keg of root beer, and I got to finally put faces with the voices I hear on his computer. I actually was able to carry on a conversation as well. At this place, bragging about your grandkids was welcome…and I have 7 awesome ones, so it was easy.
Wedding-Engagement Photos were taken. Jess's future sister in law is the ONLY person that can make Nate look good...and not like a used car salesman...

Weeding- I dug. Then, I got to BURN. Mike, my sweet son in law, uses a torch thing. My husband and sons have as well. And I finally got to use it. One word: POWER! I loved burning the small grasses…and accidentally set the dead and small date palm ablaze. It went out quickly.
Wifing- I was a good wife. I helped thin slice the deer meat, clean the slicer, put the meat in the marinade, put the marinated meat on the dehydrator, and then bag up the deer jerky for Doran's work buddies who wanted a taste...tomorrow.
Wedding-I need to get the cupcake stuff ordered this week, and Jess sent me some pics and I found the lacy wrappers online. I hope to finalize this week and get the order off. I also ordered Nate's blue camouflage fabric for his wedding vest. I couldn't find it at JoAnn's on Monday night, returning from Tempe, so I ordered. I don't have a car, and only have half the time to do stuff.
Waffles- It was International Waffle Day, so Kayty took me to Costco to restock, and I got some strawberries, whipped cream, real maple syrup, and pecans…plus some bacon. Everyone enjoyed our celebration…at one time or another.
Weep-I really want to cry when I see how Nathan suffers with constant headaches, so I got online and got some other methods. We are trying a liver cleanse…just juice from half a lemon, a drop of peppermint oil, and a drop of lemon oil, a quick shot 30 minutes before a meal. Dee also stopped and got some Feverfew, which is supposed to be a help with headaches.

Weeds-more weeding.
Work-more working. Got trash cans emptied. Made meatballs...for tonight and for the future.
Wedding-got some sunflowers for wreaths on the back porch.

Weeds-I sense a theme/torture for the week. I count up at least 200 weeds dug and pulled each session. These weeds on the west side of the property are obnoxious...and noxious! The stench is horrible. I have created an imaginary line between our property and the next one (covered with these weeds, the seeds of which will blow into my yard and create another crop of future torture in 2015)
WeBeLos-Dad is one of the Webelos leaders and tonight was Blue and Gold Banquet...for them. I declined, since I have waaaay done that, both as a mom of 4 cubbies, and a leader on 3 occasions.

Weeds-you get the picture
Wilkins'-pack for the trip, which means just clothes and treats...and all the periphernalia that Dee collects to haul up. We are staying in a hotel this time, so blankets and pillows don't need to go.
Wondering-yes, we have been looking for a Jeep all week and I am wondering if we will EVER find one!

Saturday- Wilkins Day
Wife packs Jeep
Wife wakes everyone.
Wife nags till we finally cram everything in, set out, readjust stuff, and finally get Jessica.
Nate and Jess were packed in like sardines...

No complaints there.
 Less than five hours
...and four precious buckets of green dirt later...

 later, we are there!

Nathan and Grace are re-united: Best Buddies Forever!

Papa FINALLY got to meet Samuel Ethan Wilkins...

He was smitten,

as we all are!

Nate handed out Korean candy...he packed a suitcase full of it to share with all of us!
Family chatted...

And smiled...

And had splits competitions...

And I got to have a piece of heaven...
Seven grandkids
In one state
And in hugging and snuggling distance
The only thing better...
And my dream...
Is all six kids (sure missed you, Morgan and Kayty)
The ones they love
These precious seven grandbabies...
And Dee and I...
In one photo. heaven (hopefully, May 27th, my dream will come true!

We got to see Gracie, riding without training wheels, for the first time!

Daddies...what WOULD we do without someone
Who lets us go...
and then runs right beside us...
to catch us if we fall...
and send us back on our way,

right beside us.

The rest of the evening was random: relatives coming and going to their hotels, pokeymon, pizza, the movie "Frozen", and sleep.
Sunday Morning:
Those of us at the hotels ate breakfast...
Dad and I went to get Nate and Jess at Allison's house, and to finish packing up.

Attending the Vegas Manor Ward Sacrament Meeting were:
Great Grandma Dorrie Sullivan,
 Papa Doran Rice, Grammy Suzzy Rice,
Grampa Gary Wilkins, Grandma Kathy Wilkins,
Uncles and Aunts...
Ethan and Cameo
Doran and Amber
Nathan and Jessica
Mike and Kristi (Wilkins) West
and cousins
Hayden West
Noah West

Beautiful, heartfelt testimonies born by Adam and Grace are still treasured deep in my heart.

Quick photos...

And Sam...the 12th one to use the Blessing Blanket...

And off we went, back home.

Great trip...and thus ends a month of sacred and special events.
I am so grateful to see just how much my children do their best to support each other...through the good times...and even the not so good times.
I love you all, Allison, Mike, Ethan, Cameo, Doran, Amber, Morgan, Kayty, Nathan and Jessica.
I love the grandkids you have...and will? give me...even more, if you can imagine that!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week of March 17-23

Monday- St. Patrick's Day. I greeted Kaylee with a bright green shirt on. She sported some cute green striped leggings and green shorts...looked quite like a dimpled, brown haired, brown eyed leprechaun! We had fun playing outside. Nate's first day of factory work...10 hours of cutting wire...was very hard with his headache troubles. Our "green" dinner was green Mexican Cheese Casserole - used green enchilada sauce. Sweet little Kooper, who was diagnosed with RSV last night, is hanging in there, with his sweet Daddy staying home to take care of him.

Tuesday - Nate had a rough time staying awake and running a saw for 10 hours. Between the headaches and the meds making him tired, he decided he needed to find another kind of work. He spoke with the company head, and they like him and his work, so they want him to at least finish the week. Kaylee kept me busy...busy...busy...especially since it was really windy outside and I didn't want to make any allergy situation worse, so we remained indoors. Of course, the van decided to blitz out on the way to work for Nate, so it got a special trip home on the back of a tow truck, and I took Nate to work while Dee stayed with the van. Dee spent the evening trying to figure out the scouting computer record keeping system online with the other leaders.

Wednesday - Kaylee and I got to walk today. Our goat friend knows us and runs when he sees us. I guess we are the only ones crazy enough to feed him granola bars every stinkin' time we see him. Kaylee also enjoyed Kayty's day off work...she loves Aunt Kayty! Dad tried to fix the van, but it still tries to die...can't have that thing towed every day.

Thursday-Kaylee was feisty today. She was so tired all day...and ended up falling asleep on the way home and sleeping through till the next morning. She loved playing in the sand and walking around the yard.

Friday-Happy 30th Birthday, Doran! Hard to believe I am old enough that half of my kids are in their 30's. Kaylee and I visited the goat and fed him snow peas and granola bars. He is a very spoiled goat!
Kaylee got a good nights sleep last night. Kayty was gone. Dee was gone. House was quiet, so she napped well, though after the first hour, she needed to be in Grammy's arms, so I sat and watched a PBS Show on Venom. Yep, snakes! I did learn something though. I really used to think that there was absolutely no use for snakes. ...and okra. Now, I learned that, because of scientist's research on venom...and anti-venin...they use the technology learned to perform surgery. A man's blood clot in the vessels of his heart ended up getting dissolved because of the venom compound that keeps blood from clotting. Just further testimony to me that God knows all...and that all things, even snakes...have a good purpose...Now, if someone could just prove to me that okra has a good purpose.

Saturday-I ran this morning and got to see the Phoenix Temple at dawn's first light.

Good yard sale day for my playroom. People are so kind and sell things for such a great price when they find out you are using it for your grandkids' playroom. Nate and Jessica went to Sedona on their pink jeep tour and had a great time. It was a tour that explained the Indian tribes that had settled and lived in the area and showed petroglyphs, etc. They made it back to share Dee's wonderful chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. I didn't get any wedding prep done today, so Monday is gonna be busy...if I get the jeep. We NEED another vehicle that works...NOW!

We watched a movie with Jessica and Nate (well, it looked good...probably was...but I fell asleep sometime in the middle)...and then had great Gospel discussions afterwards until way too late at night, or way to early in the morning.

We got up early and headed out to Doran and Amber's ward. We were joined by Nano and Kathy, Grandma, Ethan, Cameo and Kaylee, and Jessica and Nate, and Nate gave Kooper a name and a blessing.

 It was a great family time.Dad and I ran to church to do our callings...Afternoon was spent watching The District on BYUTV, eating tamales, and making blueberry muffins...

The next week should be a week of me getting things done...but only if we find a car for me!