Thursday, August 27, 2009

Writer's Workshop

1.) My animals are making me nuts! Many people know that I am NOT an animal fan. Now, this hasn’t always been this way. As a teenager, I just loved my dear dog, Max! He was a long haired daschaund, and was my dearest friend for many years. When hubby and I married, I moved in on Frisky’s territory. She did tolerate me…not so much as the kids came along. She lived a good life, until our nutty neighbor shot her and ended her devoted life. We have had various cats, dogs, and even a turtle, for a few days…no problem…until “CC” was given to us. She wasn’t a
“crazy cat”..she was a “carpet crapper”! She thought every piece of carpeting in our home was her own personal litter box! We tried everything to teach, to discipline, but she was boss in this area. So, when she aged, and finally passed on, I was adamant that our home NEVER more be graced with anything that excretes, poops, urinates, etc. I even had my way…for awhile, until my youngest, who is an aspiring football playing, car rebuilding farmer, wanted chickens. I fought, but eventually caved, as long as they were kept in the nice pen that I assisted him in building, and did not poop on my porch. Heck, we have over an acre of land…there are plenty of places to “do their business” ! Promises were made…and kept. That worked for a few years. Alas, though, they got out…the taste of freedom. Oh, well, they seemed to realize that the grass was tasty, so they seemed to stay away. Then, one day, as I walked out the back door, I was greeted with a “special gift” from our chickens. And, no matter how much I remind hubby and sons of the promises made, I still deal with poultry on my porch! And, it makes me nuts!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wishing our Best to Elder Moore

We spent last weekend in lovely Riverton, Utah. Family came from all over to celebrate a wonderful young man...Brett Rollin Moore...and his decision to serve the Lord, giving two years of his life, paying with money he earned and saved all on his own, learning Spanish at the Missionary Training Center, and getting the chance to love the people of the Arcadia California LDS Mission.

We were able to go the the Jordan River Temple with him as he received his endowment We had a wonderful time visiting with our amazing nieces and nephews, seeing family,

and just having a fantastic time.

The weather was just great! Doran also got to visit a few friends later on Sunday after Elder Moore spoke in church and we had a delicious celebration buffet, with Dee's pulled pork, Sharynn's famous potato salad, Brett's Candy Apple Salad (go figure...people put apples, caramel topping, cool whip, marshmallows, and snickers bars together and call it a salad!!), key lime pie, chips, the Moore's delicious home made rolls, Trina's super veggie tray (I ate my weight in cauliflower!! Hooray for Trina!)

Temples were visited, laughs, fun, 16 people happily sharing one bathroom (well, there was one time that I wasn't so happy when I was crossing my legs waiting!)
All in all, just a super time. Best wishes to Brett. We are all...well pleased! And....look out world, here comes Elder Moore!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writer's Workshop Addendum

I look forward to a weekly writing opportunity via Mama Kat's blog. She sends out prompts and then you can write about a few or all. It gives me good things to think about, and then, on Thursday, when I go and check out what others have written, more often than not, I find myself having an opportunity to grow. One of the prompts this week was "List ten things you would say to ten different people in your life...if you had the hutzpah." Now, me, of course, could only think of negatives. Now, to give me some kudos, I could not think of 10, but when I was reading others, I saw the positive things that they would say, and so I got to thinkin...and, well, here is my entry.

1. I wish you would see that you have more gifts, more beauty, and more to offer the world than you ever seem to realize. You are an angel when you sing or play the piano. You have a vitality for life that is infectious. You are always looking out for me, to make sure the little things are done, the little gifts are bought. You let me know that you care, and I thank you for that. In spite of illness, setbacks and disappointments, you have clawed and studied your way back to the top. What an amazing person you are!

2. You are not what anyone thinks of you, and you are not defined by what the guys at church say. Your hard work and dedication have gotten you where you are today, and I know you will continue with that. Do not let someone saying you are fat control you. The world, whether at school, or at church, or at scouts, likes to judge...and they want to be seen for the changes they have accomplished, while they only look at you as where you were. You, my dear, are better than that. Remember how it feels, never make anyone else feel that way, and don't let what others say stop you from having fun and experiencing all that life has to offer.

3. It hurts when your efforts end up only being focused on the things that one person does. Always looking for how to do it better, or different may accomplish what you want, but may also make someone feel worthless. I guess its that mote and beam thing...look home first, elsewhere later.

4. The past is just that...the past. I don't want to see you the same as when you were 19, and I don't want you to see yourself that way either. You are the sum of your experiences, and one choice, one ailment, once accident does not define you. Like a page in a book, a crystal in a chandelier, a bolt in a motor, each part, while important, does not define the whole. Learn from the past, and go ahead with a wonderful future.

5.An amazing person...that is what you are. Your tasks are many. Your heart wants to do what is right. And, you do. You have faced setbacks and illness with faith and courage, and great determination. Hold your head up. The Lord is well pleased.

6. Please, oh, please, don't leave your stuff on my kitchen island!

7. You CAN have fun and do what is right. Disobedience, while sometimes a rush, never makes one happy. It is when you can go to bed with a clear conscience that you know what it means to be happy.

8. Loving someone means giving your all and you certainly give all for those you love. You love shows in your life, your comings and goings. You are a loving treasure to all who are around.

9. If you make a mess, clean it up!

10. Always remember that no matter how low you feel, how lost you seem, how hopeless it may appear, there is ALWAYS someone who is there to listen, to truly listen. He cares for you and wants you to succeed. You are not alone, and it is never lost.

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands-Day 25

Today's prayer really hits home for me. My hubby tries very hard to keep up on current issues and we listen to conservative talk radio. I was reading an email I received yesterday, and was very impressed with the high level of thought. To my surprise, he wrote it! Now, it is not a surprise for him to have such great thoughts, but he has sometimes a difficulty putting those thoughts on paper, but not this time! It is so important for us to make our voices heard.

Writer's Workshop

1.) Your trip to the ER...spill it.
My trips to the Emergency Room are not for me…but for sweet hubby! Early in May, I received a phone call, just as I arrived at a church craft day I was to attend with my mom. I pull in the church parking lot, and my phone rings. On the phone, is a calm, sweet hubby, asking where urgent care was located because he cut himself on the table saw. I nonchalantly gave him the location and hung up. Then, realizing in was the wrong location, I dialed again. I sat…and as I sat, I realized that he said that he had cut and tablesaw in the same sentence! What, this man who has so deftly, creatively, and, above all, carefully operated our tablesaw for over 40 years, building china cabinets, Barbie houses, toy kitchens, trebuchets, patio roofs, shelving additions…could not be. He answered, and I told him where the correct location was, and asked if he wanted me to meet him there. He said yes, so I went. On to the adventure of the day. First, the urgent care doc and he looked at the cut…I was at his feet…the cut was so jagged…almost half his thumb held there by a piece of flesh, but not through the bone. Urgent care doc couldn’t treat it, so he cleaned it, counseled us to not go to the hospital next door…no hand surgeon…but downtown, over 40 minutes away…to a major hospital. That hospital is absolutely for the birds. I was left in a waiting room for over 4 hours, waiting to hear…surgeon or not. He snuck calls to me from the forbidden cell phone, giving me information that the hospital refused to share with me. Meanwhile, I am a basket case. I can handle most anything happening to me, and Mom Mode takes over during my kids’ mishaps…must remain calm and optimistic for the kiddies…but when it happens to him, I lose it. I imagined that he had coded and they were working on him, hauling him down the corridor to intensive care and that my only word would be when he regained consciousness, or they found the evil cell phone in his possession. I was nearly in tears, drove both my daughters in law nuts, and, I fear, proved to my mother in law that her son indeed should have married someone much more stable!! Finally, after 90 minutes of stitching, he came out, happy…and numb…ready to face the world. We determined that, during our LONG wait, they were deciding whether this 50 something guy and his thumb were worthy of a hand surgeon. Cigna, apparently, thought he was too old for that kind of repair, so a nurse practitioner did the tedious work. Oh, boy, here comes “Obama-care”. And we, now, are left…a numb thumb, and questions over what could have been if he had been younger…or I had not needed those little pieces of wood…that yet are unfinished due to the guilt.

3.) Describe one of your 'God Moments'.
My daughter had struggled through difficult pregnancies, and had lost two babies. When she finally got past the time she lost the others, we felt “home free”. Whoa…not so fast. Another sidestep came, near the end. Daughter began experiencing difficulties…elevated blood pressure put her, first, on bed rest, and then in the hospital. Decisions as to baby’s condition led to the decision to induce. Even that went nowhere. Finally, there was no other way except to deliver baby C-section. Worries over baby’s lungs…no one could be sure. He would probably need special care for awhile…we would not see him right away. Prayers flooded our minds and hearts. Here I was, worried about my baby…my first baby…my first miracle…the one that made my dreams of being a Mommy come true…and her baby, her first baby…the one that will make her dream of being a Mommy come true. It would be fine…little one would be on oxygen…maybe we would see him tomorrow. Suddenly, a figure walked down the hall…my son in law. What was he carrying…blankets? He came, closer, and closer. Soon, we could see the broadest smile on this face, and those blankets…were not blankets…but a sweet, wonderful, healthy – albeit thin- baby boy. What a moment, to look in awe and gratitude as nurses cleaned and cared for sweet baby boy, while I watched unaware of the many, many others watching in wonder at this sweet, wonderful miracle baby. Our prayers had been answered…and yet, I was not at peace until my final prayer, the one for my baby, was answered. And, it was, and she was wheeled down the hallway, and to her room…a happy, healthy Mommy. Yes, a God moment indeed, and what was more miraculous was later to be found out. It seems the Lord in his wisdom, knew better than any. Baby boy was attached to the placenta in such a way that, had he been born “naturally”, he would have bled to death before anything could be done! That “lack of progress” in labor, that c-section, saved baby boy’s life: another God moment. And this sweet child, and his every so sweet younger sister, have given us opportunities to witness miracles. Heavenly Father gives us so much, and we drop to our knees in gratitude for these moments, these precious and tender miracles.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands-Day 23, 24

So sorry...the days are so busy lately. Here is day 23, and day 24.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I was just-a-checkin' my google reader after my yummy lunch and came across this insight from this blog:

"Perhaps having a good life, one that we are satisfied or joyful in, is not measured by how much subjective good there actually is in our lives, but simply in if we look for satisfaction and joy."

This is Stellan's mom...the one I found via another blog...the Stellan who was not supposed to be born, but had a faithful family who did not give up on the Lord, or on miracles. Stellan was born fine, but has many life-affecting struggles. He just got through another one, and waits for a solution if he can just grow bigger...very fast. Check it out. What is amazing to see is that this sweet woman, who has had to face the possible death of her baby, has the insight to see beyond the moment. She has not let her situation get her down. Read about their family, pray for Stellan, and follow her wise counsel!

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands-Day 20. 21. 22

So sorry for my neglecting...busy busy weekend with Morgan having a birthday party, church, seminary meetings, etc.
Here are the posts for day 20(now, I know that most of our sweethearts have no problems avoiding this, so just pray to keep clean pure thoughts and actions.), day 21, and day 22.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Taking A Step Back

The last few years have given us a share of challenges. With jobs, or lack thereof, babies born, babies lost, choices that are hard to deal with, but, nevertheless, one must stand by and watch and worry and hope and pray. I have learned about what it means to love someone, no matter what their weaknesses, no matter what their choices, no matter what they do...or don't do, no matter how mad or crazy or just plain tired you feel. matter what. That is what I have tasted, and what really feels good. It feels good to know that I love no matter what. I have discovered in myself that I seriously cannot think of ANYTHING that would stop my love for my husband, for my children. Choices...actions...though I don't understand them, or agree with them...choices do not make my love for each and every one of them go away...or decrease. I hope they know this...that they feel this.

Anyway, I am learning to just get by with the love I feel. That is why, as I was thinking about things in a solemn moment last week, I realized that some of the things that I had prayed, and prayed, and thought, and even stopped praying for because I felt my prayers were bordering on vain repetitions...that some of those things are, bit by bit by bit, starting to change. Small steps are being taken. Small actions are coming to pass. They are sometimes so minute that I didn't even stop to think. Sometimes, I guess, when we want something so badly, we often don't recognize the answers starting to come. I realized this, and thought..."heck, what did you want to happen? A big, huge boom of a miracle that just takes your breath away. Uh uh...not gonna happen. Line upon line, precept upon precept. Inch by inch. Row by row. Yes, things may be a changing. Now, there may be setbacks...and I am ever so conscious of that. It's like when the Berlin Wall was being torn down so long ago. I watched on television a wall that had been there my entire life. And, I didn't recognize the miracle, the bit by bit, that was happening. While that was monumental, the actions that followed were also tremendous. I just didn't take the time to see the bit by bit. I couldn't believe, and so I didn't watch...just to protect my hopes and my heart for those people. I am not gonna stop and protect. I love my matter where the go, or where they live, or what they believe, or what they drink or eat or read. I am just gonna love...and step back and watch...and, hopefully, marvel at the miracles that are coming...the answers to a mother's prayer. Stop. Look. and be thankful...that is what I need to do. Be thankful for every step, for every change, for every choice, for every sign. Thank you, dearest Father, for listening, and for reminding me that answers do time.

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands-Day 19

This is today's prayer.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Thinking....

Today has been a day of, well, I just haven't been able to get things together and get my mental list accomplished. Maybe it's because I started at 3:07 a.m. exercising, ran a mile at 3:45, finished exercising at 4:35, got Dee's lunch in his box and Nate's lunch out, breakfast muffins ready for those two and got out the door by 4:52 a.m. to go to put my Kellogg's rebate request at the post office and in line at the food bank by 5:20. Now, the line was better, and I got to visit with the sweet ladies there, got my stuff, got Nate's lunch fixings for cheap at Albertson's on the way home, stuff got put away quick. Then, my blog called. So many thoughts being my Dad's birthday. I have been following blogs of a few babies: triplets that are up to 2 pounds, Stellan being able to go home. I have been thinking...thinking too much today. Thinking of those on the other side of the veil. Thinking of my dear sweet grandbaby, Charles. I was so blessed to be here when he came, and then so quickly left this earth. I got to hold his dear, angelic body in my small, and yet so perfect...up to just above his ears. He needed no more than that almost perfect body. I held an angel that September morning, almost 2 years ago. I he there with my dad...with Danyel's dad. Were they there to welcome him? Are they all watching over us... Was he there watching for our sweet cousin Patty when she was taken by skin cancer earlier this year? Or when our dear friend Gregg left this earth so suddenly? Gregg has always been there for everything important in our lives! True friend! Does Charles know his new cousin that will come to the earth later this year? I imagine our loving Heavenly Father making that sweet baby Charles feel loved. I bet he is just as impatient as his daddy, Doran, always was. Doran kept a chart, counting...the days until Christmas...the days until his birthday...the days until a trip to the lake or hunting. I bet Charles has his own counting that he shares with his grampa and great-grampa...counting the days until we can all be together again! I bet he is there with the sisters and brothers he can be with there, but won't share the earth with. He will miss them when the time is right for them to come to the earth. I am sure he will count the days again until they return to him. I am so glad that families can be forever, that we are blessed with the temple here on earth and its sealing ordinances. I am so glad that someday, we can all be together again, and that it will be forever, eternally. Today, I miss my Daddy. I know that Heavenly Father has blessed him that the veil has been thinned, so that he could share in the marriages of his three children, in the birth of each of his 14 grandchildren, his soon to be 4 great grandchildren. I know he has shared in the triumphs, helped to carry us through the tragedies, and that he cares for the ones who have already been on this earth, and the ones yet to come...

I Cannot Believe It!

I went to Albertsons...great deals on Kelloggs stuff with coupons, store rebate and mail in rebate, but...I digress. I was checking for clearance items down an aisle and what did I find??? These wonderful, soft delicacies! I even cheated and had some this morning...bad me, but oh, what heaven they were. And the best means this stifling, blistering heat will end soon, and Fall is just around the corner!

Happy Birthday Dad!

I looked at the date a few minutes is August 6...My dad would have been 77 years old today. Unfortunately, he had severe high blood pressure from a young age...had a very severe stroke when he was 37 and died of kidney disease when he was 45. It was the beginning of my senior year in high school. Back then, there was no counseling...He died on Sunday, I was at school on Monday...nothing said. Looking back on his life, I remember a man who would call if I was home from school sick just to see how I was. He was a dedicated man...He joined the Mormon church when he was 42, and did all he could to serve...He was a dedicated home teacher and worried about the families in his care, even as he lay in a hospital bed. He was such a creative man. I remember he made a nativity scene out of felt and styrofoam...looked amazing, not junky. He made cuff links out of marbles that he boiled and then put in cold water to crack them. He built what I thought was a shed for his lawnmower, but turned out to be the best playhouse a girl could have. He made me a dollhouse with an elevator in it, and Grape Nuts cereal for roofing material. He loved to eat those candied orange slices and Three Musketeer candy bars. He was always at my band and chorus concerts and my softball games. He drove me to church on Wednesday nights. He took me out to breakfast and sometimes a late snack at Hobo Joe's Restaurant...I just loved that chocolate cake and hot cocoa for breakfast (no question why I have always had a weight problem!) and those wonderful slim jim sandwiches with ham and tomato and warm melted cheese dripping all over. He always wanted to have family prayer in the morning and would stand in the hallway and say it as I did my hair and others slept. He made sure my bike was working well to ride to school. He made me appreciate - later in life, mind you - the value of christmas lights that you didn't have to test each and every one before you put it on the tree. He truly spoiled us in the Christmas department...was very integral in all the decorating of the tree, hanging the lights, etc. He did his best with his physical limitations, and, with a supportive wife making sure he "did" what he couldn't, made all of our live so good and wonderful. He was honest. He was a good dresser. He even picked out the most wonderful china I know my mom is terribly surprised at that one...I always hated it as a kid, but now I think it is the most beautiful (in fact, Danyel asked me the other day what one thing I would want of my moms...and it would have to be those dishes! Don't faint, Mom!!) He made his few years on this earth as a dad the best he could, and raised three kids who turned out pretty darned good!

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands-Day 18

Today we are praying for this. Dee has never been too focused on material things, or having them, simply because it is the newest and best, or because someone else has one. Like me, though, he would rather use his money to purchase something he can hold in his hand, rather than something that ends up down the drain! He loves to use his resources to get stuff...always looking to get a knife sharpener for Allison, a feather boa for Grace, marbles for Adam, cast iron for Mike (sorry Allison), teacups for Danyel, photo stuff for Doran, movies for Kayty, car stuff for Nate, (Ethan and Cameo haven't expressed any "look for" items yet...maybe Allison has shared the fact that she has a closed loaded with cast iron...and they are afraid!) Stuff is not bad, unless it takes the place of things we need, of people and their concerns. Priorities...pray for proper priorities!

Writer's Workshop

What's ailing you? Diagnose yourself with a syndrome.
Here I am, Dr. Gingerbread, diagnosing my current ailment. I have “petpeeve-osis”, and my family is currently doing all in their power to add to the inflammation that my condition is. I need very little to maintain my contentment. I love to walk in my front door, look to my left, and see my living room – it is a dream come true and it is clean. When I see that first, I feel my world is in some kind of order. Then, as I continue on (just one or two steps more) and see my island counter in my kitchen. There is the snag. There is the trouble. There, it seems to be the challenge for all to put, to place, to spill, to pile, to store all that is their’s: all that has another place – in THEIR room. I find keys, college books, business cards, shards of paper with “important” phone numbers, empty cereal containers, can openers, pens, markers, food spills. It just never ends. I have expressed my desires. Now, I do expect that they can use this island. Go ahead, leave your purse there while you get a drink. Go ahead and make your peanut butter and honey sandwich right where it is convenient. But, gosh darn it, put the stuff away. Put your knife in the sink and WASH it. Wipe up your milk spills. Put the container either in the correct can if it is empty, or in our nice and large and well labeled pantry if it is used!
I did have my way, last week. I washed the granite countertop on my island. I further cleaned it with alcohol. I then grabbed the bottle of “Sealer’s Choice” and applied a liberal coating of sealer. I waited until it dried, buffed it again, and then placed a sign on the counter that said “Keep all items off. Just sealed.” I had to remind a few times, but it, basically remained clean. My “petpeeve-osis” was at peace. I had a wonderful 18 hours or so. Now, the next morning, I found it piled high…oh, the pain…the pain!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands-Day 17

Here is the duty for the day, though I don't know about the term "manliness".

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands-Day 16

This was an interesting one, as so many have been. I am so thankful that hubby chooses wholesome activities and hobbies to be involved in. He loves to hunt, to fish, to rebuild his project vehicle, to photograph, to create in stone and in cement, to play music via the stereo, and so many more things that he can do. Our home, and garage, and shed, etc. are full of hobbies and loves. The thing is, he is very, very good at keeping all in balance, and that is the challenge here today. Most of the women I know, and their hubbies, all choose good activities and hobbies, and, so far, keep them all in their proper perspective, not letting one rule anyone's life. That is the way to be!

Monday, August 3, 2009

31 Days of Praying for Our Husbands Days 12, 13. 14. 15

As you can see, the competition to get NEAR the computer is very fierce, with a 23 yr. old job hunting, a 16 yr. old on the week before school starting, and sweet Danyel with no internet access, so I get a few minutes at night before Dee need to go to bed and now...a few minutes while the muffins bake and I try to find that darned cookie recipe that had chocolate, white chunks, and whole wheat flour in it! (One recipe I forgot to print!) I am also in a pretty foul explanation, but I need to pray, because I really don't feel like praying, and that is surely the time you need to. Here are the, if too extreme, as I find some to be, make up your own!
day 12 I was uncomfortable with this one, so I just prayed that he has a good Engineer breakfast! And he did.
day 13
day 14
day 15

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy First Day of School, Nathan!

Changed my blog background. Dad gave Nate a priesthood blessing. His backpack is packed and ready. Tomorrow...the first day of his Junior Year of High School. Varsity Football player: starter on both the offense and defense. National Honor Society. He wants to be in Stugo...don't know if he will be elected. Speech team wants him...but he doesn't feel he is as good as the others, so we shall see. All in all, he likes his school, his friends...met or exceeded all the AIMS tests on the first try, so that is behind him. Here's to having another great year at North Pointe, Nathan. Go Falcons!

P.S. Mom was mad that Nate didn't wear a new shirt for the first day of school...this one is two or three years old. I got mad, which made him mad. So, happy happy picture. It got better on the ride to school and he was relatively happy - for a kid starting school on the 3rd of August!