Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

Last year, we met at Ethan and Cameo's on Halloween. One reason: kids...they have them in their neighborhood, ours does not. Second reason: Nate was opening his mission call. So, once became a regular occurrence. This year, Ethan could be here...not working. Doran, Amber and Kelsie drove over too.

Miss Lexi...our cheerleader

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dad and Ethan's Deer Hunt

Hunting, and fishing, in Arizona is NOT easy. Dad and Ethan hunted on Cameo's family ranch near Congress, Arizona this year for deer. Deer won this one.

As they drove through town. an exotic road trip passed...corvettes, Lamborghini' name it!

Ward Halloween Party

We decided not to be old folks and actually attend the ward Halloween party (we did invite a neighbor too.) Dad provided the sound...even though the cd provided had three songs on it...dull...It was a nice night and the trunk or treat was great!

We dressed as Home Depot Employees. Thank you, Ethan, for providing our costumes. P

Trunk or Treating


Thursday, October 11, 2012

The wedding of Doran C. Rice, III and Amber Baumgard.

Morning dawned...rain poured (yep, in Az...rain...on a wedding day) The stuff was fine in the yard, and the special stuff on the porch didn't get hurt.

I decorated cupcakes...

Dad and I had made some personalized candies for the "candy bar"...

Dee printed and I cut and glued these. We did similar for Ethan and Cameo's wedding
Dad did these...even made some with pics of the cute couple on them...

Flower girl...looking for an uncle...

Nano and Jessica

Barbara and Ken Chorba, Grandma, and Dad

Grampa Ken taking his granddaughter's pic with the photographer...

Grandma, Cameo, Nano, and Jessica
 I have never seen my bathroom occupied by one of my sons getting ready (always the girls...never the boys)...much less two!

Amber's gift to Doran

Ethan and Cam

Nano and Cam
My sweet family filling the cupcake tower the groom had made.

Friend Karen created all the flower arrangements, etc. Funny thing...the first time Karen came into our house to asses the wedding situation, I knew I recognized her. She went back...and we went to high school together!

Nano and Kathy were true heroes! Kept all the food a comin!

Pics someone took for me...

This is the only family pic the photographer would take...she said one with Doran, Amber, Ethan, Cameo, Jessica, Dad and I was not "on her list". Grrrrrr

Amber...coming to the grooms first look. 

Grandma, Curtis, Cameo, Wade, Liz...

Nano, Jessica, Scott and Jenny...

Ethan escorts Tamara

Grandma took my family pic!
Now, these were pics I snatched off Facebook...Amber's sweet boss took these...

Amber's bouquet...antique brooches...Stunning, isn't it.