Thursday, May 27, 2010


Glendale College Choir Concert

Sometimes, you do things as a parent, that you aren't sure about. You want your kids to experience, to try, to work...and see if they can find the things that they are passionate about. That is why you sit at ball practice, drive to early band and chorus practice, read poems, admire paintings, pitch balls, hold screwdrivers, drive to golf courses-both for players and for newspaper writers, all, hoping that they each can find that something that they love. As I sat and listened to Kayty's choir I thought about how she is kind of a tough nut to crack, and she sometimes seems more negative than positive, and then I looked up on the stage, and saw this:
My daughter (the one with the pink hair) came alive...smiles...gladness...yes, passion. She LOVES music. She LOVES to sing. She LOVES the piano....Oh, how thankful I am for sitting at a girls' softball game, and hearing of a new performing arts charter school, and of getting through the early years of a charter school, with changes in directors and principals. Oh, how thankful I am that we listened to the Spirit and patiently endured the changes, for our Kayty found her love there, and she wouldn't have found it anywhere else.

North Point Prep Prom

April 24:  Happy 30th Anniversary Dee and Suzzy
9:30 am-Doran and Danyel Rice sealed in the temple
1:00 pm - Celebration for Doran and Danyel with pizza oven pizza
5:00 pm - Nathan goes to prom with Keely McDowell

On to our next event: Nathan's prom. He asked his friend, Keely, to go to prom this year. When Dad was on a business trip, he took a puzzled paper inviting her to prom, put each piece in a helium balloon, and we delivered them for her to find out what was inside. Nathan got ready, we met at a neat park for pics, they went to dinner, and then Ethan and Cameo served as chauffeurs to get them to and from. It was a really fun night!

Earth Day with the Glendale College Music Department

Originally, Kayty called me on the phone one morning, said that a group of kids were going to separate trash early on April 22nd, and asked, since they were trying to be energy conscious and not use any power, etc. if the group of them, with a college professor, could camp out in the back yard. I thought...foolishly..."Heck, how hard could it be? They are trying to use no power, it will be just going to sleep and waking up...not like a group of kids or anything." So, I agreed. Ohhh, Suzzy, Suzzy, you silly thing! They did come, and I believe they intended to just go to sleep...but, first they say Kayty's life sized Jenga, then our piano in the living room, then the playground with very new sand, and...well, suffice it to say, my playground toys have now been used by a college professor, and sweet hubby had to go into my living room at nearly 1:00 am and kindly invite them back for another time of piano playing. Dee is soooo diplomatic. I was very sleepy, and, I am afraid, I would not have said anything so nice!

Doran and Danyel

Doran and Danyel were sealed for time and all eternity in the Mesa Arizona Temple on April 24, 2010.

Silly son...thought is was "cute" to like his sweet wife's face. My favorite pics are the ones you just "catch" and I loved this one...not posed...I just kept snapping off pics. Danyel is sweet to love Doran, no matter what he dishes out!

Happy Birthday Honey

April is a very busy month for our family...especially from the 21st through the 24th, and this year was even more busy. So, hubby's birthday had two celebrations: one, with whomever was home, on his actual birthday: April 21st. We had Quick Chicken Creole for dinner, per his request, and then I made my once a year pineapple pie. It is always a hit, and was one of his dad's favorite.


Then, when things seemed to calm down a bit, we had our mom's over for dinner and then invited the rest who could come for Germann Chocolate Bunny Cake. (Doran was born on Easter Sunday...never has occurred on April 21st since then, but his mom started the bunny cake tradition, and I try to keep it up.)

Catching Up

I am ashamed of myself! My sweet eldest daughter, mother of three children: a first grader, a three year old, and a five month old, member of Primary Presidency, nursing, super human, super patient, cooks the best meals-healthy ones, super baker - chocolate chip cookies are just to die for, and I could go on and on and on...she, the busiest woman I know...posted to her blog today...not one, not two, not three, but 4 entries...while, I am sure, sweet granddaughter plotted against Mommy's time there. Here, I have a home full of self reliant people, and I have neglected this blog. So, here it goes...April and May...caught up!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Kid's An Artist!

At his high school, Nate has the opportunity to take classes for concurrent credit (both high school and college) and so, for fun, he has taken drawing last semester, and this semester, it was watercolor. I am so jealous, because his teacher is awesome, and he is learning some amazing stuff. I love the few things he has brought home, and I was aware one of his pieces was on display at their Arts Festival last week. With my extra driving, etc. I could not go during the day. However, as I was looking on his school website to see the weekly calendar,, I found this...(give it a few minutes to upload, and sometimes it may stop and buffer, but it will continue where it left off).Yep, that's my baby, being interviewed, and I saw the piece in another slide show...amazing! I can hardly wait for it to come home! The best's something he probably wouldn't have done on his own, but he sure seems like he likes it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers' Day Update

Just an of those "guilty mom moments"...never going to a track meet...GONE! I went and watched my son, in 2A Regionals. He was awesome! Doesn't get to go to State...though we found out on Monday if he had ... well, whatever you do to a shotput...he would have qualified! Still, I watched total awe!


Our Church has what we refer to as "General Conference" twice a year, the first Sunday in April and October. It originates in Salt Lake City, and it is our opportunity to hear our leaders...we refer to them as General Authorities...speak to us. In May, their talks are printed in our church magazine, The Ensign. I have been printing four talks each Saturday, reading them, marking the references in my scriptures, and writing special quotes in my quote book I keep, also in my scriptures. When I read this Talk, I found myself marking and marking...Patience, something we need to acquire, cultivate, and teach! It really helps me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The BEST Mother's Day...EVER!

When we went to our granddaughters third birthday, she kept saying, "This is the best birthday ever!" I sat in awe of her...sweet and just loving every moment of the now! Oh, how I missed that part of growing up...but, was the Best Mother's Day...ever! I awoke with NO HEADACHE...hooray! Read my scriptures, washed my hair, put on my most treasured jewelry (pictured above-all the treasures given to me by my children through the years...noodle necklaces, Santa sale treasures, paperclip chokers, souvenir bracelets from vacations...worth more than any diamonds ever!), got hugs and a lovely rendition of "Mother I Love You" by Nathan. Dee gave me a beautiful card, carefully selected and full of wonderful sentiments that he added...and 20 bucks of MY OWN for yard saling...I got a lovely note from Nate on my fridge...Sacrament Meeting was full of smiles and had wonderful talks that, for the first time...didn't make me feel guilty. I started, when one mom spoke of warm homemade cookies after school...but I stopped! No regrets from the past...all I did "wrong" is gone!...Smiled through Sunday School and got to be with Kayty till Relief Society...great Relief on the prophets! Pretty good lettuce, so I had cabbage in my salad...texts from Doran and Danyel, and a lovely card and visit later, a great card from Kayty...the singing kind! Later, Allison called and we talked, and I loved hearing her, and those sweet grandbabies of mine in the nice. Then, Ethan and Cam came with flowers, card and a future salad certificate!!! Such a wonderful, happy and glorious day! Thank you to all my wonderful family for loving me, and forgiving me, and for just putting up with your crazy ol' mom, wife, and grammy who loves you all more than I ever thought it was possible!!! I am so very proud of ALL of you. You make me so very happy!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Playing With Grandbabies Is Fun To Do!

When my sweet grandbabies come for a visit, there is often the hardest decision: picture them, or play with them. You can either be the photographer...and I did that for a bit...or the Grammy:I did that for a lot!
Grace loves to feed Beau his favorite: bread!

Adam is flying a himself.

Sweet little Joshua! I just can't get enough of those sweet little cheeks!

Today, we did hard things! Grace wanted to get on the ducky all by herself! It has very wonderful car paint on it, thanks to Uncle Doran...very slick car paint, which makes it kind of hard to get on.

The first time Papa added the fireman pole, it was too hard for little Adam. But now, a year later, Adam showed all of us that he can do hard things! Slid down, all by himself...and more than once!

And Grace can do hard, she can get on the ducky, and off the ducky...all by herself!