Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week of March 23 - 29, 2015

Weekly Highlights:

Our last week ended with a great call from Nate, with him sharing the classes he is going to take online in the upcoming semester as well as is plans for the next months. They are readying to come here temporarily by packing up the storage unit and Nate helping get another unit operating before the semester ends. Dad also talked with Doran for awhile.

Spiritual -

We enjoyed a wonderful week serving at the temple. I was able to attend the first early morning sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, we sealed members of our family for time and all eternity on Tuesday evening, and Dad and I attended a session on Wednesday evening.

The missionaries serving in our ward came to dinner, and Dad's Chinese was the best ever!

We had a wonderful eight year old baptismal service on Saturday, with six very happy children from five wards in our stake and lots of friends and family. I love our calling to work with these special children! It was LOTS of work setting up 50 chairs in four rooms, and lots of baptismal laundry after, but so worth it!

Since I usually sit alone at any stake event, I invited Mom/Nano to attend the General Women's Broadcast and I drove (like a crazy person, since I fell asleep on the couch and woke up ten minutes before I had to get to Mom's house) and picked her and Kathy up, and went to her stake center, which was the building I was baptized in. It was great to sit and hear inspired words with two very special ladies!!

I have indexed over 1300 names so far this year. Not near the record my mom set, though. Nano indexed over 55,000 names last year. She is a legend in her stake!

On Sunday night, since Dad has been trying all month and could not reach his home teaching companion, I went with him to visit the Bartons and the Burrows. Two very wonderful families!

Family -

Ethan and Cameo were invited to celebrate her sister, Jade's, 30th birthday, and were picked up by a limousine and taken to a nice restaurant. From the pics, it looks like they had a good time.

Amber had a rough week with her gall bladder. We hope and pray for her problems to be solved...and soon.

Kayty had a busy work week. She had to work two twelve hour days this week, both opening and closing the store. She did get her car emissions tested and she passed, and this week she will get her registration completed. She has to locate her w-4 forms to get her income tax done...and soon. She was in charge of a talent show at her ward for family home evening and it came out great...and she sang and was chosen to sing at the next level of shows. 

We talked a few times to Nathan. He spent the week fixing a truck for work so they can hire another person to clean carpets. He also worked hard fixing his truck up to get it ready to sell. He has been fighting a pesky oil leak and has changed or tightened nearly everything...and then it comes back! He was on a waiting list for an English 101 class and got in! He felt very blessed. They are moving out of their apartment April 8 and will get settled at the Hudson's house in time for both of them to begin their online semester of classes. Jessica is feeling a bit better, not so nauseous.

Work -

Dad is making more and more progress is getting these teams he is working with to use the basic tools to solve their problem parts. He is liking what he is doing more and more.

Saturday afternoon, after we got home from the baptisms, he did a side job for Bishop Layton, for his job. He made some complicated little metal thing that took two and a half hours to make. 

My week "off work" is always very busy, and I did lots of catch up cleaning, brushed the pool four times, worked around the yard, plus got things delivered for visiting teaching, cutting up the over abundant garden produce Dad brings in, and temple attending. I also boiled some of our hen's eggs, for Kayty and Kaylee to dye...and I cooled them in this the pool!

 Hopefully, they peel well...on Easter

Baking -

The oven was busy this week...which is not typical. I baked six dozen oatmeal cookies, three dozen Grace and Allison Chocolate Chip cookies, a pan of brownies (for those hungry missionaries - who ended up not eating any), and a key lime pie with a homemade graham cracker crust. Those cookies, plus some candy, ended up being used in two goodie plates that I delivered to two of my visiting teaching sisters.

I also baked a pretty awesome key lime pie!

I made two batches of prickly pear jelly...and the second one did gel! (It was gel-ing as soon as I added the sugar. The amount of pectin is the key!)

Dad's Truck -

He grit blasted, painted, and he and I together worked on getting the engine test-set in place so he could drill the holes in the frame to set the motor mounts. It took a lot of pushing and pulling, but us two old folks got it put into place and the front motor mounts are in place and things look like they will fit right.

Weather - only one word: HOT! Now, it is always like this...when 90 hits, it seems awful, but by September, it seems like sweater weather. I really, though, did contemplate selling this place and being somewhere cooler...

Dad's Garden - He picked some huge Asian Cabbages, which, at first, I was cross about, since I didn't know what to do with them,

until I looked on the internet. I made a pretty awesome cabbage salad with some (and I have one saved to use next Sunday for Easter at Dorrie's). I think it looks nicer in the salad too, so that will be my cabbage of choice in the future.

He is still getting tomatoes from our Fall plants, and the Winter ones are full of young ones. He picked tons of carrots, and he pulled up his kale (on a side note, we only had time for three yard sales, all right by us, yesterday, and he scored a Jack LaLane juicer for 15 bucks- and he juiced kale last night), an a/c heater unit to go on his truck, a very nice hand finish machine for 5 bucks, and a new Weber Grill for ten bucks (one of ours has no wheels- they melted with an over-exuberant fire). He also started new beds, which includes working in new mulch, chicken manure, and then relaying the watering lines and plastic. He planted cucumbers and pequin chili peppers.

Other good things this week...

Still loving my jogging this week. Mornings still run in the 60's.

I am in 2nd Peter in the New Testament and I hope to complete my New Testament reading next week before General Conference, so I can begin reading all those talks. I am also working on reading the March Ensign cover to cover. This was a goal I set last year, and since it is not a regular part of my life, I keep with the goal.

I LOVE my new steam mop!!! Mopping is SOOO much easier!!

Dad enjoyed the pool a few times this week. Not me, though. It is still way too cold.

Not so highlights:

During my cooking craze, we also made a batch of prickly pear jelly...that didn't gel. Ugh!!! I used to have no problems when I had MCP brand pectin to use. That was the only brand that worked. Another company bought them out and I cant for the life of me get a batch to gel. I even used citric acid rather than lemon juice...which just ended up making a tart flavored jelly.

My baptismal program typing ended up as crazy as it was to get the information. I had to keep adding and changing. The only thing was, I did not change the speakers from our last baptism. I had typed them correctly on Dad's conducting sheet, but did not compare with the program.

Next time, I compare before we get to church. I am so grateful that the two people on the program were not in attendance. That might have given someone a heart attack finding out they were to give a talk!

We also found out, via a post on Facebook by the realtor who sold the house, that our bishop and his family are moving out of the ward. He has been such a great leader and has valiantly worked to get us to make our lives more in line with the Lord and to get people to the temple. In his office, he has a picture of every single child and youth in the ward, with their name on each one. They are truly his focus. I am glad for them, though. They have been renting this huge gorgeous home for years. I guess they decided to settle here. They move in two to three weeks, so changes in our ward will be happening soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week of March 16 - 22, 2015



Dad was able to attend the temple twice this week. I was able to index over a hundred names. For our stake baptismal coordinator calling, we received information from most wards...which is a miracle to get it this fast! I had the program started on Tuesday! We did get some crazy phone calls from a ward leader who was very confused. Dee is very patient and worked with them. I was tired and really grouchy and thought the better solution would be to slug him. Perhaps that is why I type and he talks!
Dad completed reading the Old Testament and read some from his early birthday present, "The Fourth Thousand Years" by Cleon Skousen. I read through 1st Corinthians 13 in the New Testament.


Dad talked with Nathan quite a few times...and even learned about Facetime on his phone. Nate has some awesome junk yards in Idaho and he ended up finding a new mirror for my jeep. (The driver mirror is messed up from water, I guess. You can see nothing! but blurr). We enjoyed seeing Cameo more this week, and having Kaylee here. Dad talked with Allison on the phone and got caught up on their family doings. We saw Josh work on a basketball goal on Facebook and were so thankful for his example to our family! He did do hard things!!! Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper made a surprise visit on Saturday afternoon.

Dad and Doran worked on some of his bullets, and we went to celebrate Doran's birthday dinner with them at his favorite Chinese place in Paradise Valley.


This was a Kaylee week...and Ethan's second week of an extra job. Daddy did pick her up one day, but he was working the rest, so we had one or two long days. We spent the week in the sand, walking in the yard, exploring the lower courtyard, blowing bubbles, and doing Rainbow and St. Patrick's Day things.

Papa's St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

The Leprechaun left these for Kaylee. We didn't set a trap...he was just a nice leprechaun

Kaylee's St. Patrick's Day lunch. She liked the green bread!

Thursday was a rainy day. Kaylee came in her red ladybug rain jacket and we walked in the sprinkles out in the front yard. She wanted to walk in puddles, and, at first, I didn't want her to get wet...but then, the Grammy in me said, "Aw...go for it!" So she jumped in puddles and walked in mud. Her boots were soaked but Cameo always makes sure there are extras so we were fine.

Best part about rain: playing in wet sand!

Dad had a good week at work. He has been working with teams of people to discern why certain parts fail. There is a Honeywell Top Ten List and each of these special Six Sigma Black Belts are assigned one or two of these parts to find out why they can't get off the list. He sits in many meetings and has to be very diplomatic and work without being rude. He has discovered that no one is using the basic Six Sigma Tools to discern what the cause of the failure is! No one starts at the first level of discovery. They always make a guess and go to the big experimental steps...the "showy" experiments. They have been working on their guesses for years. He finally used some data and showed them where they need to begin. It is a lesson to us all to remember that those basic things in our lives, such as prayer and scripture study, are the most important tools to help us in our "down" times.

Kayty's first week of being the 'official' Assistant Manager went pretty well. She is NOT intimidated by some of the female employees and really puts her foot down! (I am sure no one is surprised about that.

Dad's Truck -

Dad worked a lot this week on his truck. There was lots of grit blasting, priming and painting, packaging up the painted stuff and storing in the attic, internet searches, talking via internet, facebook and phone to get more information, ordering parts, etc.

He also got the new windshield installed...

Dad had tumbled bullet shells in a tumbler Nate had brought down from Idaho, so he tried some of his rusty car parts as well.  It worked!


We heard the news say clouds and possible rain. We NEVER get rain when it is a possible! We must have missed a weather report because we had rain...all night Wednesday rain and into Thursday.

It meant cooler temperatures, which were a nice break from the increasing warmth.

Dad's garden

Still picking tomatoes, lettuce, collards, and carrots. I learned something. When plants get to a certain point, they start to "bolt", that is, they grow tall, rather than wide, and begin to ready and grow flowers which will become seeds. When that bolt starts, the lettuce turns very least for me. Dad will eat anything. I learned that the bitter taste is the protection built right into the plant to make sure it can reproduce and have seeds for others like itself to grow. Pretty interesting.

We also picked the last of the snow peas...and Kaylee fed some to the chickens.

He also harvested his cabbage.
 We are gonna have some awesome cabbage salad this week...though it surely won't be as good as it is when Nate makes the salad dressing.

Other good things...

I had some crazy jogs this week. I went from running in shorts and a t shirt to running in sweats and a hoodie. It was so nice to be able to jog and not cough.

I saw a deal on Groupon and got new sheets for my bed. I only had one set, so I had to pull apart everything and wait till they were washed and dried to put it back together. Now, I have beautiful sage green sheets. I am so thankful I have money from my work to splurge on such a luxury!

I also was just exhausted trying to mop, so I used some Christmas money and Dad pitched in the rest to get a steam mop. So far, I LOVE it!! Another treasured luxury that keeps me from hands and knees floor scrubbing.

I scored at yard sales on Saturday. I saw something that just said, "buy me"...and after I texted Adam and told him, he said he loves those! He gets an awesome Grammy Bag when I finally get to see those sweet Vegas kids!!! Dad got some masonite for future grandkid building projects, another wok (I discouraged this purchase!).

Not so good things this week...

Kelsie seems to have had an allergic reaction to the shrimp she ate at dinner Saturday. She spent Sunday at Urgent Care. 

Dad worked a lot this week on his core support. It is a big piece that goes near the radiator on the front. He spent days grit blasting one, and then realized there was a nicer one in the garage. He did prime that one and is going to sell it. He then worked and worked grit blasting the nicer one. Some paint wouldn't come off, and he figured it wouldn't cause any problem, so he primed it.

That old paint DID cause troubles. All the primer bubbled up! He sanded and sanded and now has to grit blast more.

Weeds - Rain is good...BUT it waters the weeds! I got some pulled in the playground area this week, but my next week is going to have some busy evenings digging up the ones near the saguaro cactus in the back yard. Gonna wear gloves this time, so as not to find a cactus spine in my finger for four days.

Morgan had rain troubles too. He was riding his bike when a vehicle cut him off, made him drop his phone, got him soaking wet, and he had to miss work.

And yes, while saving her is truly a miracle and blessing from the Lord, Kayty had a low blood glucose episode. It was so scary that we got an emergency glucagon injection all ready, but she was lucid enough to throw a fit and refuse. She finally swallowed soda and the shot was unused...and wasted. (It's a pretty costly one time use injection that can't be refrigerated, used again, and expires) It's all good, though. Heavenly Father has special things for her to do in this life!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week of March 9 -15, 2015

Those weeks I was coughing my head off and tired and still keeping up with the normal things I need to do...and the sharing our daily "exciting life"...gave me cause to reflect. We spent years of our lives with baseball practices and games, dancing lessons and shows, track meets, football games, early morning seminary, disc jockeying dances, overtime, scouts, activity days, student government, band concerts, piano lessons, newspaper photography, and all the other wonderful things that are being a parent. Now, our lives are pretty much routine...and slower...which gives everyone something to look forward to??? Not so sure. But, anyway, I am just going to share our weekly ups and downs and not be so boringly detailed.

After all, I don't much like to brush the who really wants to hear about it!

Anyway, here we go...

Weekly highlights:

Wilkins- we were sent an adorable photo of Grace, Josh and sweet Sam playing in the sandbox! Oh, I miss seeing those littles! They moved our stake baptism up a week and we just can't get a weekend in March scheduled to go up and hug on those sweet kiddos I miss so much! Hoping for April!

Nathan and Jessica - As Heavenly Father always shows us, sometimes our plans need to change and He wants us to be flexible and follow Him. Nate and Jess did just this. Due to insurance changes, they need to move to Phoenix earlier than planned and had to come for a quick visit for Jess to get an az driver's license and get signed up for ACCESS. They arrived early Friday morning, got that all done (and even got accepted into the program, which usually takes 20 days but this time took 20 minutes!), Nate got some things stored at our house, worked on polishing bullet shells, located some parts to complete his truck at the Hudson's and we had fun visits on Friday and Saturday. I am so thankful Nate has such awesome inlaws that have open arms and room for them to stay there for the next months. Their home is warm and loving and fun and I am so thankful! Ron and Laurie, you are awesome!
Ready to fly fish with Nathan

Cameo and Kaylee were even able to stop by and see them for a bit. 

Jessica completes the semester on April 10 and then will head down after that. They are taking online classes next semester. Jessica is loving her classes now, and is nearing completion of her family counseling program. Nate will fill his schedule with basic classes and get those out of the way till they return to school after Baby Rice arrives.

Morgan came by on Sunday for a Hello visit...and to get some parts to repair his bike. Grampa Ethan ALWAYS had what you needed to fix anything...and Dad LOVED his grampa so much!!! He is so happy to be almost as helpful as Grampa was. 

Phoenix Temple - I was blessed to be able to attend three endowment sessions...with a pocket full of every sort of cough suppressant known to man that didn't have to be used even once! 

Dad went twice, including the Wednesday night session together. Dad says that session is always empty...I walked in the women's dressing room and there was a line of sisters a mile long (slight exaggeration). It was so wonderful to hear these sisters who had come from West Maricopa Stake to attend the temple. Our session had at least 50 women (some had to sit in rows on the other side of the room) and nine men. All the translator units were used (Spanish) and I know the temple had to get Spanish speaking brethren to come down to the temple. So awesome!

I know I talk about the blessing of our temple A LOT! It is such a blessing. For us, for over 34 years, going to the Mesa Temple was a five hour commitment. At least an hour drive there and back, two hour session, plus time getting into a session, dressing and undressing, etc. When I was nursing a temple. Dad worked 56 hours a week, six days a week at one job, and then played dances 3 nights a no temple. I literally was all we could do to get there and back...Most years, our attendance was 3 times a year! So, to be so blessed to be able to attend three times a week!!! and to do work for ancestors I knew. 

Nothing more awesome.

I did indexing during my spare time. I am indexing death records from Chicago in 1952. So much interesting information. And sometimes so sad. It makes me so thankful for modern medicine!

Bread. I baked bread this week.

I tried a new recipe for a one hour loaf and it came out pretty good. Kind of a french bread free form thing. I need to time it next time to see if it really takes only an hour!

I also some green bread for next week.I hadn't baked homemade wheat bread in a long time, so it was kind of fun.

Now, to see if Kaylee will eat green bread on St. Patrick's Day!

I also made to small ones and froze them to take to my visiting teaching sisters sometime next 
Tuesday. I hope I can get some cookies baked too...using Grace's recipe!

Jogging- I was well enough to return to jogging this week!!! I ventured out four mornings. Smelling the orange blossoms was heaven!

Dad's truck - he is using our income tax refund to order parts: radiator, distributor, and lots of other things I can't remember. He grit blasted and painted and got much done!!! He had some concerns and questions and, through a Facebook group dedicated to restoring 1957-60 vehicles, found a great guy in Missouri that emailed him detailed pics of his truck and how he mounted the motor, etc. What a nice person to take time to share so much information with a stranger!

Dad's garden - He is still getting tomatoes from the Fall tomato plants, and his Spring ones have tomatoes starting on them. He picked lots of kale and collards, lettuce and spinach, five tomatoes, carrots that we used for Chinese, and lots of snow peas. The warm weather should finish off the snow peas, but it has brought new life and leaves to the grapevines. He planted garlic awhile back and started harvesting. We had quite a few nice sized bulbs Saturday...after I finished cleaning them...and clogging the sink with the garlic roots. (Thank you, Nate, for fixing it for me!) Saturday also brought planting of cucumbers, chom way (korean melons) and spaghetti squ

Kayty was promoted to store Assistant Manager...though she is still looking for another job. Those commission sales...and returns a few weeks later...are brutal!

Our little old lady hen has started laying eggs....after not laying them for over a year. They are notably smaller...

but her effort is amazing. I guess the other three hens spending time in the laying boxes and all the squawking after they have finished their task made her a bit envious.

Even chickens feel peer pressure!

Saturday night, Dad ventured into the pool. First swim on March 14.

My flowerbed didn't do so well. I planted allyssum to  assure plenty of water for my Spring bulbs underneath...but they apparently choked out any warmth and sunlight. I did get a few iris
I spent a couple of evenings pulling up the allysum and saw some bedragled bulbs starting. Hopefully they can give me a few daffodils...

Our hedgehog cactus are finally blooming.

These cactus are the ugliest doggone things throughout the year...but in the Spring, these gorgeous blossoms make it worth it.

Not so highlights: 

Weeding - I spent a few hours weeding this week. I should be thankful for the rain that brought the weeds...

I will learn...someday.

Weather turned warmer...I don't think I am totally ready for heat...yet.  Pool is way to cool for me to even try.

I was a good girl and brushed the pool three times this week. Pool brushing is my LEAST favorite chore!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week of March 2 - 9, 2015

Monday - Today was a rainy day. I love rain, but Kaylee does not! It did kind of go with my theme for the day: "The Cat In The Hat". After all, they were stuck inside on a cold cold wet day. With both Kaylee and I coughing, we did not venture out in the cold and wet.

We did have a Cat in the Hat fruit hat for breakfast with her yogurt.

We did make a Cat in the Hat.

We read parts of The Cat in the Hat

We did a Cat in the Hat puzzle.

We played with play dough to make stripes on a Cat in the Hat...hat. I had red out. She wanted blue. So I grabbed cold play dough out of the drawer in the fridge.
She squeezed some orange juice with Papa.

We had a good day, and a good nap. And when she woke up, she wanted something to eat...until she looked out the window and saw sunshine...and then we were out the door in two seconds flat!

Dee got a lot of things located, primed and painted for his truck.

Cameo came and I spent the evening running errands, cleaning, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom, and indexing 20 names.

Tuesday - Woke up and exercised again. No run for me...still! We are going on Week 3 of this lovely cough.

It was "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" Day. I read some of the book.

She had fish French toast for breakfast. (I didn't know what to make Dad for breakfast, and decided French toast would be good...Kaylee's got the blessing of a fish cookie cutter).

We made a fish picture from cupcake papers.

I tried to get her to sort the multi colored fish crackers into colors in fish bowls...she thought I was nuts.

The first thing we did, though, was take the new sand toys Daddy had got her and took them out to that heavenly wet sand! I think I built 45 castles...but they didn't last long.

We played and colored and pretended and ate goldfish mac and cheese for lunch.

Dee had many meetings throughout the day. He went out and picked up my 40 pounds of Zaycon chicken breast that I ordered months ago.

Kaylee napped and I embroidered, cooked dinner, and snuggled with her. She woke up and we were out the door feeding chickens. Ethan came later and we played in the sand some more before they went home.

Dee worked on ordering parts, painting parts, picked up the income tax, and worked locating his truck stuff.

After Ethan and Kaylee left, I spent the next hours cutting and packaging and labeling and wrapping up chicken. Why do I do this???

Vacuuming, dishes, cleaning up and indexing 20 more names ended my day.

Wednesday - Good but windy morning, and no run due to cough, but I got some exercising done. Dee was up and fed and out the door to meetings.

It was Green Eggs and Ham day. We tried to read...but she didn't listen to more than a few pages. She had green eggs and ham for breakfast...

And promptly said "No, Thank you".

She did  a dot picture of green eggs and we played a counting game with green eggs and pom poms. She had a great library day. The letter was "B" and they read her favorite "Brown Bear". She got a hand stamp of a buzzing bee that she was very proud of.

Dee got his windshield ordered and spoke with someone about acquiring parts. He has decided to try and fabricate some on his own. His work day was busy and he enjoyed the progress teams are making.

Kaylee and I played outdoors after a good nap, in the sand, on the swing, in the garden, with the chickens. Mommy came and they went home. Morgan arrived just as they left for a visit. He ate some and worked with dad on some motor thing for the truck.

Thursday - I woke up and checked on Kayty on my way out to the couch. It was about 3 am. She was really sweaty, but said she was fine. I went out to lay down...and it bugged me...and bugged I went in again. She was eating Tootsie Rolls, insisting she was fine. I finally got her to let me do a glucose test...45! She was low but able to talk and eat, so I tested her again in about 10 minutes...up to 54...and another 5 minutes later, she was at 82. I went out and attempted to sleep. I tried and tried...and only fell asleep after I decided to forego morning exercise and sleep in. I woke at 6:10, did laundry, got Dee up, got the trash cans back to the house, got the mail, made breakfast for Dee, and vacuumed.

Dee had meetings galore today, both away and at home. He tried to get some grit blasting done at the end of the day, but the sand was too wet and kept clogging the blaster up. He did get his headlights all assembled and ready.

Kaylee came...and was just a bit on the grumpy side. I think Thursday is her hardest day. We made a Fox In Socks puppet, drove cars on an "S" road, painted an "S", decorated some socks with markers and stickers, and played with doggone near every toy in the playroom. She was NOT giving a moment of interest to the book "Fox In Socks" but "Brown Bear" was the favorite again! We drove over to feed the goat, but he was locked up in a pen, so we came home.

We played outside in the sand, worked on a nap for a long time, and rested. She just had barely woke up when Ethan arrived. They played and then went home to take Lexi on a walk.

I cleaned up dinner, Dee worked outdoors, and then he got ready for the temple while I vacuumed the house and spot mopped the floor.

Friday - I completed the Old Testament this morning. One fourth of my scripture goal done!

Kaylee and I spent LOTS of time outdoors today. We ate grapes at the little tables on the front porch and then explored the front yard, looking for rabbits. We only found some noisy quail.

Morgan and his friend and her daughter came by in the afternoon. Kaylee loved the visitors...and played and played outdoors and indoors. She played so much that there was no time for a nap.

Dad accomplished a lot, both at work and on his truck. Lots of grit blasting and some painting.

Morgan mowed the lawn, hauled heavy bags of sand and sifted other sand.

Dinner was not cooked since I had no time, so Subway shared veggie sub was our dinner.

Saturday - Highlights of this day:

Jogged for the first time in weeks. I coughed and had to rest, and walked home the last of the three miles.

Scored some great books at a yard sale.

Got the leaky honey mess all cleaned up in the pantry!

Dad, Ethan, Morgan and Kyle, Morgan's friend, got the truck engine on the frame, got the body of the truck over all the stuff. and then it wouldn't fit. Some pulley is hitting, so they took all that stuff off and Dad has to ask a guy what to do to get it all to fit.

I played with Kaylee while Ethan helped Dad.

We to the temple in the afternoon and performed some sealing ordinance work. I only coughed a little...progress!

Dad got lots of parts grit blasted.

We went to Doran and Ambers to visit. We played with Kelsie, chased Kooper, and had a good time.

Sunday - Highlights ... and Lowlights...

Nice to sleep in. Our clocks don't change, so today doesn't change our lives, except that now the Wilkins are on the same time we are, and Nathan and Jessica are an hour ahead.

I got a good start on the New Testament today, reading nearly half of Matthew. 

We had choir practice before church, and that was awesome. There is a sister in our choir who doesn't sing the correct notes, and is often just enough off the right note to mess up the ones next to her. She stood on my right side, which is my ear that seems to have some hearing it worked great..for me at least!

Dad worked with Sharynn on the phone trying to find more of his family names to do work for at the temple. (I have PLENTY of work to do, between mine family and his family!)

Nate called and they decided to move back here for a little while in April. They will stay with her parents and go to school online. Insurance works out better that way. Their prayers have been answered.

Lowlight- "Baby", the sweetest little hen EVER was not alive this morning. She had been acting poorly the last few days. We hoped she would get better, but she did not. This little hen was so sweet. Anyone could pet her....especially Kaylee. If there are sweet pets in heaven, "Baby" surely is there.