Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 23 - March 1, 2015

I begin this week with an explanation.

Dad's Truck

Dad bought a 1960 panel truck when Morgan was a sophomore in high school. He thought it would be a good project for them to work on together...and he always wanted to restore a vehicle like this. He had to buy other such 1960 junk vehicles for parts...and that is how Nate got involved. Morgan wasn't that interested and Nate was, so he took Dad's spares and put together his own truck. Dad's truck needed a lot of body work, so over the years he cut out the rusted pieces and welded in and replace them. It took a long time. We built the entire patio roof - over that vehicle as it sat on our porch.

Parts were here...and and transmission taking up much extra space in the garage.

My decision for 2015 was to complete that truck. Totally. Done!

Our house, as houses do, has not been maintained or upgraded. It needs some attention. The truck needs to be finished this year. And then next year...the year we fix the house.

I need an oven indoors. My oven broke over a year ago and it cannot be repaired. Drop in ranges now are larger than the space for mine, so we have to cut granite and cabinets. Major job. It will wait till 2016.

The plywood on the master bedroom ceiling that has been there since Morgan was young will be replaced with drywall.

The floor in the playroom will be put down.

The master bathroom will have a tub without holes cut in it for water pipes that broke. It will have paint on the walls after Dee textures the bare walls that I removed the wallpaper from years ago.

2016 will be the year of the house!

Now, back to 2015...

Monday - I was still coughing when I awoke, but I was able to do some of my exercises. Dee had take the day off work to get some painting done on the truck...which thus meant it was windy and rainy! (It has been consistent with this truck that when he plans to paint, the wind and or rain keep him from it.) He moved what he could under the patio roof and ended up getting a lot done.

We both worked on changing the pump on the solar hot water heater...a bear to do because of the tiny area it was in. It only took one trip to Lowes and one to Home Depot, but we got it in and done.

We didn't know if it worked yet, because the sun wasn't out to get the panel on the roof heating water.

Dee went out and got a pic with his mom taken, got some Chinese with her, and came home. Kayty had gone to Super Salad after paying her car payment, so I just cooked some cauliflower for my dinner.

Dee worked on trying to repair a gun, talked to Nate on the phone, and read his old testament while I read the new Ensign magazine.

Tuesday - I woke up early and managed to do most of my exercises. I had the cough but I still hoped to at least do some sealing work at the temple that night. I woke Dee, made him breakfast, vacuumed and scrubbed the kitchen floor, and did what other work I felt like doing.

Dee made good progress with the groups he is working with and had a good trip report for his newest supervisor.

Kayty went and got a massage on her last day off.

We did end up going to the temple around 4 pm to perform some sealings. It was going so well...names that I recognized and had done work for...names of family members of Dee's...then...I got a tickle in my throat that would not stop. I coughed...and coughed...and coughed. I left the room to get a drink. I could not stop that tickle for the life of me. Dee finished a few names and we went home.

I called the WebMD, trying to get some relief from the cough. The doctor called back...saline nasal spray...waiting this virus out. The cough could last 3 weeks!

So much for the temple the rest of the week...or the next week.

I sat and read. I read more of Jeremiah. I completed reading the Ensign magazine that arrived the day before. I was so bored so I just went to bed.

Wednesday - I woke up at 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep. My exercises were done before 5 am. I sure do miss my temple jogs!!! My day was full of laundry and dusting and vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms and coughing.

Dee worked, visited Deer Valley Honeywell for meetings, used the blower on the loose front yard leaves, painted truck parts, and spent his evening at the temple.

Kayty worked till late.

Thursday - I exercised...and cleaned...and coughed...and cooked...and coughed.

I did manage to get a new Grandkid stocking all drawn and ready to embroider.

Dee went to the temple after work.

I started indexing and worked on death certificates from the late 1800s. If I can't serve in the temple this week, I can make it so that other's can do their genealogy and then they can serve. It was hard to record so many young ones...under a year old...who died. Convulsions. Tuberculosis. Cholera. Dysentery. Pneumonia. Made me so thankful for modern medicine!

I read my scriptures, and after Dee got home, we headed to bed...where I coughed.

Friday - Exercising, coughing, vacuuming, coughing, indexing, coughing. That was my day. I did help unload the jeep and Wade's truck of wood. Dee ran some errands in between meetings. We talked to Nate on the phone in the evening. We watched two Duck Dynasty episodes.

Saturday - I slept late...and woke up to exercise...and it was raining. Crazy, since the prediction was no rain for the day till the afternoon. So, Dee did yard stuff and I cleaned and dusted and vacuumed. The coughing is becoming so much a part of my day that I won't include it...until it ends. Oh Blessed Day!

He was able to grit blast and paint and prime and do lots of truck work, which is good.

We made a quick trip to True Value Hardware and the 99 Cent store.  Dee went and got us a Subway sub - my half was veggie only...and we watched a movie. I ended my day indexing and Dee talked to Nate on the phone.

Sunday - We both slept in and awoke to NO RAIN. Those silly weatherguys! Church was good. The released me from the four years of serving as primary nursery chorister. It was lovely to sit and enjoy all of Relief Society. We went home, ate, Ethan and Cameo and Kaylee stopped by. I indexed.

This week, I recognized more of the Lord answering prayers. I had planned a fast this Sunday regarding a weakness I had recognized in myself. I knew the atonement could help me overcome this weakness, and I had decided that my prayers during the Sacrament would be about overcoming that weakness. I was not well enough to serve at the temple this week, and that made me quite sad. I just sat and felt rather useless. Then, the thought came to me that I COULD index, and thereby make the temple work for others easier. I could cough and type and it would bother no one. My prayer was answered without my even having to even ask. That indexing, those 490 names, helped someone else. And...they helped me. I typed name after name of babies under a year old who had the late 1800's...diphtheria, pertussis, convulsions, and especially cholera infantum. I looked up cholera...bad diarrhea and vomitting...caused by unsanitary conditions, i.e. water supply, sanitation. Intravenous fluids and better sanitation make it a total thing of the past. But for those children...15 days old to a little over a year old... it was the end of a life. They had names. They were real. I was so thankful for modern medicine. I was so thankful for clean water. We are so blessed

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