Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week of March 9 -15, 2015

Those weeks I was coughing my head off and tired and still keeping up with the normal things I need to do...and the sharing our daily "exciting life"...gave me cause to reflect. We spent years of our lives with baseball practices and games, dancing lessons and shows, track meets, football games, early morning seminary, disc jockeying dances, overtime, scouts, activity days, student government, band concerts, piano lessons, newspaper photography, and all the other wonderful things that are being a parent. Now, our lives are pretty much routine...and slower...which gives everyone something to look forward to??? Not so sure. But, anyway, I am just going to share our weekly ups and downs and not be so boringly detailed.

After all, I don't much like to brush the who really wants to hear about it!

Anyway, here we go...

Weekly highlights:

Wilkins- we were sent an adorable photo of Grace, Josh and sweet Sam playing in the sandbox! Oh, I miss seeing those littles! They moved our stake baptism up a week and we just can't get a weekend in March scheduled to go up and hug on those sweet kiddos I miss so much! Hoping for April!

Nathan and Jessica - As Heavenly Father always shows us, sometimes our plans need to change and He wants us to be flexible and follow Him. Nate and Jess did just this. Due to insurance changes, they need to move to Phoenix earlier than planned and had to come for a quick visit for Jess to get an az driver's license and get signed up for ACCESS. They arrived early Friday morning, got that all done (and even got accepted into the program, which usually takes 20 days but this time took 20 minutes!), Nate got some things stored at our house, worked on polishing bullet shells, located some parts to complete his truck at the Hudson's and we had fun visits on Friday and Saturday. I am so thankful Nate has such awesome inlaws that have open arms and room for them to stay there for the next months. Their home is warm and loving and fun and I am so thankful! Ron and Laurie, you are awesome!
Ready to fly fish with Nathan

Cameo and Kaylee were even able to stop by and see them for a bit. 

Jessica completes the semester on April 10 and then will head down after that. They are taking online classes next semester. Jessica is loving her classes now, and is nearing completion of her family counseling program. Nate will fill his schedule with basic classes and get those out of the way till they return to school after Baby Rice arrives.

Morgan came by on Sunday for a Hello visit...and to get some parts to repair his bike. Grampa Ethan ALWAYS had what you needed to fix anything...and Dad LOVED his grampa so much!!! He is so happy to be almost as helpful as Grampa was. 

Phoenix Temple - I was blessed to be able to attend three endowment sessions...with a pocket full of every sort of cough suppressant known to man that didn't have to be used even once! 

Dad went twice, including the Wednesday night session together. Dad says that session is always empty...I walked in the women's dressing room and there was a line of sisters a mile long (slight exaggeration). It was so wonderful to hear these sisters who had come from West Maricopa Stake to attend the temple. Our session had at least 50 women (some had to sit in rows on the other side of the room) and nine men. All the translator units were used (Spanish) and I know the temple had to get Spanish speaking brethren to come down to the temple. So awesome!

I know I talk about the blessing of our temple A LOT! It is such a blessing. For us, for over 34 years, going to the Mesa Temple was a five hour commitment. At least an hour drive there and back, two hour session, plus time getting into a session, dressing and undressing, etc. When I was nursing a temple. Dad worked 56 hours a week, six days a week at one job, and then played dances 3 nights a no temple. I literally was all we could do to get there and back...Most years, our attendance was 3 times a year! So, to be so blessed to be able to attend three times a week!!! and to do work for ancestors I knew. 

Nothing more awesome.

I did indexing during my spare time. I am indexing death records from Chicago in 1952. So much interesting information. And sometimes so sad. It makes me so thankful for modern medicine!

Bread. I baked bread this week.

I tried a new recipe for a one hour loaf and it came out pretty good. Kind of a french bread free form thing. I need to time it next time to see if it really takes only an hour!

I also some green bread for next week.I hadn't baked homemade wheat bread in a long time, so it was kind of fun.

Now, to see if Kaylee will eat green bread on St. Patrick's Day!

I also made to small ones and froze them to take to my visiting teaching sisters sometime next 
Tuesday. I hope I can get some cookies baked too...using Grace's recipe!

Jogging- I was well enough to return to jogging this week!!! I ventured out four mornings. Smelling the orange blossoms was heaven!

Dad's truck - he is using our income tax refund to order parts: radiator, distributor, and lots of other things I can't remember. He grit blasted and painted and got much done!!! He had some concerns and questions and, through a Facebook group dedicated to restoring 1957-60 vehicles, found a great guy in Missouri that emailed him detailed pics of his truck and how he mounted the motor, etc. What a nice person to take time to share so much information with a stranger!

Dad's garden - He is still getting tomatoes from the Fall tomato plants, and his Spring ones have tomatoes starting on them. He picked lots of kale and collards, lettuce and spinach, five tomatoes, carrots that we used for Chinese, and lots of snow peas. The warm weather should finish off the snow peas, but it has brought new life and leaves to the grapevines. He planted garlic awhile back and started harvesting. We had quite a few nice sized bulbs Saturday...after I finished cleaning them...and clogging the sink with the garlic roots. (Thank you, Nate, for fixing it for me!) Saturday also brought planting of cucumbers, chom way (korean melons) and spaghetti squ

Kayty was promoted to store Assistant Manager...though she is still looking for another job. Those commission sales...and returns a few weeks later...are brutal!

Our little old lady hen has started laying eggs....after not laying them for over a year. They are notably smaller...

but her effort is amazing. I guess the other three hens spending time in the laying boxes and all the squawking after they have finished their task made her a bit envious.

Even chickens feel peer pressure!

Saturday night, Dad ventured into the pool. First swim on March 14.

My flowerbed didn't do so well. I planted allyssum to  assure plenty of water for my Spring bulbs underneath...but they apparently choked out any warmth and sunlight. I did get a few iris
I spent a couple of evenings pulling up the allysum and saw some bedragled bulbs starting. Hopefully they can give me a few daffodils...

Our hedgehog cactus are finally blooming.

These cactus are the ugliest doggone things throughout the year...but in the Spring, these gorgeous blossoms make it worth it.

Not so highlights: 

Weeding - I spent a few hours weeding this week. I should be thankful for the rain that brought the weeds...

I will learn...someday.

Weather turned warmer...I don't think I am totally ready for heat...yet.  Pool is way to cool for me to even try.

I was a good girl and brushed the pool three times this week. Pool brushing is my LEAST favorite chore!

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