Saturday, January 26, 2008

Grandma Dorrie Sullivan: Master Scavenger!!

My mother-in-law, Dorrie, is always there when someone needs her help. She lives in an LDS ward where people are either downsizing or dying! And, as they use her help, she helps them redistribute items that are no longer needed, to the benefit of many! We already have a couple of new large pots, a washing machine (Ethan and Cam have the dryer). Recently, she helped me with a dilemma I had been having. I needed to replace the fabric in my family room: it clashed with my new chairs she had given me. So, I looked and looked online and in fabric stores, but nothing caught my eye. Nothing, that is, until she invited me to see some items a dear friend was getting rid of. As I "shopped", I saw curtains that would be just perfect to cover my cornice box and make pillow covers, as well as a fabric shower curtain that would look perfect on our bar stools in the kitchen, a purse that is not merely a cavern with handles, but has slots for everything, some towels for Kate's school store, and...well just so much that someone else didn't need, but we did! Thank you Dorrie, for your kind redistribution of wealth!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bye Bye Green Wall

Well, today I finally threw in the towel! The green wall I had in the family room, the one that just wasn't the right green - this one had blue undertones - the one that was once sponged peach, then yellow, then green, and then almost another green - is no more. I bought paint that matched the other taupe paint in the kitchen and family room (Nathan says it looks like the color of hot cocoa!) and painted all the walls that remained un - cocoaed! Then I covered the cornice box with another more grapes! Now, those new chairs from Grandma fit in a little least I hope they do. Anyway, hopefully the questionable comments on my decorating prowess will end. Hey, I decided a year ago that I wasn't that good at decorating, so I didn't pursue classes. Ya gotta give an ol' lady a break!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dad's Masterpiece of the Month

Dee has soooo many this is not just his only masterpiece, but his current masterpiece. He has built this (with much help from Nathan laying block and Doran and Danyel gathering rock) and is now finishing the facade. Hopefully we will be able to have a fire in it before it is too hot to have a fire! I say it is too cold outside to sit by a fireplace...much to his dismay! The poor guy...what a wife he ended up with!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Week Back to School...and All Is Well

Well, we survived the first week back to school! And we did a fantastic job! No one woke up late or was late to school. Nathan got a super report card in the mail...All A's!!! He worked so hard for that. It was a challenge beginning at a new school this year. Grammar was a killer for him, but he studied hard and did it! He loves this semester, because he gets to take weight lifting. He always is talking about how much he bench pressed now.

Kate had to make some major life decisions last to E.A.C. (Mom says it's too far, has no hospital, etc.) Yes to N.A.U. (now to play catch up...taking the SAT test on the 26th, transcripts to NAU - took all week for her school to get that done - and getting her placed in an Intermediate Algebra Class at night at the college) So, she will become even busier. She is getting money earned to take to Washington D.C. with her, and Dad used his Cabella's points to get her a new warm coat. She also auditioned at the Peoria Sports Complex to sing the National Anthem at a Spring Training Game solo! She did so well, but there were many talented people who also tried out, so we shall see.

Dad continues to soar at work. He has methodically worked to solve a problem that has plagued Honeywell Engines for over 25 years...and, if the next test proves his theory, he will have done it! He so enjoys his job, though he misses the travel. If he had not become a transition manager, he would probably have gotten to go to China for a month. But, such is life. He is still working on the outdoor fireplace...has started to apply the river rock to the front. It looks sooooooo good!

Mom is my house clean and all mopped every day last week. That was great!! I am still working in the nursery...I hope this is not a "count the time left" kind of calling. The kids are great, but it changes in organization every week. And next week, three of the four leaders won't be there. One has gotten a sub, but the others have not. Hope they can find someone!

Today, family comes for Mississippi Mud cake and ice cream to celebrate Nate's 15th birthday tomorrow! What fun.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The First Week of the New Year

Wow! The first week, or part thereof, of 2008 is now gone. And we survived without any big crisis! That is great, since last year today, we were called to Flagstaff by Allison when Kaity got so sick, and it was discovered that she had type 1 diabetes. She has done so well this year! I don't think I would have been as great as she has been. It does not run our life anymore, but it does influence it. We drove out to Eastern Arizona College yesterday for Kaity to take placement tests. It was a HORRIBLY LONG THREE HOUR DRIVE! And, though Thatcher/Safford are lovely towns, that is just what they are...towns. No hospital that I could find, no doctors, though I'm sure they do have some, no orthodontists (a challenge that we face with Kate after her senior portraits are taken). I am very uncomfortable having her so very far away, and with her illness, though she has had no problems whatsoever, I would be more comfortable if she was in a city with a hospital. So, we start the NAU admission process. Flagstaff is closer, has all the medical and orthodontic care she needs, and her endocrinologist goes up there once a month, so she could see him there, if needed.

All is fine, otherwise. Morgan moved out last week, and that proved to be very good for our home, and very good for him as well, I'm sure. He had begun to dictate too much of what our home should run like, and so we agreed that he needed to be on his own. He has a good job, so he should be fine. Meanwhile, we have all returned to normal hiding Kate's razors, or Nate's deodorant, I have my exercise room back, and we have a peaceful night, though Beau sure is confused without his midnight snacks he used to get when Morgan came home from work in the middle of the night and ate his dinner. Beau just walks the halls at night and sits in the play room...poor guy!

Christmas is all put away....and has been for days...A record for me! Dad says the house looks naked, but it is all good. I just got going and could not stop!!! Kaity did too. I asked her to cut down the shell ornaments in the bathroom on the shower curtain...just a few ornaments that were falling apart. Later, I went by the bathroom, and it looked like a sea urchin had thrown up...there were shells everywhere! Come to find out, she cut down the ornaments, and the shell strands that I had draped on the curtain ( a decoration that had been there for years, but Kaity had never noticed! So much for her ever being a witness to a crime!!) After I got upset, I calmed down, and got on Oriental Trading to order replacements. Next time, when she is complaining about how much work she is having to do, I sure will stop and check!