Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am jumping for joy! Dee's trip to India was cancelled yesterday morning. Due to recent unrest and bombings over there, Honeywell sent out a memo calling all who are there back to there home bases, and cancelling any future travel until further notice.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What You Seek Is What You Find!

I was reading an article from Meridian Magazine earlier today. There was a quote by Gordon B. Hinckley that just really struck me. He said, “If husbands and wives would only give greater emphasis to the virtues that are found in one another and less to the faults, there would be fewer broken hearts, fewer tears, fewer divorces, and more happiness in the homes of our people.” ( Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley , Deseret Book, p. 322)

I always love the way President Hinckley could say just the right thing, and in such an understandable way. You know this is so very true. If we look for the faults in others, we are certainly going to find them. If we look for the good, we will find that, too. So what if every once in a while, my sweetheart leaves a pair of socks on the floor in front of his chair. He has spent an entire day working- doing the job of three people, hours fighting traffic, and he just flops in the chair and wants his feet to be cool from the searing heat. Most often, too, the reason he leaves them is that he changes into his work clothes after dinner and procedes to go out and work on a project: mowing, working on the pool, pouring cement, helping a son fix up an old pick up truck. Are the socks heavy...No! Is there any reason I cannot help him out...No!

This also goes for our neighbors, our kids, our sisters and brothers. Look for the good. You are sure to find it!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Change is Good!

I was reading (lurking) on the blog of a young sister in my ward. She said in her profile how she has been married five years, has a wonderful husband, an adorable baby, a beautiful home, many great friends, and lives in the best ward. I just sat there, with tears welling in my eyes. "Why don't I feel the same way,"I asked myself. Here, we live within a few miles of each other. Now, I have been married for 28 years, and I am blessed with a very dear, sweet, and patient man for a husband, but it certainly has not been easy for either one of us. There have been many adjustments, compromises, and simply just giving up to keep peace (not that it's bad to have peace...peace is just wonderful. I have learned that you just have to choose your battles!) We have been through so much together, and have grown from it. But, it seems, every time I think I have it figured out, something changes. People are not constant individuals. They are always adjusting. Just like you don't want to eat the same thing every day, or watch the same television every day, things adjust, based on how you feel and what your circumstances are. So, relationships are always growing, adjusting, tweeking. There are some days I am just twitterpated, and others that, if I have to pick up just one more adult sock, one more piece of dental floss, or...well, suffice it to say that some days are not as good as others. Then, you add to the mix bosses that change, business trips, worrying about six, or rather nine children (Mike, Cameo and Danyel get some of my worry, too), two grandchildren, money - or the lack thereof, health - it's not surprising that the last three times I checked my blood pressure at WalMart, it was high...and that has me concerned. As for friends, I don't have contacts with many in the ward. I actually was going out to lunch with some of them last Thursday, but then Morgan stopped in, and needed to sleep for a few hours before work. So, no lunch. I don't hate my ward, I just don't love it. I go to church, early so Nate can set up. I sit in our row, I listen to Sacrament meeting. Then off to the nursery for the rest of the time. Then home for another week. I should go to Enrichment, but if I visit with anyone and they hear about some things that are going on, I know these sweet young ones would just be terrified of me!! (I don't blame them. I remember thinking that myself when my kids were young and I heard what a few other sisters were going through with their kids!) Now, I know that this is just a stage of my life. As I said earlier, nothing stays the same...everything changes. With some situations, that is hard, but, it can also be something to look forward to. Nothing is so bad that is cannot, sooner or later, change for the better.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Work Continues

Dee has been busily working on finally completing our yard project. He has been putting up "vignettes" - rock scenes that we can use when we do photography - in our lowered court yard. Doran found a great place to collect river rock (and when it rains, he gets to romp through the mud and get stuck...sounds awful to me, but he comes home with the biggest smile on his face, and mud all over his truck!). He has taken Nathan out to gather, and took Dee out again to get this really neat looking green rock. His last vignette was made of that green rock, and it looks great! It is hard work, gathering the rock in the heat, and then putting it up during the hottest part of the day, but the results are well worth the effort!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Being a Worried Mom Never Ever Goes Away

You know, when my kids were younger, and Nathan "survived" those rounds of DPT, Hib, and Hepatitis vaccines, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Finally, I don't have to worry about side effects, and permanent damage to my babies. Even now, I would worry myself into a frenzy if I knew beforehand that either Adam or Grace was receiving vaccinations. (Allison, you are so brave to bear this worry alone!) Now, Dee is getting ready to go to India in a few weeks. Okay, fine...a new place to see. First, came the concern over laundry...when you send your laundry for the hotel to wash, what do you do with your temple garment? Well, we bought him a few 2 piece sets (quite an accomplishment for the old school one piece guy) and he will hand wash them. Then, I speak with Danyel, who kindly talked to her sister, Megan, who spent quite a bit of time in India and knows what to be careful about: don't drink out of anything unless it is brand new and very sealed, don't touch any animal, etc. Then Dee's boss, who is from India, reiterated Megan's warnings, and included to not eat any salads, fruit that is thin skinned, and again watch those bottles because the Indians try to refill with their own "water"and then reseal the bottle. Now, he has to go to the Honeywell doctor tomorrow and get innoculations for polio, Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever, and who know what else, and he has to take medication prior to, during and when he gets home for malaria! I am just sick!! That poor man!! (And poor me if he has reactions to any/all of those). Hey, Allison, you said that Adam didn't even notice the shots he got...what toy did you get Adam...I may need to run to the store tomorrow!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Need to Make This Page More "Man" Friendly

My sweetheart is going to travel to far away India in a few weeks. With time differences, $2 per minute phone calls, etc. our communications will be short, but sweet. And so, we hope Dad will use this blog to post pictures and share with all of us his adventures! Look and see later!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How Blessed Am I!

You know, this birthday thing was just not for me this year...too much baggage from years past. I have just been wallowing in self pity...what choices I should have made, etc. (Mid life crisis, hey! All I need now is a sportscar...) Anyway, I got the nicest letter today, and read the sweetest comment on a blog entry of mine. I just finished cleaning up dinner, sweeping, etc. and putting a new tablecloth on the table, and I just got to thinking about how doggone special my family is, and how blessed I am. They each bring something wonderful to my life. And I am so thankful for them.

Dee-my sweetheart, my protector, my "push me when I balk" person. He has made me better than I ever would have been on my own.
Mom-my bud. She and I talk on the phone every day...and she listens and then lets it fall away. She keeps me sane!
Allison-my optimist. She makes me always see the good, because she just never sees the bad in anyone. She has something nice to say about every thing, every situation. She is bright and beautiful and the best mom ever!! I hope to be like her someday when I grow up!
Mike-My sweet son in law, though I couldn't love him more if he were born to me. He loves my daughter. He is such a strong man. He loves my grandbabies and gives them everything, including those things that Mommy might think are not too healthy. He always tries, and quietly presses on. I know he will take my daughter to the Celestial Kingdom.
Ethan-My strength. He can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! He has a zest for life that wish I had. He is a hard worker, a loving husband, and a great friend. He and his sweet spirit and love for all mankind are simply unforgettable. He will be a great daddy...SOMEDAY!
Cameo-My beauty. She is like the flowers that she loves. She just brings beauty wherever she goes. She always takes time to look top notch, but even when she is camping, she makes the world a beautiful place to be. She is soft and kind and dedicated. She follows through with her assignments. And, she loves my son...what a gem!
Doran-my doer. Doran is always there to do for me. I like to hike, but if I fall down, there is no way I am going to have some helicopter make a fool of me! I know I can call Doran and he will drop everything, hike up, and carry me down. And he can fix, make or do anyting. He is the best!
Danyel-My sweetheart. Her email is icanbeesweet, and that is just what she is. She always has a sweet tone to her voice. She is calming and comforting, but she knows just how to "encourage" Doran to do and be his best. She will be the one who pushes him just enough for him to take the reigns of his family and guide them to eternity.
Morgan-my pacemaker. He keeps my heart racing and my mind quick. He also brings me closer to my Heavenly Father and helps my faith to grow as I pray that he can someday find his way to the great man I know he can be.
Katelyn-my romantic and my songbird. She loves love, and she helps me to remember the beauty in all the world. It is not a sad place, as long as people love each other. Her music warms my heart and brings me joy.
Nathan-my Nephi. He always does. I know he will go and he will do what Heavenly Father wants him to. And he takes care of me when I don't think I can do something. He is handsome and smart and strong, and he makes me laugh.
Adam-my heart and my lifesaver. He showed me, from the first time I saw him, what it means to love. I felt my heart just open up when he was born. I couldn't stop staring at that sweet little baby. He makes me better. I would never, ever do anything to hurt or disappoint him!
Grace-my butterfly. I see her sweetly. silently flitting from adventure to adventure, keeping everyone on their toes. She is beauty, happiness, and she always is looking for fun...whether that fun comes by petting a fish, or feeling the cold cheese that she just dumped out of the bag onto the table. She is adventure, and she makes me smile.

There are so many more people in my life that make me better...I just need to go outside in this awful heat and help dad put rocks on the wall. But, don't you see just how blessed I am!

Charlie Brown's Teacher

There are just some days that I feel like Charlie Brown's teacher...You know, that "sound" (I am informed that the sound is made by a trombone with a mute in it). She responds, but Charlie, Peppermint Patty, etc. just hear vocal tones...not the words she is saying. Case in point: I had just tried a new polish on the kitchen counter. I said to Nathan, "Don't make any food on the island. I just polished it." Not even three minutes later, there is Nathan, getting bread, cheese and pepperoni out and making a sandwich, right there on the island counter top! And this is not an isolated occurance...it happens all the time. "Kate, could you dry the dishes and put them away?" Two hours later, as I am putting them away, I get a blank stare as she sits at the table on the computer. "I didn't hear you," she assures me. "Wa wa wa...wa wa"

Saturday, July 5, 2008

They Made My Day

My birthdays have always been...well...interesting. I was born in Phoenix Arizona on July 4th. I never really could have parties because everyone was out of town, and I certainly do not blame them. It is doggone hot here on July 4th!! Yesterday, I woke up, exercised, and took my own annual hike at Thunderbird Park...something I just love to do. I came home all excited to invite the rest of my family to go back with me...and things just fell apart. Nathan and Dad had a disagreement last night, Dad was just angry... angry words were exchanged...he ended up going hiking, I got Nathan up and he and I went out and did yard work. Yuck! Then, later, I ended up going to a Jackie Chan movie with Dee and getting sick eating popcorn. I made dinner for whomever was not at work, and it was my typical everyone grouchy, yucky, hot day. Then, the best things happened. Cameo and Ethan came by. She was carrying a beautiful bouquet of red, white and blue flowers, complete with their own blue "fireworks" (blue flashing lights). She got me bouquets similar to this one the last two years, but with red "fireworks". Little Doran had made them so that I could add batteries each year and reuse them. So, Cameo and I set out arranging the flowers and fireworks. They came out so nice!! Then, Ethan changed into grubby clothes, and took the rats nest of wires that were my internet connection and he and Dee moved phone plugs, wires, etc. and made my family room look so much neater!!! I said that they have now completed my Christmas present as well...That made such a great difference. Thank you Dad and especially Ethan for climbing into our roasting hot attic, wading and swimming through tons of insulation to find wires that had not been located in 28 years!!

Then, I checked my email, and, to my wonderful surprise, I had been sent the very best birthday present that two grandbabies could ever, ever send a Grammy!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VXr6Hw_90k
Sharynn, Rollin and family called later to sing to me. All in all the end of the day sure made up for the awful start! Thank you to everyone.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Latest Project

Nathan had grown rather tired of his baseball room (it was decorated with St. Louis Cardinal stuff...and he was an avid fan, though he was not too popular when we are a Diamondback town!) Anyway, he wanted desert camo. Now, I originally planned to just paint a few scattered splotches here and there, but it turned into a total camo job. At first, the spots, I was told, resembled those of either a cow, or a giraffe. So, I had to take a total "amoeba" approach. I painted various shaped splotches, and when someone came to check on me and began to say, "Well, that one looks like..." they were immediately expelled. I finally finished, after about 20 hours of splotching. Then, we had to figure out how to hang the wake boards...thank you to my ever resourceful husband!! I finished with the bed pillows (thank you ebay for the only piece of non-digital desert camo fabric) and it is done. He even seems to kind of like it, and that is surprising, for Nathan, especially. Through all this, I have gained a special appreciation for our military, and for those whose assignment it is to make our fighting men and their vehicles, etc. disappear!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Sight to Behold!

You know, some of my sweet children have expressed concern that I have not blogged much lately. Now, not that nothing happens in my life...Nathan, in fact, just came in the house, expressing sincere gratitude for angels that guard and protect, since he rolled the quad in the neighbors yard a few minutes ago. Fortunately, I was engrossed in my fun for the day and listening to Ozzy's "Crazy Train", so I didn't really fathom what had truly happened until this very moment! (I guess I had better check him again!) To go on... as I grow older, smaller things take on great significance. Thus, the sight to behold...a clean and organized refrigerator. I was just going to do one shelf...and then it moved to two, then three, then the drawers, then the door. It was good timing, since I had given the items I had squirreled away for the family campout that only Danyel and Doran will enjoy, and there was empty space now! (Now, Mr. Rice, do not expound on how I now have a challenge to fill that void!) Anyway, it looks so nice. And it should stay that way for another 51 minutes....that is when Nathan will whine: "I'm hungry...What is there to eat?) I guess a clean refrigerator is just a brief sighting...perhaps like Bigfoot, or The Loch Ness Monster!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Better Luck Next Year!

Sometimes, you just have to say..."That's it...we'll try again next year." Our annual campout has fallen on difficulty after difficulty. First, we were changing to a new location to be nearer to Allison and Mike. Then, since Mike had been blessed with most every holiday off, he needed to work this weekend, so they had to bow out for the year. Then, Ethan and Cam had an opportunity to go to Hawaii, so they bowed out. That trip fell through, but Ethan has taken on a second job in the security system business and is doing so well that he is working on his week off. Then, Kate and Nate got jobs...and they are working, so they couldn't go. This was making me feel very uncomfortable...not that they couldn't handle themselves, but just the logistics of getting to and from on bike and bus were a little unnerving with us 2 hours away. Dee and I were still going to try, but loading all in the jeep was just not going to work. So, he worked on the van trying to remove the catalytic converter so that we could replace it...no luck. So, Doran and Danyel are going to keep the tradition on their own. Tonight, they will be loaded with the food: including many cereals, the traditional pop tarts, granola bars, Ragu, bread, lunch meat, chili, etc. and they will go up to Woods Canyon Lake and enjoy a few days of cool weather while we stay in the 111 degrees. Talk about bad luck!!!