Saturday, March 31, 2012

Say Yes To The Dress

Sweet Amber bought us all aprons!

What did brides do before i-phones?

Not sure Amber agrees with her mom. 

Cameo comes and the tryin' on begins...

Don't we look cute!!!

Amber pays for her beautiful gown. 
Kayty pulls us this show on Netflix...I love it...and we watch together while she eats her late dinner after work. Well, Amber, who is marrying Doran in October, asked US to go dress shopping with her. I picked up Nano and Grandma, and Cameo met us there, along with Amber's mom, Penny. Fun...and funny how the dress Penny got off the rack, ended up being the one we all said "YES" to. I promise I won't put the actual dress up, just in case my son figures out how to get on this blog, so if you want to see the real thing, comment your email address and I will send you one.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pics of What We've Been Doing...and Morgan, aka our Slave

I try to send Elder Nate pics of what is going on while he is away. Morgan is between jobs and awaits his income tax refund before he heads to work some horse racing tracks in Washington, so he has been our "slave".
Painting the eaves of the house.

He did a nice job! Nate installed this door to the attic, for car part storage, so all we have to do is add the cantilevers to the door. 

Morgan uses Dee's granite polishing equipment to complete the seats in my Grammy's Grapevine Gazebo. 

Still working on the rock path around the gazebo.

Dee's basil and squash in the garden

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Day

I live with totally boring people! Nate at least tolerated my madness. Kayty simply leaves...for work...for school.

St. Patrick's Day was not much...I did decorate, since I LOVE Green! I made corned beef sandwiches, Cabbage Crunch salad, which was actually eaten on St. Patrick's Eve, and we attended a Ward Green Dinner at a park, with green chili burros and green attire.

This is what my son will be doing, come May 9th...these are Elder Adams (who is supposed to  be serving in Aukland, New Zealand, but his visa has been delayed) and Elder Cecil. We love these guys! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kayty and her friends get together every Tuesday evening to watch a replay of The Bachelor. I am not a fan, nor even do I know what occurs, however I do know that this is quite the event, with formal dresses. Kayty provided a luscious dessert, with brownie strawberry parfaits and sparkling cider in tall glasses.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wonderful Wedding

My sister, Sharynn, has eight amazing children!!! Love them to death!!! The oldest, Rebecca, or "Becca" returned home from serving a full time mission in South Carolina, and within a few weeks, was engaged to her wonderful, patient boyfriend, Alex Johnson. Mom wanted to go, and really couldn't do it alone, so she invited Dee and I to attend with her.

The Grand Canyon

Mom and I on the plane

We landed at Salt Lake Airport, juggled all our belongings and Mom's wheelchair to the rental car, zoomed to the hotel (yes, a REAL hotel...for me, a very, very rare occurrence), ate a quick dinner and off to Becca's reception. She held her reception the night before the wedding. She had made, selected, designed the whole reception: very vintage, very Becca.

Camilla and her friend...who lives hours away. 

This is Friday morning, in our hotel room (notice the pics is a real live hotel room, not The Trampas Lodge of Medicine Bow, Wyoming a la antelope hunters dive, nor the Travelodge of Lugoff South Carolina a la cigarette stink.) Dee had a mandatory meeting, so, Blackberry in hand and computer on line, he met. 

At the wedding brunch, this is Ben...always happy and smiling. 

Yes, Sharynn's kids have a "stalker aunt"! But they really seemed to tolerate me. Kimmy, Camilla, Brigham

...And Hayley (I probably spelled that wrong again...sorry Hailee, Haylee, Hailey...I love you!) The menu included breakfast casseroles, fresh fruit, Rollin's awesome crepes (I swear, that guy can do EVERYTHING!), breads, muffins, name it. 

Stalker-Aunt at in again. Hey, they saw me with the camera and STILL sat at the table. Not totally my fault!

Alex's brother needed some together time as well. 

Interesting story...This is the bundle of clothing Becca had to wear in the temple. This is the bundle she went to the temple with and thus forgot. This is the bundle that Dee, Nano and I grabbed from Rollin, jumped into the car, zoomed to the Mt. Timpanogas temple with Sharynn on the phone INSIDE the temple guiding us. This is the bundle I jumped out of the car, shoe-less, and ran inside the temple. This is the bundle I told the first sweet lady I needed to get to a bride. This is the bundle I told the second lady I needed to get to a bride. This is the bundle I told the third lady I needed to get to a bride. This is the...well, you get the picture. After trying to calmly, quietly (temples are very quiet, calm, sacred places), and patiently tell four different women my story, who directed me to yet another sister to tell my story to, I got the right stuff to the right lady. We sat in the sealing room, and beautiful Becca and handsome Alex entered, hand in hand...and the right clothing on to boot!

Dee and I at the Mt. Timpanogas Temple (another one for my wall!!!) It was sunny but cool...and the longer we waited for the beautiful bride to come out, the colder it got. 

Hailee, Uncle Dee, aka warm blanket, and Camilla

The father of the bride is soooo happy, and rightly so, you done good, Rollin! (Notice, Kimmy is , ummm, sharing less than eligible bachelors (she caught the bouquet)  away with her cute ummmm smile?

Sweet Ben, his cousin and Aunt behind him, swinging on the bannister. That boy is the cutest nephew Ever. Sorry, Brett, Braydonn, Brigham...and Eric, Kendall, and Nate, unfortunately, don't measure up....Love ya though.

Ain't these two cute? Peeking through temple windows for the bride. 

Mr and Mrs Alex Johnson

Alex's Grandma, Becca, Alex, and Nano

Becca and her sisters

Getting 8, or rather 9 children, ready for a picture is no easy task, even for my sister. 

So Worth It!

The safe, able, but nasty pilot would NOT fly me near Provo so I could see Nate at the MTC...Can you imagine??? So, this is my last pic...far far away, and yet, the nearest I will be to my sweet son for the next two years!
Great trip. Great gifts (Braydonn and I were just "looking for a spoon" by all the wedding gifts in the living room. Who could help the poor boy if he just "happened" to see and check out a few things. AND All would have been great if not for Nano ratting us out! Love our family!