Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day...A Day of Hard Labor

We arrived home Sunday a very surprised daughter, reminding us that we said we would be home after 6 pm..not 4 pm...leaving me a very "needy" house. After unpacking, four loads of laundry, putting away, I woke up waaaay too early (2:45 am) exercised, got Kayty up for work, and went out to pick tomatoes. One hour...and 225+ tomatoes later, set out on the list for the day. Mixed up bread for 3 loaves to be cooked later (they must sit for 12-18 hours). I harvested basil, cut tomatoes, cut my thumb, leaving me one-pawed, made three huge batches of pesto...and froze all 9, prepped and cleaned. Kids came...missionaries forgot...Kelsie and Doran swam...we ate...we roasted 3 chickens...we baked 3 boulles of dutch oven bread-one rosemary-feta-...we roasted tomatoes...all night. I. Was. Dead. I don't think I am going to feel like doing anything tomorrow! Today was more labor than I have ever done!!!

Memorial Day Pizza

We wanted to have pizza. We wanted to feed our local missionaries. We wanted to have pizza. We wanted to use the pizza oven for many uses. We wanted to have pizza. So, we invited the in-town kids for food. Ethan and Cameo both had to work, so we scheduled our meal for later. The missionaries ended up having a conflict (hmmm...let me see...burgers with the Singles' Ward, or Pizza with the Old contest!). We did have a good time...and the pizza was awesome and abundant!

We got an awesome deal on chicken wings, so Dad made three of his sauces to try the fried wings with.

Doran works at night for Dominoes Pizza, so he has become quite expert at it!

Kelsie finds this pepperoni suspect.

It was a hot but fun evening. Kelsie was the smart one. She was in the pool!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Grammy and Papa Go To Las Vegas....FINALLY

After five of the longest months of my life, we were finally able to go to Las Vegas to see the Wilkins family. Gracie texted a month before, asking if we could attend her dance recital. Perfect! We loaded up and only ended up leaving 30 minutes later than we planned...a small miracle! We had a tetherball pole that Papa had found tossed out in someone's yard during quarterly bulk trash pickup, a post hole digger to place the tetherball, ice chest, bedding, suitcases...all for a few days of love and fun.


 Papa and Mike got the tetherball pole sleeve dug and cemented. -

Grace showing Papa she is all ready for her recital.

She LOVED her make up!

Josh was all prepared with a bag of legos and trucks to play with. 

While Grace prepared, and Mommy and Daddy saved seats, and Papa went for flowers, Adam, Josh and Grammy hit the playground. 

Papa did his best to get these!

Flowers from Daddy and Mommy

Flowers from Papa and Grammy

While Grace had a little awards ceremony, the boys and Grammy returned to the playground.

Grace's friends all receive awards. 

Grace had to have some playground fun, too. 

 Papa and Grace spent a lot of time with her easel. Papa taught her place value and she did very well.

The next morning, we headed off to the Wetlands Park

Adam was documenting evidence of a beaver. 

Joshy found an ant buddy. 

They had THIS in the Wetlands Park Visitors Center. Ugh!

On Saturday night, since it was Mommy and Daddy's 12th wedding anniversary, Daddy and Mommy went to the temple and then dinner, and we had pizza and movie night at home.

Papa also finished the tetherball!

Sunday was time to work on the computers, and get ready for church. We left after Sacrament Meeting, so as to get home before dark.

We had an awesome weekend and were so thankful they invited us!!!