Sunday, May 19, 2013

An Elder Rice Update, Thanks to Elder Miller!

Elder Rice loves his mission, loves the city and the ward he serves in, loves his responsibility as District Leader, and has a great companion that I have gotten to know the mother of, through LDS Missionary Mom.Com. Elder Miller is their only child, and he sends a whole lot more information home than Elder Rice does. Claudia Miller has been so kind to share with me!!!
This is from a ward picnic they had celebrating Buddah's Birthday, a big holiday in Korea. Here is Elder Rice's back. 

Elder Miller and Elder Rice

This picture was shared with me by another missionary mom, who went to pick up her daughter when her mission was complete. Here is Elder Rice and his trainee, Elder Smith. 

This is Elder Rice's Mission President, President Furniss, and his wife. She is my son's mom-away-from-mom. She posts pics to the blog and makes sure any health troubles don't go unnoticed. I hear she also makes the most awesome rolls!

Zone Meetings

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