Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kelsie's Kindergarten Graduation

Amber invited to share in Kelsie's graduation from Kindergarten. She will be attending a new school next year, and so this was her last night here with the kind teacher and her friends. As soon as Cameo got home from work, we were off. Cameo was so kind to drive us. Kaylee was accustomed to a quick drive after Mommy gets off work, and was confused and a bit put out, but Grammy sat by her and kept her...amused...for a bit.

Kelsie memorized and recited a Robert Louis Stevenson poem and did a great job.

The kids were asked to wear Purple or White...and Amber's mom found her a lovely white dress. Not quite sure, then, who's idea it was to give the graduates cupcakes with black frosting!

It was a perfect graduation: fun and quick!
Congratulations, Kelsie!!!

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