Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trip To Payson...and A Wrong Turn Leads To Right

Dee wanted more minerals for his garden, so we decided to head up to the Mogollon Rim...the Rim weather, dirt, and we took a picnic lunch and did some target shooting.

We stopped to search for morrells. I stood by this sign before I set out to hunt. The wrong turn at this sign led to our great opportunity. 

Not much of a mushroom hunter...since he is sitting, and on the cell phone. 

It was cold...colder than Flagstaff...but it was awesome. I even tried to "think like a morrell" but there were none to be found. Lots of elk "sign", but no morrells. 
 We got into the jeep, to find another location. Instead of turning left, we turned right. We ended up at this: a station that watches for forest fires. The ranger was just setting up her operation...been doing this every year for 30 years...and today was her first day. She asked Dee to help her get an outdoor couch out of her truck. He got it out and placed near her summer cabin.

 Then, she invited us UP! I was excited, though as I climbed, I realized I was terrified of heights. Not so this time. It was awesome to see north to the San Francisco Peaks, south to Mount Ord, and she said that on a clear day, she can see Mt. Lemmon near Tucson.

Picnic salad lunch

Target shooting...I shot as well...

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