Sunday, December 30, 2007

Please Be Patient...I Am Learning

I know the last post sounded quite odd...I am learning to use this, so please bear with me. I forgot about the first event of our fun week. Doran and Danyel drove up to Flagstaff, filled their pickup bed with snow, and brought it down to Phoenix so that, when Adam and Gracie arrived from Las Vegas, they would have a fun memory of their home in Flag... We all had such fun, and it was so sweet of them to provide us such a treat!

Nathan's Dream Becomes A Reality

Nathan planned for months as to what his house was going to be. He saved popsicle sticks, built a supporting framework, and covered it with 3 boxes of graham crackers. His even had a hele-pad for Doran's RC helicopter to land on.

Doran and Danyel's Home away from Home

This was Danyel's first time at G-Day, and she was such a great help. She and Doran came the night before and helped Papa and Grammy construct the houses. She made icing mortar, and cleaned up. Their house was beautiful, as well as tasty!

Kaity's Kolorful Kottage

Kaity created her own house, with fruit cereal on the roof and a sugar baby pathway.

Cameo and Ethan's house (Ethan even helped!) was a lovely snow cottage with coconut snow on the roof and candy lights.

Great Granny and Adam won...they were done first, as Adam determined. He had a great time with Great Granny Dorrie decorating his special creation.

The Wilkins Family house...The Nightmare before Christmas

Then, we met at our house for G-Day. All of the kids and grandkids come to eat goulash and grapes and goldfish crackers and gummy bears (thanks to Aunt Cameo and Uncle Ethan), and then build our fantastic gingerbread houses. The food was yummy, the family was great, and the houses came out....well, just look at all of them!

What A Week!

Wow! What a week we had. It was wonderful and full of love and fun. First, on Sunday, a few of us met at the care center for Tutu, and Doran and Danyel came and made a truly unique memory...a five generation photo.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A New Adventure

My sweet daughter, Allison, has, again, taught me something. She has introduced me to blogging. I am still very new at this, but I hope it can be a place to share about our family, so those who are not near can still feel a part of our day to day life.