Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fiesta Bowl Parade

Mostly pictures. It was so much fun! The weather was perfect. I could have marched forever! We hurried home, because we left Nate home with an awful case of the stomach flu!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Play It Again Band Rehearsal

Each year, for the last 24 years, and my 12th, a group of adults that played and marched in high school and college bands get together to march in the Fiesta Bowl Parade. I had to miss last year, but this year, I was able to attend. Dee thought his knee was too bad to march with a bass drum, but they found him some cymbals, so he was able to march in the actual parade, though during rehearsal, he was on the phone taking care of a family problem. It was so much fun to stand in my same spot, right next to Donna, and walk around the high school track. We get the music via email a few weeks ahead, and practice one night. 

My mom was a freshman at North High and was a mustang, so we took this for her. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Grammy Day!

Dad came down with a stomach flu bug on Christmas Day, so we feared our trip would need to be postponed a day. Thankfully, he felt well and we loaded our 15-passenger "sleigh" and headed north to Las Vegas. Jessica came with us, which really helped in keeping Nate from bugging Dad on the trip (wet willies, etc.)

We arrived to Joshy playing with Adam's new rocket toy...we all had fun watching.

Santa brought Adam the most awesome new bike! And he rides it  so well! He likes it cuz it's a BMX bike. Grammy likes it because it's her favorite color: GREEN!

We unloaded our sleigh of Christmas gifts...First, the ones from Papa

For Josh, a rocking snail

For Adam, a pinewood derby car box. 

For Grace, bunk beds for Hannah. 

Next were the gifts from Uncle Nate

 Then the stockings...a la Costco trash bags. Explanation: When I was young, my favorite part of Christmas was our stockings. Santa loaded them with the BEST things. Later, Santa loaded my kids stockings with fun things. So, since I loved it, I now load stockings every year for my kids and my grandkiddos. This year, I spent the year picking up bargains here, yard sale treasures there, and filled stockings for Allison, Mike, Adam, Grace, Josh, Ethan, Cameo, Doran, Morgan, Kayty, and Nathan. They each have a stocking hung over my fireplace that I fill, though this year, lack of space led me to fill clear trash bags, one for each kid. It ended up being genius because when it appeared we couldn't get together before church, I just handed each their bag from the back of the jeep after we were done with Christmas Eve.

Then, Nano had specially saved and prepared her Christmas eve dinner for us to bring up. Pulled Pork, Nano Carrots, Nano Stuffing, Ed's was great!

We even got to take a trip to the one and only place on the Las Vegas Strip that I have ever wanted to see: the Belagio!
In spite of what it appears, via the faces of Nate and Adam, we had a great time. The  traffic was thick and the driving slow, but we managed, thanks to quick hands that covered little eyes, to get there without too many distractions. 

The room was filled with things to see: huge polar bears covered in white mums, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, penguins skating, a train...I just loved seeing everyone's faces. 

I have heard of this ceiling covered in hand-blown glass flowers, but hearing is nothing like seeing. Adam has a favorite blue flower at the far end...and you would think it was one in a million, but it is indeed individual.

These fountains, choreographed to music, were spectacular. We stayed for two songs...even though it was cold. 

The next day: Grammy Day!!! First, Nate and Jessica constructed the houses. With Mike's expert help and his Buttermilk Syrup, we ate Gingerbread Pancakes, Gingerbread Waffles, Gingerbread Muffins, Grapes, Goldfish Crackers, Gummy Bears, Grape Juice and (G)Apple Juice. (On Grammy Day, we eat "G"foods)

Papa: caught in the act of snitching "mortar"!

Joshy like the mini muffins. That guy is just the greatest! 
The decorating then commenced!

Allison trained him well. He is expert in his attention detail. 

Tasting the building material is a necessary step in any construction.

Adam did a great job. I really liked how he selected and used some wrapped candy in his presentation. It made it fresh and yummy to eat later. 

Jessica carefully made icicles from the icing. It looked awesome.

Joshy and Mommy are nearly done. 

He was helping me put the extra candy away. Ain't he a cutie!

The 2011 Grammy Day Village Collection: Designed by artists Adam, Grace with help from Papa, Josh and Mommy, Jessica, and Nathan

We decided that the special houses Grammy had bought at World Market tasted awful. So, next year, we are bringing graham crackers...tons and everyone can build what they want, and then the eating will indeed be good as well!

We worked hard the rest of the day to wear off the effects of Grammy Day...
This little guy worked and worked, trying to get his bike to do what his big brother had done, ride over the rocket launcher pad and make the rocket go.

Papa raked winter leaves, or, rather, swept winter leaves, for Grace.

Grace wanted Papa to bury her in leaves. When Josh saw, he was so concerned and started getting her out.

At the playground...

Fun in the back of Grammy's van. I had to get out the gifts from Great Granny and Aunt Kayty... I had lots of help!
We got to attend Adam's pack meeting and watch him receive his awards. That was great!

The next day, we loaded, we played and then headed home.

When we came in, we found Dad's hunting Christmas Tree over on its side on the ground, top bent, ornaments all over. Fortunately, it was repairable, for the most part. I guess while we were gone, Beau decided to go where no dog has gone before: my living room. He is abundantly fortunate that HE is still among the living, and not hanging on that tree!