Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week of July 25 - 31, 2016


Dad attended a Wednesday evening and it was pleasantly full. He truly enjoyed the spiritual feast!

Kaylee and I attended pack meeting this week. The one cub scout that is almost moving up to the bear den completed all his requirements for the Wolf award! Hooray! That was Sister Day's and my goal! The boys presented their floor mats to sweet little Daniel and he loved them! I was so thankful that Angie had suggested this service project for the boys. It meant something to them, and I do believe they won't forget it!

I am in Moroni 1 in my scripture reading.

I have indexed 20, 281  records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins family was struggling with some illness this week. Adam was plagued with strep throat! No fun for Summertime! Grace was my buddy and texted me often, and was amazing in her gift of sending me hugs and sweet messages at the perfect moment!
They were making slime on Friday for a fun Summer family project. Sam wanted to sent messages too!
Grace lost another tooth

And made a cute tent for the tooth fairy to stay in (since the Wilkins are losing so many teeth now) complete with bedding, a drinking cup, and a ceiling decorated with stars and the moon.

Sam loved nursery on Sunday and even went potty!

The Ethan Rice Family
Busy Busy week for this family! Cameo had late nights Monday and Tuesday, both for work and for packing up the items she will need to work from their new home. Ethan came late Tuesday night and the movers packed boxes and items Wednesday and Thursday until late in the night (we drove Kaylee home at 6 pm and they were still at it with nothing near being done!) and the truck came Friday to load up. Here's Kaylee's last time coming out of her first home before it's empty

The truck will transport the loaded carrier and it will be taken to be transported via train across the country, then attached to a truck and taken to their beautiful new home! We helped with some final cleaning and repairs on Saturday morning.

We got to visit with them on Saturday afternoon before they headed out to dinner at Jade and James' house, and then visited Dave and Busters for one more hot night of Arizona family fun
 Ethan headed to the airport early Sunday morning and got there about 1:30 pm az time (yes, this stalker mom followed his plane across the country. Face it, Rice are ALWAYS gonna be my babies and I will always worry about you and be here for you!!!)  Kaylee and Cameo had lunch with Cameo's dear friend Michelle

The Doran Rice Family
Amber spent a few days in Ohio visiting her grandmother with her sister,

and Doran took a few days off work to be with the kids. They came on Wednesday evening to visit and swim.
Kelsie talking to her momma
A very active Kooper talking to momma

Amber had to say goodbye to hear wonderful Dad and stepmom, Barb...

 and returned home on Sunday to a slew of happy puppies...and a happier hubby and kiddos!

Morgan is loving his new job! He works in the cold room so it's very cold...a Rice boy favorite! He says when he comes into the regular AZ weather, this week in the 110 degree range, he feels like he has the flu! He and Christy are doing well!

Kayty started her new job and is really liking it.She had Saturday, Sunday and will have Monday off! She was able to attend church for the second week in a row!!!

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jessica had a great week. It's so nice to have a break from school for them! Nathan got his final grades: straight A's!! Woot woot!!! He spent some time during the days exploring potential fishing sights...and calling Dad to make him especially jealous!
Some pics I got this week...

Dad had a busy busy week, with meeting after meeting, and more and more responsibilities assigned to him, intermingled with a very long meeting on Thursday morning informing them of a 15 percent across the company reduction in the next two weeks.

Kaylee and I had W week.





We made pancakes, swam,

And a rare nap! I figured this might be the last time I get to snuggle this little one. She's growing up!

Dad's Garden
We are just keeping it alive! Water bill last month was big!

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Year of the House
No house work this week.

Other highlights
 A little morning surprise: rain!

 Nano and Kathy went to San Diego to see some of Mom's brothers. They attended the San Diego temple, visited the Newport Beach Temple

I was thinking as I was preparing for Friday: what a year! and it's only the end of July! Two of our children have purchased homes for their families. Most of our children have new jobs or promotions in their former jobs. Once child is nearly halfway done with college and kept his A average up this semester as well, so scholarship continues! One child and his family moved across the country and have a new baby is coming. One grandchild is now a teenager! I am looking forward to witnessing the rest of the year and what it will bring!

I got to jog...3.5 miles...on Saturday morning

Dad and I went to see Dinesh D'Souza's movie "Hillary's America". It was a very tough movie for me to watch. So awful to watch the evils toward other people that have been committed...and the lies and deceptions. Very hard to watch man's inhumanity to man.

Not so highlights
Our Wednesday morning surprise: water pipe break!

Took lots of time...and much advice and help

Thankful that we had extra water to use for flushing and washing, and that the propane tank that caught fire did not burn down the whole room!