Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week of June 27 - July 3, 2016


We had some wonderful times at the temple this week. Dad and I went over on Tuesday afternoon and performed sealing ordinances. I attended the early Wednesday morning endowment session and Dee attended the evening session that same day.

I completed my visiting teaching for the month on the telephone. Dad completed his home teaching late last Sunday night.

 I had a great cub scout meeting this week. We talked about flag care and the boy scouts folded a flag for us. We also learned about a service project we have planned and showed the boy how to present their plan to the cub scout committee in July.

It took quite a few changes to our stake baptism program this week, but I finally got it typed and Dad's script to conduct the meeting all ready by Wednesday. Saturday, we arrived early to set up rooms and make copies.It was an easy set up, and the three young men, including one of my cub scouts, were so happy. The best part of this callings is seeing those happy faces after they have made this important covenant. Laundry was completed Saturday evening.

I read the July Ensign Magazine this week. I scripture reading, I am currently in Helaman 11.

I have indexed  15465  records this year. 


The Wilkins Family
I spoke with Grace via text on Sunday. The Wilkins family had a great week! She and Sam were enjoying some corn dogs after church.Earlier in the week, Mike took Adam, Grace and Josh to a star wars demonstration. Some of the kids had pool noodle light sabers and all got to enjoy watching Darth Vader fight with those light sabers.

Grace got a beautiful new dress too!

The Ethan Rice Family
 Ethan started his new job. Cameo had some late days at work, and had to work Saturday afternoon. She had a doctor's appointment on Friday and all is well.Kaylee had a good week with Grandma and Grampy...and Tracker...

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber worked at their regular jobs all week. Doran spent evenings working with Morgan. I love hearing Doran talk about how important a job well done is. He is quite the craftsman and is taking after his great grandfather. Kelsie had a good week with Christy, and Kooper seems to have had a great patriotic celebration with his care giver...
I am told Kooper LOVES hats!
Dad and Doran had a good phone visit on Saturday evening.

Morgan is very busy working on a home remodel for one of his client's. He has had to paint and grind and lay flooring and all sorts of things. He also has been asked to work a job for someone near us welding a horse stall. Morgan also completed interviews and was hired on at Shamrock Foods in the meat department. He is not sure when the job starts but it will be great benefits.

Kayty had a couple of days off still at the beginning of the week. She went to Bachelor on Monday night, tried to get an interview at Costco on Tuesday (turns out everyone starts as a part time cart pusher making too little money for Kayty to be able to support herself on.) She headed back to Jos A Bank on Wednesday. An old friend, Barb Isaacson Pell, saw Kayty's job difficulties on facebook and has a position with CVS in mind for her. She will begin doing medical proof reading and then entering it into a spreadsheet. The first six months are temporary, but the job will be steady: 1 pm to 10 pm Tuesday through Saturday. And there is potential to work up in the company. She is ecstatic and can hardly wait for August.

The Nathan Rice Family
Jessica had her tonsillectomy early Monday morning, so Annalee got to come play with Grammy all day!

Papa gave her a sensory experience: she truly experienced watermelon! So, she needed a bit of a clean up!

Nano came by to visit

She took two naps!

It was such a great opportunity to get to know Annalee. I miss seeing my out of town grandkids so much! Jessica was looking really pretty good when I took Annalee back to her. Jessica's dad looked amazing too! He has been through so much with the motorcycle accident! Josh, Jessica's brother, and Dad gave Jessica a priesthood blessing and then we chatted a bit before we left.
We visited Nathan on the phone throughout the week. He did a lot of "machine shop class" talking with Dad and sent some pics...

He did well on many assignments and tests this week. The semester is winding down. Only a couple of weeks left!

Furlough week for dad, so he spent Monday altering the doors in the master bedroom that didn't quite fit right. He then worked on weeds in the yard, had lunch with grandma, and worked on making a gun stand for the trek coming up as well as a metal target to shoot at.

Monday for me was filled with Annalee. The rest of the week, I dusted, laundered, vacuumed, prepared for cub scouts, cleaned, filled in and painted all the door trim moldings in the bedroom and part of the hallway, scrubbed bathroom floors and toilets, got new paint on sale, and did a lot of errand running with dad.

Dad's Garden
We started freezing grapes this week. We also got some raisins that Dad said were pretty good.

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Year of the House
Door jams are done and all doors are hung and fit...except for Kayty's room. We also headed to Floor and Decor to see what was available. There was some gorgous white marble with grey feathering and pale green flecks that was absolutely to die for! Dad saw some really bold travertine with golds and rusts in it. However, I am going for a more neutral look so I insist we look at a creamy travertine. The store offers design services, so we are going to take our measurements down and see what they can come up with.

Christmas In July
I worked on baby Wade's Grammy Stocking and also started on my ornaments. I went through my way-too-many-to-mention bottles of paint and found the ones required for my project this year, and then, of course, had to order twelve more bottles of what I didn't have. 

Other highlights
Sprinkles this week. Humidity increased, temperatures moderated, wind blew, and we had sprinkles Wednesday night, Thursday morning,

An early happy birthday surprise...
I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday morning, waiting for it to start. I was looking around and looked to the back of the chapel...and there was Nathan carrying Annalee and Jessica came too! I was so surprised. Jess had mentioned earlier in the week that my birthday gift wouldn't arrive till Saturday night, but I assumed that they had a photo reprint that was being shipped via FedEx. It was the best birthday surprise ever...and I was totally and utterly surprised!! He said he had sent me a message, which I didn't look at till after church...

Thank you so very, very much for such a wonderful surprise!!! I got to enjoy sitting with Nathan in church, and my happiness was tenfold because I knew this little family was back together after being apart over a month!

Nate will return home Tuesday, and Jessica and Annalee will follow the next Tuesday.

Not so highlights
We missed out on big rains this week. We had just enough rain to mess up the cars. 

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