Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week of July 4 - 10, 2016


Dad spent his week getting ready for our stake pioneer trek next week. He attended meetings, assembled and met with his committee, had Doran print out the most awesome buffalo target to shoot at, purchased the supplies, etc. This took away from his temple attendance for this week.

With all the ward - nearly - out of town, we cancelled cub scouts for this week. The boys in town did a great presentation today at our Cub Scout Committee Meeting on a service project they are doing in a few weeks. They did awesome!!

I have indexed 16505 records so far this year.

In the scriptures, I am in 3 Nephi 10.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins had a wonderful Independence Day. Grace made special goodie bags for the family. Their wonderful neighbors had a huge fireworks show that the Wilkins could enjoy from their very own driveway, since the house finally closed! Hooray!! I found out on Sunday morning that this family took a trip to San Diego this weekend! I haven't gotten any details but it sounds like a wonderful time!!

The Ethan Rice Family
Some pics from Cameo's Sunday...

They went to Dewey with some of Cameo's family here from Arkansas.

Ethan is busy at work. His regular shift is from 3 pm to 11 pm, but the area he is in charge of has many problems, requiring him to work twelve hour days, six days a week. They did find a house
and Cameo and Kaylee go out next week to see it and find a doctor for her. The movers are scheduled to pack up on July 27th and the new house closes August 4. Exciting for this family!!Kaylee and Cameo had good weeks and Cam had a good doctor's appt on Friday.

 Katty Lou Lou came to stay with us on Friday...

And Cameo and Kaylee took off Saturday morning to visit Daddy for a week and see their new home..

The Doran Rice Family
Doran had a crazy busy work week, and drove nearly all over the state on Thursday. He and Amber welcomed Kelsie's friend to a movie and slumber party on Friday night. They brought out that amazing buffalo target and visited on Saturday before heading to a birthday party. Amber's store has physically recovered from the break in and they know who the thief is...he tried to pawn the bow just a few miles away.

Morgan and Christy had a very busy week! Kelsie was with Christy all week and spent the night Thursday as well. Morgan's home improvement work project finally came to a close, but not before a water pipe broke and needed repair. He is so glad that job is done! He is getting the final paperwork complete to start work at Shamrock. He is also busy installing new locks in Christy's daughter, Sam's new house.They celebrated Christy's daughter, Michelle's 18th birthday on Saturday with a party and homemade Mexican food.

Kayty had a good work week, and she is hoping the new CVS job works out. Barb was kind enough to come over on Sunday night and show her some Excel things she needs for the job. She was off work on Saturday and spent it watching television.

And only 1 save this week...and for the last three weeks!!

The Nathan Rice Family
Dad was able to take Nathan to the airport very early Tuesday for his return flight to Idaho. Nathan was to land, drive 40 minutes and head right to class.The airline cooperated and he made it home safe and got to his classes.He had a good week at school and did well on his assignments and tests. We didn't hear from him on Saturday, which means he had TONS of homework! Jessica and Annalee came by one more time on Sunday afternoon to visit and then say goodbye! I have felt so blessed to have them here and to be able to spend time getting to know Annalee better. My greatest joy will be when this little family is back together next Tuesday!

Dad made it back from the airport to start his day with a meeting. The new program doesn't kick off till the 18th of July, and with two weeks of so many people gone, it will take a while to get back into the swing of things. The week ended up getting more and more involved, as dad had problems with a supplier not delivering on time and having meetings for hours on Thursday regarding a new supplier of his.

Kaylee came on Tuesday. We were talking about the letter J
Started the week with patriotic July activities

Wednesday was J is for Jelly Bean

Thursday and Friday we did other J activities...
And did other fun things to pass the day until we could swim

Dad's Garden
Peppers are still being picked and dehydrated. He is also getting some grapes...and a few raisins.

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week other than his friend, Joe, gave him some pretty awesome mufflers.

Year of the House
No house work this week.

Christmas In July:
Worked on Baby Wade's stocking a minimum of 15 minutes per day every day this week. I enjoyed Christmas music on Saturday, while Kayty was asleep that is. I also got 25 ornaments sealed and am beginning to trace so I can paint the background.

Other highlights
My Birthday
I had hiked last week, since I wasn't sure how Kayty's health would be on my birthday, and I didn't want to miss the hike.
At the top of the mountain

I really could have gone on my birthday, but I had a lot of cleaning and preparations to do for the afternoon celebration, so I talked myself into staying in the cool house and exercising. Still, I did make it to the top and down and no one passed me! Score!

I spent the day cleaning and preparing for the party. I was so blessed to receive over 100 facebook birthday wishes. Most of the time, I can take or leave facebook...but on a birthday, it's amazing!

Grace wished me well and sent me a beautiful original piano piece along with greetings and birthday wishes from the family. 

First, from Kayty...
She got me a new house for my village...Grinch is a new part of that

Grinch and Max accessory
 And from Grammy and Jessica's Birthday Celebration...

Annalee is still not too sure about men!

Cameo made me the perfect "cake"!

We had so much good food! Nathan and Jess made hamburgers and Morgan and Christy made chicken breasts. The grill masters did a superb job. We also enjoyed chips, salads, and all sorts of good things. Thank you to all who brought and shared.

Cameo did the cakes...fruit for me, and a strawberry jello cake for Jessica that was amazing. Jessica has lost ten pounds in the last week and can eat so little with her sore but healing throat. The cake was soft and tasty and just hit the spot.

We did our best to get pics of everyone, but in the craziness of so many wonderful family members we missed some of you. Thanks for making this day so fun!!

Though gifts are not the best part...I do want to express my sincere appreciation to Nano and Grandma for the birthday money, to Ethan and Cameo for the Mickey Camping and Mouse Tower accessories for my village, to Doran, Amber, Morgan and Christy for my fitbit, to Kayty for my Grinch village pieces, and to Nathan and Jessica for the surprise airplane trip! You all are wonderful!

When the festivities ended, I was able to facetime with Ethan. He was busy at work, but took time out to wish me a happy birthday. Thanks so much!!

I walked into Dollar Tree on Thursday evening...and there were Fall Flowers and Pumpkins!!!! Loved it!!

Dad completed a repair for Grandma's high chair...all lathed himself out of a piece of oak
I made some Cowboy Candy...candied jalepenos...for Dad. They are supposed to sit for two weeks before eating. Lets see how many jars are left when the two week waiting period is up!

Not so highlights
  I have learned that even things that seem not so highlight end up being blessings. I have been experiencing a lot of feelings lately...other than the tired ones. It has been a wonderful six weeks getting to know Annalee! I have been blessed with over three years caring for Kaylee. My greatest joy is that those two little girls have been/will be reunited with their daddies and their family will be whole again. I am so happy for the new permanent homes purchased by Allison and Mike, and Ethan and Cameo. I am so happy for the wonderful education that Nathan and Jessica are getting in Idaho. That joy far exceeds the woeful moments of feeling sorry for myself. No cousins getting to know each other. No more large family campouts. Grammy day is long gone. Grammy bags are fading into the sunset (once the tub is empty, they are done. ) I cannot travel like I thought I would be able to, part to to health concerns here, part due to our income on the decrease. It makes me pout...for a moment or two. But there are such great opportunities for our children and grandchildren to grow, to experience, to learn...I am so grateful for that...and that joy for outweighs the moments. I am sorry I cannot see you all as much as I would like to...but I joy in hearing...your adventures and your wonderful lives!!!

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