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Week of July 11 - 17, 2016


I began my Wednesday in a wonderful early morning temple session.

Cub Scouts was good, though we only had one boy attend. At least he was the one that needed the items we were covering for the day!

We had ward conference on Sunday and were blessed to hear a very inspiring message in Sacrament meeting about forgiving, not holding grudges, and being kind.

I am in 3 Nephi 25 in my Book of Mormon reading.

I have indexed 18185 records so far this year. Dad indexed three records today.


The Wilkins Family
Here is Grace's account of their fantastic trip last weekend:
"It was so cool! WE went to a bottle forest where they recycled everything!
Mike planned the trip and found a cool spot to get out and stretch about halfway through: Bottle Tree Ranch.on

Then, we drove four hours to our hotel to change for the beach! The beach was an island so we had to drive across a bridge!
They all LOVED the ocean. We went to Coronado Beach first. As soon as we got there, Adam said, "The inside of seashells really DOES sound like the ocean."
Sam adored the HUGE "sandbox" to play in! He loved burying his feet and finding them again over and over.
Grace had so much fun using seaweed as a jump rope.

 After we went to the beach we went back to the hotel to take a shower! Then we went to a restaurant called "Fred's".
We grabbed some dinner in Old Town that night... the best Mexican food I've had since leaving Arizona.

Then we went to the hotel to sleep. Then after we woke up we went to the store to get breakfast . Then we went to the Mormon Battalion and panned for gold.
We went to the awesome presentation at the Mormon Batallion and panned for gold afterward.
Sam LOVED the gold!
 Then we walked on a very scary bridge.
The next morning, Mike found a cool suspension bridge that was originally builing in the 1910s. It was huge and scary and swayed the entire time... and the kids LOVED it!
Looking at all of the greenery!

Then we went to another beach where I found a lot of coral and swam to my dad where I couldn't touch the ground!
Beach #2: Children's Pool in La Jolla.
More sand castles. They couldn't get enough.
These guys wore themselves out swimming for hours.
Enjoying the warm sand and sun after swimming in the cold water. Sam did NOT want to leave!
Before we headed out, we stopped at the San Diego temple. SO gorgeous!
Love these four crazies and I'm so thankful we got to get away with them for a little while!

Then we went to drive home and we shopped for about an hour and then we went to Chik Fil A and then we drove and I was asleep! At the second beach we got a horrible sunburn, but we rented a van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Later, she shared:
"(Sam) was scared a little by the waves. Him and dad were out there! Adam found a living sea biscuit and it died yesterday because it was in the sun too long!!"
Adam found a living "sea biscuit" that he named McNizzle. Unfortunately, it didn't live for too long in a sand bucket.

What a wonderful vacation this family had!!

Adam has been having knee problems for quite awhile and went to the doctor on Wednesday to find out what is wrong. He will be having physical therapy for awhile to see if that helps strengthen those tendons.

The family had to replant their garden...too much mulch...and are excited for pumpkins!

Allison spent some of her rare spare time working on Christmas - I am sure working on the Wilkins' Jesse Tree ornaments for this year. They are excited that Allison has the next two weeks off work and this family has some fun things planned!

I want to thank Grace for her texts to me this week!! Number one, she has now earned the position of Wilkins' Family Ace Reporter, and Number Two, I get to talk with her and that is almost as good as being in Vegas!!!

The Ethan Rice Family
I got to face time with Kaylee on Wednesday morning. She was helping Daddy do some laundry. I got to see some of the scenery where they many trees!! She told me about a trip she and family took to the Aquarium in Atlanta. She got to pet a shark and a ray, and see a dolphin show where she got splashed!

Cameo and Kaylee headed back home on Sunday.They had a wonderful time!I saw pictures of the aquarium as well as Stone Mountain park where they sat on the grass and enjoyed a laser show and music. Kaylee is quite good at the "Cha Cha Slide"! They stopped by to pick up Catty Lu Lu on their way to get groceries. Busy times ahead for this family!

The Doran Rice Family
This family had a good week and Doran went out on a Man Campout (aka Service Retreat) with his coworkers.

 And Kooper helps mom's Dog Rescue with the snuggling and loving...

No news from Morgan this week, though we did find out his new job starts tomorrow. 

Kayty had Monday and Wednesday off. She had a phone interview for her new job on Monday and was called on Wednesday for more information. She had a drug test on Thursday and seems that she will begin this new adventure on July 25th. They did emphasize that the job was temporary in the interview, but we hope she likes the work and this can lead to a full time position.

The Nathan Rice Family
Annalee had some fun with Mommy and Aunt Cynthia on Sunday evening...

Jessica and Annalee returned home on Tuesday! It was a long time apart for this family! Nathan is busy studying and preparing for finals, .Nathan talked to Dad during the week and told him that he had earned scholarships for the next three semesters!!! That was an answer to many prayers and I am so grateful to BYU Idaho and the generous individuals who donate money to make this education possible.He is working very hard to get ready for finals this week.

Annalee was a good little daughter and didn't start walking while she was away from Daddy..but it looks like she's getting near...

 We chatted for a few minutes on Sunday afternoon.

Dad had meetings on Monday. During one meeting with a supplier that has been having great difficulty delivering on time, it was learned that a gentleman, who had worked for Honeywell - moved from position to position and then fired - had also been fired from that company. It surely will help! The group was still in a limbo situation since the new program kickoff comes next week!

My week included hauling palm fronds and branches and doing other yard work

after I exercised, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, completing the wall/trim painting in the playroom, lunch with Grandma on Thursday,  and went to Michaels twice: once with Kayty and once with Grandma

I was in heaven!!!

Dad's Garden
He picked some grapes Monday. We are getting small eggs from the newer hens every day. Peppers are struggling to survive in this heat.

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Year of the House
Not much done this week.

Other highlights
Dad had a great time on trek! Here are some of his pics..

Nano did the kindest thing this week and I had to share. I have a friend in our ward who has been struggling through some gruelling chemotherapy treatments. The last session almost did her in, and she needed to use a blanket while she was in the hospital a few weeks ago, nearly septic, so Dad took my Nano Blanket over to her. She went on and on about how wonderful it was and she wanted to learn how to make one. Well, leave it to Nano...she had some adorable fabric with big blue whales on it, and got one made for Janet! Janet was so touched, and very thankful for this warm hug from someone who did not even know her. I told her she now was the owner of a 'Nano Blanket"! "As ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Thank you, Nano, for the great example to our family!

Not so highlights
It's hot here. Monsoon is non existent. Temperatures are melting. I am thankful it's cool in Idaho and Georgia so at least ALL of us aren't suffering.

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