Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Good Thing About Texting and Cell Phones

Look what greeted me as I did laundry this morning...(my son Doran took a business trip to Vegas and spent the night with Allison). Such a cutie!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Mans...

You have heard the statement "one man's trash is another man's treasure". My sweet hubby and I "date" every Saturday morning at yard sales, and we can attest to this fact! We have such fun sharing our time, hunting for goodies, finding some things that are truly needs, some frivolities (i.e. my dish closet) and some things that even we think should see the dump! However, it still remains that what someone finds unnecessary, another needs.

So that brings me to my latest irritation: texting on a cell phone. Truly, Kayty wasn't too bad about it...and it sure is nice to send a message this way to a college student so that you don't interrupt a class. It got a little irritating to send texts to son Doran...but now I know that is just how you get ahold of problem. Then, Nathan got his own phone. First, the texting was not bad at all, but, lately, it is through our meals, while we are talking, and it just gets irritating. I was thinking about making limits on this heinous habit...Until...yes, it's the great "until"...I wanted to talk to my grandbabies last night...and I texted them. Now, I text "I love you" off and on to them...and sometimes I even can text Adam when he is sick...but last night, just being able to talk back and forth about the weather, about the dream Grace had about pink and purple ponies...about what we had for dinner...about staying up late so they could drive to get Daddy from work (too much spelling for me to ask why they can't use both their vehicles? Poor kids, something must be on the fritz!) Anyway, the curse of dinner suddenly became my tie to my Grandbabies. I hope Adam was helping Grace, for I was talking to her, and, if he...nor Mommy...wasn't, I have the most brilliant 3 year old speller on the earth!!! We can say that it is like homework...spelling-we don't abbreviate the words...and we have to think about what we are going to say. So it can be justified in many ways...the best of which is that I can do my stuff (except drive...never ever text while driving) and still keep in contact with those sweet ones that I miss so very, very much!

So maybe, just maybe, one man's...or woman's disdain, can also be that same woman's joy! I guess, like almost everything, it's just in how you look at it! And the best part...I got finished with my "getting ready for bed" duties last night, heard a beep...and saw "I Love You" texted to me...what a perfect way to end the day!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Seven

As I have said MANY times... I follow quite a few blogs...have learned so much, seen so much, and gotten so very many ideas: decorating, cooking, crafting, home management, and even blogging! This morning, I found a new challenge, called Saturday Seven on Somewhat Simple. This week's Saturday Seven is "Seven Things I Would Do If My Husband Wouldn't Freak Out".

1. Paint our oak cabinet in the master bathroom black. There is something about a man who can woodwork. My hubby has many, many talents and hobbies (I am so lucky!) and one is that he can make almost anything out of wood. We have spent many hours in past years making pine curio cabinets, oak Barbie Doll houses (four stories, no less!), toy kitchens, shelves, etc, I love the smell of oak when you cut it and sand it...nothing like it. Well, that same person who loves the our cabinet in the bathroom is made of, ONLY wants the wood stained, not painted. Now, I like the oak cabinets in the kitchen (dated, but I LOVE them, so I just re-urethaned them a couple of years ago. I so would like that neat computer cabinet we found at a yard sale a lovely dark olive green, but there would be NO way I could paint that...but our bathroom cabinet literally has seen 26 years of use, abuse, etc. and the black color would be such an improvement, is solid oak, so, for my woodworker, that is a NO WAY!

2.Buy That Bedspread I found on have NEVER had a real nice room...and that is okay, for I love my living room and my kitchen and my pantry and I have done the kiddos rooms over and over and the kids bath is room...well that is down the hall and still has ceiling damage from the storm 14 or 15 years ago (now, I don't blame him...tried to fix...not good fix...need to remove board on ceiling, move insulation, get new board, etc...and he is a busy guy with projects ALL benefit from) and the bathroom, well the tub pipe broke last year and we have a temp fix and I tore all the dated peach and blue wallpaper off...hoping to be an inspiration...2 years ago. Needless to say, it needs help...however I did paint it the most beautiful green...Glidden Soothing Green Tea...I JUST FINISHED the paint...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE It.and it is now all one color, not 3...and, aside from that ceiling, which I have just learned to room makes me happier than it has in I was looking for damask print bedding on the internet yesterday...found one I just LOVE...but it's $169 bucks...way out of our budget now (we are doing great, but have to be very tight...I have even made it 10 days now without going to the grocery store...On Friday he will get a normal check, not a furlough check like the last one...and I can buy things again, though, other than salad and milk, we are doing pretty darned good...anyway, he probably would not mind, but I know it would be a symbol of extravagence that we don't need right bedding!

3. Go to bed at 9:00P.M. Now, I get up early...3 am...and exercise, and, later, I run, then wake up the next group, give a foot rub, lay out clothing, make lunches and breakfasts, etc. and I have a pretty full day. At around 9, I want to curl up and snore. However, I have a night owl for hubby. It's not his fault...he says he would love to be in bed then too, but he also has been a private DJ, along with his regular career of being a manufacturing engineer (hence, my ability to be a stay at home mom-hubby has worket at least two, if not three jobs our entire marriage), so staying up late goes with the territory. We have always gone to bed at the same time...almost 30 it's not likely to change, but there is always the few times he goes on a scout outing or hunting! (and then, I seem to find a project to work on that keeps me cleaning or something till waaaaaaay later than I normally would stay up! bad!!!)

4. Cook Potato Soup. I think my kids would like potato soup...and it's a real economical meal...but his mom made potato soup when he was young, and he was not a fan of it then, and won't even eat it at all now. His mom is a great cook, and I used to love it when his dad would make some and sneak me some. I don't know if it's the onions...he is terribly allergic to onions...or what, but he won't even try now, so I doubt it really was a "mom can't cook it" thing, but rather, an "I hate it" thing. We don't eat anything he doesn't like. (when he is gone...I don't cook!) So, no chance for potato soup.

5. Oh, my Goodness...I can think of nothing else...not seven, not six, not even five...we have been married so long that I cannot think of one more thing I would do that would freak him out, because we just think so much alike, so much of the time, that I just have no inkling, no desire to do anything like about ol' married folk! Well, maybe next week the seven will be easier for me!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I haven't written in a few days. I wasn't gonna write today. Nothin' to say about my life that would edify anyone else's life. Someone I love said something that made me just plain out of sorts. Anger does not enter. This was just an indication of a preference this person had. No big deal to most all of you. I guess it may have just come at the wrong time. No one seems to realize that I do plan things. No one sees that I care about things...and those things are obviously different from their priorities. Two mornings ago, I was grouched at from 4 am on. "Grrrrrroooooowwwwwlll" I leave my exercising to find someone was cold, was missing their blanket, was sure someone had taken it, till I very kindly pointed out it was UNDER their knees! Now, I assure you, I was sweet as sugar and got it out from under the knees, opened it up and dearly covered that cold person. That began a day...and now three days of things that I did or did not do that proved to be an irritation to someone here: waffles for dinner...could me not have them any more-too sweet (an interesting concern, for I had painstakingly made them no sugar, total whole wheat flour and buttermilk I had gotten on clearance last week, and I brushed the griddle with olive oil rather than that awful spray stuff...and they came before the ingestion of 6 snickers, chips, salsa, javalina ribs...and the fact that I keep a menu calendar, and we haven't had waffles for 3 months...and the waffles weren't the only dinner item...we had fresh scrambled eggs and chorizo, so there were other options) Now, I am saying that my feelings are truly MY fault, not the fault of the victim of my trying to save money because we have to live on half a paycheck for the next two weeks. I have found that, as hard as I have tried, I apparantly do not take responsibility for, nor admit to, the things I do wrong...and haven't for 30 years...I guess my efforts have been terribly insufficient in this area, though I have, as of late, taken responsibility for chickens not laying eggs, drawers not being able to open cuz I was painting our room and it wasn't dry so I didn't move the junk back to it's original location, loss of a title I didn't touch, the solar water heater not heating...on and on. This little insignificant request has set off a tsunami of irritation, dark chocolate ingestion (they are only chocolate chips...and I have given up the candy corn...and I try to suck on them, one at a time...unless I am just losing it), talking to myself (which should be of yesterday, my house is mine all one to mess my clean up!). I have been questioned as to the location of someone's plaid shirt, phone chargers, I have tied a knot incorrectly when someone was hoisting a door so they could paint the rain. I have listened to someone and someone else being totally irritated at the mess the other left (I truly find it interesting that when one makes a mess themselves, that is not a mess, but if someone else does the same thing-but in another color, or with a different tool, that IS a mess!)Those who are in training might be critiquing everything I do, or don't make or cook. I am now afraid to bake anything! No wonder I am just plain pouting about everything...where we go, when we go, who is and is not going. What time. Why go to a parent meeting tonight...heck, I don't know anything except the team mom sent me an email. I don't remind at the right time. I didn't wake them up enough times. I woke them up when I went out to run. Chores not done. Doing too many chores and cleaning up dinner when I should be outside freezing while a kind person (this person truly is very kind!!!) is building something that will be such fun for our family.

So, for now, this non writing effort, I am pouting. Hopefully, I can grow up. Now, again, I am ADMITTING that I am in the wrong. I should be grateful for things being built, for lovely rain (that actually has let up every morning right when I need to run!), for my green paint that my mother in law gave me money for Christmas so that I could buy room is beginning to make me as happy as my living room does (two happy places...Imagine that!)For texting...can't understand a thing on the phone and so I love to text Adam...can't wait till Grace and Joshua can spell!!! So, watch out. I am still pouting...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I LOVE This Idea

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it, and, while sitting eating my salad of cabbage and fat free Italian dressing, I read my google reader and found this amazing idea. Now, I don't think I will have time to make such a lovely pillow as this, but maybe just get a cute Valentine-y print at WalMart and make a little one to try it!


What is with me? On a normal day/night, I awaken at 3am, exercise, run, get hubby's clothes out, wake him up, pack his lunch (save your lectures, dearies...he works outside the home supporting all of us on one income, so I try to make him feel great before he faces the world!) and on and on. I am a morning person, so shopping, cleaning, laundry, meal prep is done then. Unfortunately, I am married to a "later in the day"/night person. So, we go to bed at 11 or 11:30 (whenever I become unconscious). This is sometimes frustrating to my sweetheart, whom is often carrying on a conversation with me when I lapse into my coma. I try and try, and usually am very tired...till fav day, for I don't run or exercise, and I get to SLEEP!

So, when hubby is out of town, like last night, I look forward to an early bedtime, later awakening, and leisurely day. So, last night, I cleaned, vacuumed, dusted, and scrubbed. I saved the back half of the house for today (Nate and Dad are use cleaning for grubby, dirty, smokey smelling men to enter and shower/bathe) So, I was ready for bed...just had to put something away in my drawer...oh, my ...I should just clean this one little drawer, done, and then I saw my sock drawer...and then my cupboard with my jewelry, painting clothes, band hats, flute and piccolo (I get them out once a year for the parade!)...which led to that cupboard, and Dee's goody cupboard being cleaned. Now, it's almost midnight! Off to bed...awake at 2:30...would love to put some paint on the wall-painting my room a little at a, go back to sleep Suzzy!...alarm rings at 3:45...snooze...wake up call for Dee at 5...start sit ups...second wake up call for Dee...see nightstand drawer...clean out all those flashlights...take them out to the garage and climb up on removed van seats to get them in a box in his hunting my crunches...clean out closet of wrapping paper and boxes and put them in entry Christmas leg lifts...some, then out to take the recurve bow and the extra suitcases to the garage. Also put the real estate agent brief case out in office...not much use for that lately!!! then a few more exercises...then I need batteries for the computer keyboard...stop...start....clean...put away...Oh, the sun is coming up...go hike, stop at a yard sale...check the computer...change out of exercise clothing...laundry...and here I extra sleep, but tons of stuff done! And the house looks pretty darned good! And now, I want to paint...but Danyel may want to come and hike while Doran plays golf! How did I get here...I am very happy...lots done, lots organized...lots put away... I guess it might be good to be sidetracked.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gotta Remember

How soon we forget. I have been rather ambitious on my goal setting for the list hanging over my washing machine-a place I spend LOTS of time-has many entries...comment on 2 blogs a day, LISTEN, and on and on...Last week went great. I listened and noticed when I did. This week, not so good. I am gonna make some kind of I remember and watch! I did comment on a few blogs, acknowledged things that others had done for me...I even started painting my room my beloved sage green today...Just a bit at a time (it looks quite "festive" now...1/4 sage green, and 5/8 burgundy red, and the rest navajo white! Oh, well, it's a start. Now, I better get to LISTENING to the music I have playing loudly and get my work done!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Be Strong and Of Good Courage

Be strong and of good courage...the theme that will inspire the Young Men and Women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the next year...stands to inspire all of us. I follow Under My Umbrella, and the sign, with the Salt Lake Temple, really touched me, for I really need to be strong and of good courage as the Church tries to build a temple in my neighborhood. This temple has been approved by all, except the neighbors. The Church still seeks to find a way for peace and happiness on both sides. I love to run by the site every morning. I just never ever thought I would be blessed to be living near a temple! I pray that it will be able to be built. I now know just a small part of what those who have come before me have sacrificed for a temple to be built. It is my time to be strong and of good courage.

A Very Minimal Happy Birthday

Today is very special in our home, for, 17 years ago, at 2:37 P.M., I gave birth to a 9 pound 4 ounce baby boy...the caboose of our train, the final chapter of birthing babies...and a guy who, in spite of: having to be the last of six, having teenage brothers being your best buddies...and greatest influence-both for good...and bad!...and being reared by "aging parents" (as he refers to us), having "seen it all", still amazes us with his sharp whit, his fun, and his love...though he never lets on that any of it means a thing to him. He is the ultimate in Minimal! Now, you would think a kid that comes at the end would need to be loud or crazy or out of control, simply to be noticed in this menagerie we call our family, and yet his silence, his lack of acknowledgment of anything seemingly important have been his trademark in getting recognition. He and Ethan were immediate best buds right from the start...and I swore that, when I had to go to his first parent/teacher conference, Ethan would attend with me to explain Nathan's "whit" and cynicism. He was truly a "mini-teenager". He also adores his other older brothers, though there are times I will look up from something in the kitchen and find him having a knock down dragout fight with an older brother! Nothing stops Nathan from being known, but he does it in a minimal manner. He is very bright...has a photographic never has been a problem. Minimal response guy texted me the other day...he EXCEEDED all the standards on the state AIMS test (Including the new science portion) which, I understand, qualifies him for FREE tuition at any Arizona university. And he just texts a screaming, no jumping...(so OPPOSITE Kayty, who is always "out there": pink hair, loud giggles, conversations with no one???) He is passionate about so many things...loves football and went from NEVER playing at the beginning of his sophomore year, to HONORABLE MENTION division lineman of the year! He loves hunting...has brought home more than one elk...Dad and Ethan have yet to be so lucky!
He loves to work...mixes concrete, lays block, builds, digs...He loves to work on his truck...rebuilding, grit blasting, sanding, painting, refurbish, live on Craigslist for find cheap parts. He loves his nephew(s)- hasn't seen Joshua yet...and niece...and who would have thought it, cuz while we were staring at a nursery window raving over Adam, we couldn't find Nathan-had found a cartoon room, and Cartoon Channel was far more interesting than a new baby! He likes inventing, creating, and being a winner...just ask his physics partner...there is quite a competition to see whom he picks to work with!
He is always a just can't guess what he will say, what he will do, or how he will react...and so, he is ever a surprise, though not like a bolt of thunder...and not a bad one like a surprise speeding ticket...just a never ending wonderment. So, today, Nathan, while you do not attend the Academic Awards Night and get your fifth Principal's List Pin for straight A's, while you don't want me to go to any trouble to make your fav hot wings for dinner (I'm gonna do it) and "Mom, you pick my birthday cake... you get both Mississippi Mud cake and Easy Cherry Cheesecake", know that your understated questioning, your minimal smile, your less than enthusiastic support... and your never ending hugs are cherished, for they make you our unique caboose...our Nathan! Happy Birthday!

P.S. Nathan has proven to be a practical math whiz. Case in point:

1 indecisive on birthday cake boy + 1 overachiever mom = Mississippi Mud Cake AND Quick Cherry Cheesecake.

(He should get home from school/soccer game about 7:30 or 8:00, so if anyone has a craving, feel free to drop by!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Chance To Listen

At least, I hope it was the first time I had been prompted!!! Anyway, yesterday, I dropped Nate off at school, and proceeded to go get gas. I was near Fry's gas, and since I thought there was a chance that I had spent 100 bucks on groceries there in the last month (if so there is a 10 cent per gallon discount), and I needed to buy a few cases of food at their case lot sale anyway, so, just to ensure that expense (which, by the way, didn't come up to 100 bucks, even with the case of tomatoes, tomato sauce and peanut butter) I went to the store first. Their cases were right inside the front door, and I began to look for my tomatoes, when a kind older gentleman (maybe a store greeter) came up to me and tried to help me, saying that a lady yesterday complained that the cases were broken open so the cans could fall out (my silent complaint as well). He helped me, and then we began to talk, and talk...and talk...about his wife who used to shop the sales and knew just when the case lot sales would come, so the food would run out at just the right time, about how she died four years ago, about his granddaughter, her husband and new great grandson that are now living with him, about his men's group at his church and how three of his best friends also lost their wives around the same time, about his wonderful marriage-would have been 49 years last month, I think, about a friend he had met who lost her husband at about the same time and their great conversation at Mimi's cafe the other night, about his hospital stay recently for Valley Fever, and sad and depressed he had gotten, but slowly he brought himself out of it by putting up Christmas decorations, about his visitors Christmas Eve and the best little play that was put on for him with their 10 home schooled children in his family room, about his granddaughter that is going to University of Arizona next year to become a pediatrician and all the scholarship money she has been getting. My phone rang once in my pocket, and I just ignored, for I felt like I NEEDED to just LISTEN...and I did. It was a treasured time with a very very nice person, and, as I got my last case, paid, and left for my gas, and home, I felt like I had done one thing good... I LISTENED...and it seemed to be the only thing good I did all day. I am sure glad I did it, and know better that the opportunities won't wear a big sign or anything. Even when Dee got frustrated in the evening, I stopped myself from biting back, and just listened...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Word Of The Year

“A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.”

I have been reading a few blogs (Family Traditions: One Story At A Time)that have talked about selecting a word for the year: a theme of sorts, that sums up what you want for yourself in 2010. I found this very intriguing...and I have thought quite a bit about it. There are so many words that I need to work on: faith, patience, understanding, patience, prayer. I finally came upon one word that brought to me all that I need and want for the year. So, my word is listen

Now, for my explanation...I have been a stay at home mom for 29 years. Thus, I did not finish college. I did not gain many skills that are usable today. (Believe me, I know...I have tried and tried to find a job. My resume must be totally amusing to those looking at it. I even thought I would be good at a part time mail room job, but I had to check the box that asked if I had ever worked in a mail room...and I kicked myself for turning down that opportunity when I was 18 years old to go from Personnel Clerk to Mailroom...what a silly mistake it was to be "loyal to the personnel department".) Anyway, I know we will need me to financially help around here. Hubby's company is outsourcing EVERYTHING, and he soon will face that. And his other endeavors are not as profitable as they once were. I NEED to know what direction I need to take. I have prayed, researched, tried a class (but that is financially out of the question for now), tried, prayed, fasted...and I have not gained any insight. However, am I LISTENING? I get very frustrated with things, situations, relationships...I need guidance. I ask the Lord, but am I LISTENING? I need direction, I need knowledge, I need to know what to do, what steps to take. I have willing hands, and a willing heart, but am I LISTENING? I need to do more for others. I need to serve. I just don't know where to start. I am sure needs are out there, just waiting for me, but am I LISTENING? When my children tell me things, when my hubby shares his feelings, when I talk to my sister, or blog, or Facebook...I read, but do I LISTEN?

So, that is my Word of the Year...Listen. Hey, now it's your turn...what is your
2010 Word Of The Year?

Monday, January 4, 2010

So Glad It's Over!

Just finished taking down, wrapping, organizing, boxing, and putting away Christmas, and I am so glad it's over! I have spent my share of the last few days Facebook Complaining over my plight: tired from running and marching in a parade. I did a lot, and did it pretty fast, and my attic looks rather lovely, if I do say so myself. My sister read my complaints, though, and got the impression that I didn't like what I did, what I was doing, and gave me suggestions that she does...not putting so much up, only every other box of decorations, etc. I was so surprised, not at her offer to ease my burden, but that my attitude had portrayed such negativity! I LOVE Christmas!!! I LOVE the decorations!!! I LOVE the music. I LOVE everything!!! And, as I thought about being glad it's done, what else in our lives are "Glad It's Over" moments that we truly love!

First, is, of course, holidays, like Christmas. I take over a week...that is 6 put everything up. I dread getting the boxes down, getting the trees out for my village, pulling everything out and taking down the "regular" stuff...but, oh, how I love to sit in the light of my beautiful Christmas trees. I get up early to run, and there is nothing better than a fully decorated kitchen, lit only by a nightlight, as I go out the door. So glad it's over, but so glad I did it. That also goes for the stockings, the gifts...I start Dec. 26 looking for bargains...I already have 6 or 7 stockings under way...and one done...for next year. I love to look for deals, for good ideas...So glad it's over when presents are wrapped and given, but so happy my work made so many sooooo happy!

How about Kayty's concerts...she practices songs for hours and hours and hours. Our house is literally filled with music. And then, the concert exceeds all expectations. So glad it's over, but so glad so many talented people gave their all for the enjoyment of all.

How about Nathan's football...hours and days and weeks of running and weight lifting, memorizing plays, practicing in 116 degree heat...homework done when they are exhausted. Then, they play against a rough opponent...and they win! So glad it's over, but so glad we got to enjoy every down, every play, every touchdown.

How about my little Joshua...Allison watched her food, her drink, her blood pressure, her activities. She went to the doctors...two, twice a week at the end. I am sure she was sore and tired and worried and restless. She couldn't sleep. She couldn't get her shoes on at the end. Then, Joshua was born...a perfect little baby. So glad it's over, but so very glad we were blessed with this new little boy to love and pray for and just enjoy.

So, yes, I AM so glad it's over...but I wouldn't trade every single ornament, every single piece of tissue paper, every single pine needle, every single Christmas cookie, every single gingerbread house, every single gift, every single stocking for any thing anywhere. They are my treasures...and I am so glad I get to do it, love it, and put in away, so I can again question, work, complain, put up, take down, complain...and feel the happiest I can feel! So very, very glad!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Traditions...the holidays are simply full of them. The food we eat...and where we eat it, the activities we plan, the things we read, or see...or don't see; the priorities we try to make; the gifts we open and the gifts we give. Traditions give us strength! They give us a tie with the past...and a rope to the future. They can make us feel close to those we love, even if we are far apart. Traditions are important! However, sometimes, if we let them, traditions...that tie to the past, that rope to the future, can become a Noose! Sometimes, we may put aside needful things because of a "tradition". Sometimes people can be neglected for the sake of a tradition. Sometimes, the fun of a tradition can become a burdensome duty. That is when it is time to rethink. Traditions don't have to be something that becomes a millstone about your neck. You CAN take a piece of the past, and make an improved tradition...Traditions should be living and breathing things...things that may have to have a metamorphosis, of sorts, so YOU can live them...and love them too.
Now, I have faced my tradition dilemma. I have made ornaments for, now about 30 years (our 30th anniversary is this April...can you believe it!!!) I started kit painting, then sewing, then gluing, and then my sweetheart bought me painting lessons for a Christmas gift, and the rest is history! I have been Undecorating my house...a daunting, and often sad task. Today, I worked on our big main Christmas tree. I do spend much time remembering as I remove and wrap the ornaments, so it really seemed more of a genealogical/family history activity, thus Sunday appropriate...(do you sense the rationalizing I am doing for remembering the Sabbath Day and keeping it holy!) Anyway, I got the ornaments I have made for the last 30 years and set them in piles, ready to bag with my other extras. There are so many memories there! Now, not to bore you, but it really was a family history time for me. I have been rethinking this's a LOT of work...and I seem to only get my wood ready and then spend hours in the garage...the hot, August, over 115 degree in the outdoor shade garage...cutting them out and sanding them, and then hours painting. Yes, they are cute, but I don't want them to turn into an obligation, either for me, or for those who receive them. I have not come to a conclusion as to how many I will make and give next year...sorry, kids and Grandbabies, you get 'em anyway...but I sure did enjoy the vision of what I have done. AS for next year, we shall see...traditions need to be alive, to grow and change...and what is to come...well, who knows. But, for now, just take a look at 30 years!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Very Tired Drummer Boy!

He fought the drum...and the drum won!

Fiesta Bowl Parade 2010

What an awesome day today! After the Ft. McDowell Indian Tribe ceased funding, we thought it was the end of the Play It Again Band, but, thanks to AAA, we got to march, for the 22nd time. It was my 11th time, and it was as awesome as the first time! We got there, got Nate and his friend situated as observers, and then went to North Phx. Baptist church parking lot, where all the bands convene. It is so awesome to watch all the bands from all over the country warm up and practice. My favs are the college bands! Idaho and Texas Christian did not disappoint!!! We went to find restrooms, and, there was Sheriff Joe Arpaio! He was so nice, asking all about the band, and then was happy to take a pic with us (though it sure doesn't seem so in this photo!) It was great!
We had plenty of time...we were the last band in the parade! Dee took pics of me with:
The Ghostbusters
The University of Idaho Bronco
The Texas Christian University Horned Frog
The very very best part, though, is just being able to do something I have loved to do since high school, with the sweetest hubby on the earth.

I pick on him a lot (you see, he didn't get to be in band in high school, and after watching me practice for years, they invited him to play the bass drum...he has a bad knee, so it is not easy to carry a heavy drum, and last year, when he had a little bass drum, I kinda teased him about it, so he picked the biggest one this year. Plus, I pick on him because he gets on TV EVERY year, and he never had to sweat like a pig every day in high school marching at the hottest part of the day or anything!) It is awesome to be there, to be with him, and to "Play It Again". Thank you, so much, AAA for giving all us old guys one more year to march together and to reminisce about the past!