Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Birthday Celebration

Thanksgiving, Family Christmas, and now December birthdays. Lots of fun in eleven days! Cameo came over and we made Ethan's favorite coconut pecan frosting for his Germann Chocolate Bunny birthday cake. It was fun working with her, and I think our efforts together made better frosting than either she nor I had ever made alone. Thank goodness we doubled the recipe. Some seemed to "disappear" from Cam's fridge while it was there for a few days until she could decorate.

We celebrated Joshy's 2nd birthday (blue puppy cupcakes), Ethan's 29th birthday, and Amber's 27th birthday (homemade peanut butter cheesecake. 
Cameo decorated this totally awesome cake!

Here is the peanut butter cheesecake, some beautiful sugar cookies Amber and Kelsie baked and decorated, and  the  puppy dog cupcakes. 

Cameo and Liz...lovely mom and daughter!

Kayty walked in from work with a gift bag and balloon bouquet for Ethan. The largest balloon sang, "Happy Birthday"...over...and over...and over...and over. 
 First, we celebrated Joshy's birthday. Nathan lit candles while Papa called Las Vegas to get him on the phone.

Singing Happy Birthday to Josh...Daddy said he was kind of confused. But, we are a very confusing bunch!

Hooray Uncle Nathan for getting those two candles out!
 Next, we celebrated Amber's 27th birthday. (we went youngest to oldest)
Kelsie  was a great candle blow out helper!

 Finally, the oldest...Ethan will be 29 on the 13th.

Nano enjoyed a root beer float with homemade root beer and vanilla ice cream. 

Such a nice picture of Cam and Morgan!

 Card and present time...

From Kayty's birthday bag, Ethan picked these out...I am certain his employees would LOVE to see this picture!

Amber opens her cards and stuff...
I am officially partied out! Now, to wrap, package, mail, etc. the rest of the holiday...

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