Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kaylee Week

My rule with my grandkids is either I have fun, or I take pictures. I am blessed to care for Kaylee every other week. She is almost 5 months old, and can wear me out...but it's a good wear out. Kayty was off work, and so I could have someone take pics while I played.

Kaylee's favorite: the Panda Teeter Totter...so appropriate with Uncle Nate being Panda!

Dee asked me to pic tomatoes...I picked 150! That meant we needed to do something with the ones I had. So, before Miss Kaylee came, I cut up tomatoes, mixed them with olive oil and sea salt, and put them in pans with fresh basil stalks in the bottom. Four pans roasted in the oven for 5 hours. While Kaylee napped, I ran them through my Kitchenaid Mixer Strainer and got sauce. Ended up being 5 and a half cups of thick flavorful sauce.

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