Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Angel Moroni Comes To the Phoenix Temple

I was scheduled to replace a tire on my van...had an appointment. I went my usual way, and neared our LDS church building, beside which the Phoenix LDS Temple was under construction. I ran by earlier, and lamented that this month's picture to Elder Rice would still have no capstone and no Angel Moroni, the last things that signify the outside of the temple is complete...and the indentifying part of most LDS temples. I looked to the right...and saw two cranes (mechanical cranes, not bird many were inquiring on my facebook post) I called Dee, told him to come right away with the camera, and we sent up to watch ...four hours of priceless watching. I was there when the Angel Moroni was placed on the temple!
First, my pictures:

Now the ones I got from people who were permitted inside the fence:

All of the construction workers were called out. They took many pics of the group...these dedicated professionals make our temple possible...and it was so fitting that they got to see the initial lift, though they returned to work inside the temple before it was lifted any higher. They didn't know what they were missing!

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