Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week of March 16 - 22, 2015



Dad was able to attend the temple twice this week. I was able to index over a hundred names. For our stake baptismal coordinator calling, we received information from most wards...which is a miracle to get it this fast! I had the program started on Tuesday! We did get some crazy phone calls from a ward leader who was very confused. Dee is very patient and worked with them. I was tired and really grouchy and thought the better solution would be to slug him. Perhaps that is why I type and he talks!
Dad completed reading the Old Testament and read some from his early birthday present, "The Fourth Thousand Years" by Cleon Skousen. I read through 1st Corinthians 13 in the New Testament.


Dad talked with Nathan quite a few times...and even learned about Facetime on his phone. Nate has some awesome junk yards in Idaho and he ended up finding a new mirror for my jeep. (The driver mirror is messed up from water, I guess. You can see nothing! but blurr). We enjoyed seeing Cameo more this week, and having Kaylee here. Dad talked with Allison on the phone and got caught up on their family doings. We saw Josh work on a basketball goal on Facebook and were so thankful for his example to our family! He did do hard things!!! Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper made a surprise visit on Saturday afternoon.

Dad and Doran worked on some of his bullets, and we went to celebrate Doran's birthday dinner with them at his favorite Chinese place in Paradise Valley.


This was a Kaylee week...and Ethan's second week of an extra job. Daddy did pick her up one day, but he was working the rest, so we had one or two long days. We spent the week in the sand, walking in the yard, exploring the lower courtyard, blowing bubbles, and doing Rainbow and St. Patrick's Day things.

Papa's St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

The Leprechaun left these for Kaylee. We didn't set a trap...he was just a nice leprechaun

Kaylee's St. Patrick's Day lunch. She liked the green bread!

Thursday was a rainy day. Kaylee came in her red ladybug rain jacket and we walked in the sprinkles out in the front yard. She wanted to walk in puddles, and, at first, I didn't want her to get wet...but then, the Grammy in me said, "Aw...go for it!" So she jumped in puddles and walked in mud. Her boots were soaked but Cameo always makes sure there are extras so we were fine.

Best part about rain: playing in wet sand!

Dad had a good week at work. He has been working with teams of people to discern why certain parts fail. There is a Honeywell Top Ten List and each of these special Six Sigma Black Belts are assigned one or two of these parts to find out why they can't get off the list. He sits in many meetings and has to be very diplomatic and work without being rude. He has discovered that no one is using the basic Six Sigma Tools to discern what the cause of the failure is! No one starts at the first level of discovery. They always make a guess and go to the big experimental steps...the "showy" experiments. They have been working on their guesses for years. He finally used some data and showed them where they need to begin. It is a lesson to us all to remember that those basic things in our lives, such as prayer and scripture study, are the most important tools to help us in our "down" times.

Kayty's first week of being the 'official' Assistant Manager went pretty well. She is NOT intimidated by some of the female employees and really puts her foot down! (I am sure no one is surprised about that.

Dad's Truck -

Dad worked a lot this week on his truck. There was lots of grit blasting, priming and painting, packaging up the painted stuff and storing in the attic, internet searches, talking via internet, facebook and phone to get more information, ordering parts, etc.

He also got the new windshield installed...

Dad had tumbled bullet shells in a tumbler Nate had brought down from Idaho, so he tried some of his rusty car parts as well.  It worked!


We heard the news say clouds and possible rain. We NEVER get rain when it is a possible! We must have missed a weather report because we had rain...all night Wednesday rain and into Thursday.

It meant cooler temperatures, which were a nice break from the increasing warmth.

Dad's garden

Still picking tomatoes, lettuce, collards, and carrots. I learned something. When plants get to a certain point, they start to "bolt", that is, they grow tall, rather than wide, and begin to ready and grow flowers which will become seeds. When that bolt starts, the lettuce turns very least for me. Dad will eat anything. I learned that the bitter taste is the protection built right into the plant to make sure it can reproduce and have seeds for others like itself to grow. Pretty interesting.

We also picked the last of the snow peas...and Kaylee fed some to the chickens.

He also harvested his cabbage.
 We are gonna have some awesome cabbage salad this week...though it surely won't be as good as it is when Nate makes the salad dressing.

Other good things...

I had some crazy jogs this week. I went from running in shorts and a t shirt to running in sweats and a hoodie. It was so nice to be able to jog and not cough.

I saw a deal on Groupon and got new sheets for my bed. I only had one set, so I had to pull apart everything and wait till they were washed and dried to put it back together. Now, I have beautiful sage green sheets. I am so thankful I have money from my work to splurge on such a luxury!

I also was just exhausted trying to mop, so I used some Christmas money and Dad pitched in the rest to get a steam mop. So far, I LOVE it!! Another treasured luxury that keeps me from hands and knees floor scrubbing.

I scored at yard sales on Saturday. I saw something that just said, "buy me"...and after I texted Adam and told him, he said he loves those! He gets an awesome Grammy Bag when I finally get to see those sweet Vegas kids!!! Dad got some masonite for future grandkid building projects, another wok (I discouraged this purchase!).

Not so good things this week...

Kelsie seems to have had an allergic reaction to the shrimp she ate at dinner Saturday. She spent Sunday at Urgent Care. 

Dad worked a lot this week on his core support. It is a big piece that goes near the radiator on the front. He spent days grit blasting one, and then realized there was a nicer one in the garage. He did prime that one and is going to sell it. He then worked and worked grit blasting the nicer one. Some paint wouldn't come off, and he figured it wouldn't cause any problem, so he primed it.

That old paint DID cause troubles. All the primer bubbled up! He sanded and sanded and now has to grit blast more.

Weeds - Rain is good...BUT it waters the weeds! I got some pulled in the playground area this week, but my next week is going to have some busy evenings digging up the ones near the saguaro cactus in the back yard. Gonna wear gloves this time, so as not to find a cactus spine in my finger for four days.

Morgan had rain troubles too. He was riding his bike when a vehicle cut him off, made him drop his phone, got him soaking wet, and he had to miss work.

And yes, while saving her is truly a miracle and blessing from the Lord, Kayty had a low blood glucose episode. It was so scary that we got an emergency glucagon injection all ready, but she was lucid enough to throw a fit and refuse. She finally swallowed soda and the shot was unused...and wasted. (It's a pretty costly one time use injection that can't be refrigerated, used again, and expires) It's all good, though. Heavenly Father has special things for her to do in this life!

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