Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week of March 23 - 29, 2015

Weekly Highlights:

Our last week ended with a great call from Nate, with him sharing the classes he is going to take online in the upcoming semester as well as is plans for the next months. They are readying to come here temporarily by packing up the storage unit and Nate helping get another unit operating before the semester ends. Dad also talked with Doran for awhile.

Spiritual -

We enjoyed a wonderful week serving at the temple. I was able to attend the first early morning sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, we sealed members of our family for time and all eternity on Tuesday evening, and Dad and I attended a session on Wednesday evening.

The missionaries serving in our ward came to dinner, and Dad's Chinese was the best ever!

We had a wonderful eight year old baptismal service on Saturday, with six very happy children from five wards in our stake and lots of friends and family. I love our calling to work with these special children! It was LOTS of work setting up 50 chairs in four rooms, and lots of baptismal laundry after, but so worth it!

Since I usually sit alone at any stake event, I invited Mom/Nano to attend the General Women's Broadcast and I drove (like a crazy person, since I fell asleep on the couch and woke up ten minutes before I had to get to Mom's house) and picked her and Kathy up, and went to her stake center, which was the building I was baptized in. It was great to sit and hear inspired words with two very special ladies!!

I have indexed over 1300 names so far this year. Not near the record my mom set, though. Nano indexed over 55,000 names last year. She is a legend in her stake!

On Sunday night, since Dad has been trying all month and could not reach his home teaching companion, I went with him to visit the Bartons and the Burrows. Two very wonderful families!

Family -

Ethan and Cameo were invited to celebrate her sister, Jade's, 30th birthday, and were picked up by a limousine and taken to a nice restaurant. From the pics, it looks like they had a good time.

Amber had a rough week with her gall bladder. We hope and pray for her problems to be solved...and soon.

Kayty had a busy work week. She had to work two twelve hour days this week, both opening and closing the store. She did get her car emissions tested and she passed, and this week she will get her registration completed. She has to locate her w-4 forms to get her income tax done...and soon. She was in charge of a talent show at her ward for family home evening and it came out great...and she sang and was chosen to sing at the next level of shows. 

We talked a few times to Nathan. He spent the week fixing a truck for work so they can hire another person to clean carpets. He also worked hard fixing his truck up to get it ready to sell. He has been fighting a pesky oil leak and has changed or tightened nearly everything...and then it comes back! He was on a waiting list for an English 101 class and got in! He felt very blessed. They are moving out of their apartment April 8 and will get settled at the Hudson's house in time for both of them to begin their online semester of classes. Jessica is feeling a bit better, not so nauseous.

Work -

Dad is making more and more progress is getting these teams he is working with to use the basic tools to solve their problem parts. He is liking what he is doing more and more.

Saturday afternoon, after we got home from the baptisms, he did a side job for Bishop Layton, for his job. He made some complicated little metal thing that took two and a half hours to make. 

My week "off work" is always very busy, and I did lots of catch up cleaning, brushed the pool four times, worked around the yard, plus got things delivered for visiting teaching, cutting up the over abundant garden produce Dad brings in, and temple attending. I also boiled some of our hen's eggs, for Kayty and Kaylee to dye...and I cooled them in this the pool!

 Hopefully, they peel well...on Easter

Baking -

The oven was busy this week...which is not typical. I baked six dozen oatmeal cookies, three dozen Grace and Allison Chocolate Chip cookies, a pan of brownies (for those hungry missionaries - who ended up not eating any), and a key lime pie with a homemade graham cracker crust. Those cookies, plus some candy, ended up being used in two goodie plates that I delivered to two of my visiting teaching sisters.

I also baked a pretty awesome key lime pie!

I made two batches of prickly pear jelly...and the second one did gel! (It was gel-ing as soon as I added the sugar. The amount of pectin is the key!)

Dad's Truck -

He grit blasted, painted, and he and I together worked on getting the engine test-set in place so he could drill the holes in the frame to set the motor mounts. It took a lot of pushing and pulling, but us two old folks got it put into place and the front motor mounts are in place and things look like they will fit right.

Weather - only one word: HOT! Now, it is always like this...when 90 hits, it seems awful, but by September, it seems like sweater weather. I really, though, did contemplate selling this place and being somewhere cooler...

Dad's Garden - He picked some huge Asian Cabbages, which, at first, I was cross about, since I didn't know what to do with them,

until I looked on the internet. I made a pretty awesome cabbage salad with some (and I have one saved to use next Sunday for Easter at Dorrie's). I think it looks nicer in the salad too, so that will be my cabbage of choice in the future.

He is still getting tomatoes from our Fall plants, and the Winter ones are full of young ones. He picked tons of carrots, and he pulled up his kale (on a side note, we only had time for three yard sales, all right by us, yesterday, and he scored a Jack LaLane juicer for 15 bucks- and he juiced kale last night), an a/c heater unit to go on his truck, a very nice hand finish machine for 5 bucks, and a new Weber Grill for ten bucks (one of ours has no wheels- they melted with an over-exuberant fire). He also started new beds, which includes working in new mulch, chicken manure, and then relaying the watering lines and plastic. He planted cucumbers and pequin chili peppers.

Other good things this week...

Still loving my jogging this week. Mornings still run in the 60's.

I am in 2nd Peter in the New Testament and I hope to complete my New Testament reading next week before General Conference, so I can begin reading all those talks. I am also working on reading the March Ensign cover to cover. This was a goal I set last year, and since it is not a regular part of my life, I keep with the goal.

I LOVE my new steam mop!!! Mopping is SOOO much easier!!

Dad enjoyed the pool a few times this week. Not me, though. It is still way too cold.

Not so highlights:

During my cooking craze, we also made a batch of prickly pear jelly...that didn't gel. Ugh!!! I used to have no problems when I had MCP brand pectin to use. That was the only brand that worked. Another company bought them out and I cant for the life of me get a batch to gel. I even used citric acid rather than lemon juice...which just ended up making a tart flavored jelly.

My baptismal program typing ended up as crazy as it was to get the information. I had to keep adding and changing. The only thing was, I did not change the speakers from our last baptism. I had typed them correctly on Dad's conducting sheet, but did not compare with the program.

Next time, I compare before we get to church. I am so grateful that the two people on the program were not in attendance. That might have given someone a heart attack finding out they were to give a talk!

We also found out, via a post on Facebook by the realtor who sold the house, that our bishop and his family are moving out of the ward. He has been such a great leader and has valiantly worked to get us to make our lives more in line with the Lord and to get people to the temple. In his office, he has a picture of every single child and youth in the ward, with their name on each one. They are truly his focus. I am glad for them, though. They have been renting this huge gorgeous home for years. I guess they decided to settle here. They move in two to three weeks, so changes in our ward will be happening soon.

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