Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week of March 30 - April 5, 2015


Dad attended the temple twice, doing work for family members. He also spent time Monday evening at Kathy Hayes' house and she showed him how and where to do research. After he left, Kathy and her husband even found some names and information for him. We were also blessed again this month to see a man that he home teaches that doesn't let visitors come. When we see him at a yard sale, he and Dee have a great visit, talking about gardens and fishing.

I couldn't get to the temple with the later nights, exhaustion, and the temple closing for General Conference, but I did get names indexed. I am now over 1400 names this year. I completed the April Ensign magazine, read the talks from the Women's Broadcast, and am ready for the Conference talks.

We have been so blessed to be able to see General Conference. Yard sales didn't interfere and we were able to see sessions on Saturday and Sunday, even with computer challenges. Dad went to Priesthood session at church, and was the only one there until right before it began. And then the Sunday sessions were superb! It was such a spiritual morning, listening to our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, speak to us. I felt joy for the people in Haiti, the Ivory Coast, and Thailand for the new temples to be built there. I know the temple here has absolutely been one of the greatest blessings in my life. And the talk by Jeffrey R. Holland touched my heart as I thought of the Savior Jesus Christ and what He does for us. I feel spiritually filled and cannot wait to begin reading the text of the talks this Wednesday or Thursday.

Allison, Mike and family enjoyed the kids Spring Break! And...Mike got the car power steering repaired! Hooray for Mike. Note: watch out for Allison. She is pretty strong from driving and might cause damage if she slugged you! They had a great Easter celebration, complete with new swimming suits! I loved Sam's green one!!

Ethan and Cam worked LOTS last week. Late nights. Regular early mornings. Ethan had a project for his boss on Saturday morning. They went to the Easter Pageant at the Temple in Mesa, and poor Ethan fell asleep on the cool grass. They had a great Easter at their house and with the family.

Amber had a rugged week, starting with tons of pain, her gall bladder removed, and a longer than predicted recovery. Kelsie is good. Kooper is apparently enjoying his independence and already having differences of opinion with his Daddy. They looked so cute in their matching Easter outfits.

Morgan stopped by a couple of times. Once, he helped Dad get some truck parts in the attic to keep safe and mow the lawn...and I did three HUGE loads of laundry for him. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but on a Kaylee week...Well, I just dried and bagged the stuff up for him. It was great to have him at our Easter celebration this year.

Kayty had a good week at work and spent some time after Priesthood Session of General Conference at her bishop's house. He is being released next week, so it was kind of a going away party.

Nathan and Jessica sold the truck and got all ready for their big move to Phoenix. Jessica is nearly finished with the semester at school. Hooray!

We enjoyed a really nice family Easter dinner and egg hunt after Conference was over. We headed to Dorrie's, had a great meal, great weather, and a pretty good Easter Egg Hunt.

Dad had a pretty good week at work. He has been trying and trying to bring people on these teams back to basic tools used in Six Sigma to discern problems. He has had some success, but often, as soon as something shows up as being possible, the engineers on the teams dive in to solve, when they don't have ALL data about all aspects. He went to many meetings at the Deer Valley plant, as well as participated in many at home. He found out that Honeywell wants us to use all our vacation time as it is allotted. Thus, one fourth of our time should be used by March 31! Nice to tell us on the final day! We can still use it...we just can't save it up till December.

Kaylee had a good week. Poor Cameo had to work a TON! Ethan picked up Kaylee on Monday, and Cameo worked till 11:40 pm, and the nights Ethan worked at the pizza delivery, Kaylee stayed later than usual.

I kept her busy with some indoor activities, since it was pretty hot outdoors during the day.

Evenings were wonderful, so outside we would go!

She did well all week...but by Friday, she was ready to go home with Momma!

Dad's Truck - Lots of grit blasting, painting, storing, and work. He got the engine put together and taken off the frame, with help from Ethan, got the frame painted, got the gauge panel all fixed up, and slowly got more and more done. He needs to let the paint harden, and then put the engine back on, and have it towed to get the exhaust set up. 

Dad's Garden -
The spring tomatoes are full of little green tomatoes, growing each and every day. I spent my week gathering snow pea seeds while Kaylee played right beside me. Dad picked more cabbage and we tried to juice some kale...not too successful. He also pulled lots of carrots and garlic. He planted cucumbers, peppers, and his spaghetti squash is doing well.

I used those eggs I cooled in the pool for deviled Easter eggs, and his cabbage and made the Easter cabbage salad.

Other highlights -

My car achieved 140,000 miles of driving Friday morning!

I received a letter from Gracie! She even drew a cute cartoon! So happy!!! We are trying to get to see you all. I have a date in mind, but I have to check with Allison first.

I woke up and pulled my tired body out of bed Saturday morning to see the Lunar Eclipse. It was so worth it! I didn't take pics or anything, but it was amazing.

I got Kayty's income tax papers done. It took FOREVER...and a few get her forms from work, but it is done and mailed.

Not so highlights

Warm days + not so cool nights + a stubborn lady who won't turn on the A/C in March made for some pretty warm and tough to sleep nights. I don't know why but the nights I NEED sleep when I watch Kaylee are exactly the ones I can't stay asleep at night. Ugh!

Open windows and dusty wind will make for a yucky dusting day on Monday!

Dad and Kayty are both struggling with colds. I am trying to stay away from both of them.

Really, either there wasn't much disappointing that happened, or I already forgot it. Isn't that the way it always is...don't dwell on the disappointments and they sometimes disappear. 

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