Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week of April 6 - 12, 2015


Spiritual: It was a busy week, but I was blessed to be able to attend two early morning sessions at the temple this week. I was going to go another time, but my allergies from weeding were making my nose and sinuses crazy, so I stayed home. Dad was so busy with preparing and teaching cub scouts, and working on his truck, that he just couldn't make the sessions in the evening on time.

There had been a mixup with my visiting teaching route, and one of our sisters had been assigned to another person...two months ago! She had been getting double visits! Anyway, our route was reduced to one visit sister and one letter only sister, so that was a blessed relief this month. We had a great visit, and after we find out about our new bishop status, I will write to the other sister.

I started the Doctrine and Covenants, and when the General Conference talks became available, I began reading them. They are marvelous as usual.

I indexed over 100 names this week.

Family:  This week: youngest to oldest!

Nathan and Jessica: They completed their temporary relocation this week...AND...they found out that their little baby (I refer to as Tater Tot) is a girl! Both Jess and baby are doing well, and they are adjusting moving from cold to heat, and from a one bedroom apartment to a "studio" situation at Jessica's house. Nate was able to give Dad a TON of help on the truck and the garage this week, too.

Kayty: Car accident was a set back, but our insurance refers to us as gold members, so no deductible needed to be met. However, if Dad and I are ever in a collision, she agreed to pay half our deductible. She had three days off work and used them to recover from a cold and watch television and read.

Morgan:  We didn't see Morgan and didn't hear from him until late Saturday night, when he and his friend Kyle wanted to use the canoe. I was nearly asleep, but Dad got up and got them all fixed up.

Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper: Doing well. They had a dog event on Saturday.

Ethan, Cameo, Kaylee: Busy, busy, busy!

Allison, Mike, Adam, Grace, Josh and Sam: They look well. We saw pics of sweet Sam and Jessica said he is the happiest baby she has ever seen!

Mom- week off was full of work, as usual. I did run a couple of times, but stayed home from any activity after the allergy act-up. I managed to get part of the front yard weeded, though.

Weeds are a menace.

I picked up a few kids books, some building blocks, and a few pink receiving blankets at yard sales. Dad got some cool huge seashells...

Dad worked on the garden, trying to work some more plants in the garden. He also taught a bunch of Wolf Cub Scouts about tools and woodworking and they made bookends on our back porch. He and Nathan got the engine installed on the truck frame, wire wheeled rust of bolts, did some grit blasting and painting, and sought lots of advice on how to put this truck back together.

Lily thought I was pretty sketchy...even after some ham and an oatmeal cookie!

Work: Dad worked hard this week, starting with a full day and then late Monday meetings and dinner. He met his newest edition of the new boss. He attended many meetings, both at home and at the Deer Valley plant. He spent hours on the phone with a supplier in Michigan.

Dad's Truck: With help from Ethan last week, and Nathan this week, the engine fits and is installed in the truck...AND...
for the first time EVER, we have a vehicle (well, the frame anyway) that fits in our garage!!! (Thank you, Morgan, for the initial clean up, Nathan for the final cleaning, and Dad for the courage to toss!)

Dad's Garden: Our plants are full of green tomatoes...and with the warmer weather will come many red tomatoes. It's time to pull up the dead pea vines but he hasn't had time, and my nose will not permit! Grapevines are full of leaves and young grapes. We will need to thin.

Other highlights:

We headed to Cabellas one evening and used some of our Cabela's points to get a 10 x 10 pop up! We are using it over the sandbox to replace our cut down tree's shade, but it will sure be nice on camping trips, when cars need to be repaired, etc.

Not so highlights:

Thursday was quite a day! After my regular exercises and brushing the pool, I went out in the front yard to weed. The house next door had many workers there, including some who were right near me measuring. Thus began a few days of discussions over easements and fence heights. We are not sure the fence height (we want it 36 inches, they want to wall us in), but we are sure they are building in the dedicated easement, which we have tried to explain is not permitted. Hopefully, the City of Phoenix can talk to them before footings are poured and walls are put up. Then,  we received a rather upset phone call from Kayty. She has rear-ended someone on the way to work. We hurried to the scene, and were grateful that no one was hurt, and that the lawyer she hit had minimal to no damage on his car. Her car would run, so Dad drove it home, and after she contacted the insurance company, and he duct taped the bumper and hood, she was able to go to work. "Ellie" is now in the shop and she is renting "Ruby" until it's fixed.

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