Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week of April 13 - 19, 2015


Spiritual: Dad went to two sessions at the temple this week. He really likes spending Wednesday and Thursday evenings there.

I finished reading all the General Conference talks this week and was so thankful I could read them right away. I am prayerfully deciding the ones I need to reprint and reread for the next six months.

I completed more indexing and did more than 50 names.

 Allison, Mike, Adam, Grace, Josh and Sam are well and we are so excited to go see them this week!!! It has been so long!

Ethan, Cameo and Kaylee - on Monday, Dad and Nate were welcomed on one of Ethan's few nights off to come and do some reloading. Cameo is doing new job tasks and is enjoying the chance to learn new things! Ethan worked at the pizza place and had some good evenings! Kaylee had a great week at Grammy's and loved her weekend with Mommy and Daddy.

Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper are doing well and Amber is feeling better every day. Her ankle looks pretty rugged, she says, but Doran's ankle brace really helps her. Kelsie is doing great and is a happy little lady, and Kooper is busy getting into interesting things!

Morgan is fine and enjoyed having the canoe at Kyle's apartment for the week.

Kayty was very busy at work. She was bugged to find out that her car, "Ellie", was taking an extra week to repair, but she is having fun with "Ruby" for now. She

Nathan, Jessica and Annalee May - Yes, her name is going to be Annalee May Rice. Nate was over working on his truck, working on Dad's truck, getting brass polished for reloading, and being a great help!!!We are so thankful for Jessica sharing her sweet husband with us. She was busy working and giving her parents a bit of a break for a  few days.


Kaylee and I had a busy week. It was "Flower and Bee" week and we had a great time doing lots of things.

It was a windy week, but we had a good time in what she refers to as our "sand tent".

Dad's Truck: Nate was such an awesome help this week. I don't know what we would have done if they hadn't decided to temporarily relocate. Nate was over nearly every day helping Dad put things on...take them off...locate things that were misplaced, and get the engine out...and in...and out...      . He  sanded the underside of the whole body so Dad could get it primed and painted. He also mowed the lawn for Dad so he could get more work done. And, the most amazing thing...

We have a vehicle in the garage!!! Thank you to Keith, Jacob and Wilken Gibson for the pushing assist!

Dad's Garden: Dad was up early Tuesday morning and, after his bike ride, he planted melons. Kaylee counted six baby cabbages that are still growing.We worked on Saturday to get the tomatoes off the playground sidewalk and bird netting on top.

Other highlights:
We had an early birthday celebration for Dad. I made his favorite cake and cupcakes..

 We had great meatloaf dinner and a fun birthday party for Dad...

Not so highlights:

My allergies were crazy still at the beginning of the week but got better. I avoided weeding but will have to get on it next week, possibly with a mask on.

Kayty was bugged  that her car repair was slow, making her have to pay for another week of car rent, but it was still cheaper than the deductible would have been.

Dad and Nate had to reset the truck engine twice, due to things not fitting properly, and they may have to do it one more time, since there is a concern that the oil pan with hit the axle.

The house next door is progressing, and I think we are in a peaceful mode and that the wall they are building will not exceed 3 feet in height. The remodel has been beautiful for that house, but there are some inconsistencies that make us wonder if it really is a house...or a place of worship. It won't bug us, but there are people out here that will be fiery mad!

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