Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Last Pre-Wedding Projects

We had just a bit left to do. Dad wanted to complete the stucco on the outdoor kitchen. In the past weeks, we have re-inforced (involving my squeezing into the outdoor kitchen through the side-burner hole and holding 2x4 pieces while he screwed into them from the outside), adding doors, removing supports, adding other supports. Finally ready... And I had wedding cupcakes to bake...lots of them.
Beau keeps watch while Dee sifts fine sand for stucco. I really don't know what Beau was watching for, or what he would have done if he saw it!

The before...after we had reinforced and he had patched

My job: taping the plastic protection

Chickens apparently want to assist in the mixing process. No eggs were harmed in making the stucco. 

Four hours later:

 While he stucco-ed, I fill the wedding cupcake tower. I spared no expense...these were cupcakes with sour cream, real butter, cream cheese, and heavy cream. I ended up baking 159 regular sized cupcakes: 68 chocolate, 59 white, and 32 snickerdoodle cinnamon, and 53 mini cupcakes: 22 chocolate, 21 white, and 10 snickerdoodle. They were wrapped up, and kept cool, waiting for frosting with decadent cream cheese and buttercream frostings day.

In the afternoon, all the stuff that Amber had been accumulating and hauling to our playroom began to come together.

Amber's dad, Ken, her sister, Tamara, her step mom Barbara, (Ken and Barbara had driven out from Ohio last weekend) help in the set up. Ken had made a really special display, with antique bridles and their names, with places for notes for the couple. 

Amber's Mom, Gramma Penny, reads to Kelsie.

Kelsie takes a swim during set up...That pool is waaaaaay too cold for me. 
Everything was ready and looked great. Waiting for 10-11-12

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