Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy First Day of School, Nathan!

Changed my blog background. Dad gave Nate a priesthood blessing. His backpack is packed and ready. Tomorrow...the first day of his Junior Year of High School. Varsity Football player: starter on both the offense and defense. National Honor Society. He wants to be in Stugo...don't know if he will be elected. Speech team wants him...but he doesn't feel he is as good as the others, so we shall see. All in all, he likes his school, his friends...met or exceeded all the AIMS tests on the first try, so that is behind him. Here's to having another great year at North Pointe, Nathan. Go Falcons!

P.S. Mom was mad that Nate didn't wear a new shirt for the first day of school...this one is two or three years old. I got mad, which made him mad. So, happy happy picture. It got better on the ride to school and he was relatively happy - for a kid starting school on the 3rd of August!

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