Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writer's Workshop Addendum

I look forward to a weekly writing opportunity via Mama Kat's blog. She sends out prompts and then you can write about a few or all. It gives me good things to think about, and then, on Thursday, when I go and check out what others have written, more often than not, I find myself having an opportunity to grow. One of the prompts this week was "List ten things you would say to ten different people in your life...if you had the hutzpah." Now, me, of course, could only think of negatives. Now, to give me some kudos, I could not think of 10, but when I was reading others, I saw the positive things that they would say, and so I got to thinkin...and, well, here is my entry.

1. I wish you would see that you have more gifts, more beauty, and more to offer the world than you ever seem to realize. You are an angel when you sing or play the piano. You have a vitality for life that is infectious. You are always looking out for me, to make sure the little things are done, the little gifts are bought. You let me know that you care, and I thank you for that. In spite of illness, setbacks and disappointments, you have clawed and studied your way back to the top. What an amazing person you are!

2. You are not what anyone thinks of you, and you are not defined by what the guys at church say. Your hard work and dedication have gotten you where you are today, and I know you will continue with that. Do not let someone saying you are fat control you. The world, whether at school, or at church, or at scouts, likes to judge...and they want to be seen for the changes they have accomplished, while they only look at you as where you were. You, my dear, are better than that. Remember how it feels, never make anyone else feel that way, and don't let what others say stop you from having fun and experiencing all that life has to offer.

3. It hurts when your efforts end up only being focused on the things that one person does. Always looking for how to do it better, or different may accomplish what you want, but may also make someone feel worthless. I guess its that mote and beam thing...look home first, elsewhere later.

4. The past is just that...the past. I don't want to see you the same as when you were 19, and I don't want you to see yourself that way either. You are the sum of your experiences, and one choice, one ailment, once accident does not define you. Like a page in a book, a crystal in a chandelier, a bolt in a motor, each part, while important, does not define the whole. Learn from the past, and go ahead with a wonderful future.

5.An amazing person...that is what you are. Your tasks are many. Your heart wants to do what is right. And, you do. You have faced setbacks and illness with faith and courage, and great determination. Hold your head up. The Lord is well pleased.

6. Please, oh, please, don't leave your stuff on my kitchen island!

7. You CAN have fun and do what is right. Disobedience, while sometimes a rush, never makes one happy. It is when you can go to bed with a clear conscience that you know what it means to be happy.

8. Loving someone means giving your all and you certainly give all for those you love. You love shows in your life, your comings and goings. You are a loving treasure to all who are around.

9. If you make a mess, clean it up!

10. Always remember that no matter how low you feel, how lost you seem, how hopeless it may appear, there is ALWAYS someone who is there to listen, to truly listen. He cares for you and wants you to succeed. You are not alone, and it is never lost.


shortmama said...

Beautiful! From one AZ girl to another!

The Crazy Coxes said...

These are beautiful! I'm glad I stopped by!

Dan said...

Messes were made for cleaning - but the real question is why is making the mess so much more enjoyable than getting rid of it?

Good list!

Superstar said...

I have been stalking a good way. My thoughts and prayers have been with you in your difficult time.

You are a true gift! Loved your list.

The Baglady said...

hey there I really like your blog, but the green mottled background makes it really hard to read.

Life with Kaishon said...

Your list is so nice! You seem like a loving and caring person! I like that! Thank you for being positive when so many were negative. Positive is always more refreshing, right? : )

Michelle said...

I love that those were all happy ones... ok, except for the island one which I TOTALLY get. I didn't read many of the others yet, but I'm definitely expecting more ummm vengeance kinds of things :)

Amy said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing. I am a 'don't leave your stuff on my island' gal too. Drives me nuts.