Monday, August 10, 2009

I was just-a-checkin' my google reader after my yummy lunch and came across this insight from this blog:

"Perhaps having a good life, one that we are satisfied or joyful in, is not measured by how much subjective good there actually is in our lives, but simply in if we look for satisfaction and joy."

This is Stellan's mom...the one I found via another blog...the Stellan who was not supposed to be born, but had a faithful family who did not give up on the Lord, or on miracles. Stellan was born fine, but has many life-affecting struggles. He just got through another one, and waits for a solution if he can just grow bigger...very fast. Check it out. What is amazing to see is that this sweet woman, who has had to face the possible death of her baby, has the insight to see beyond the moment. She has not let her situation get her down. Read about their family, pray for Stellan, and follow her wise counsel!

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