Tuesday, August 4, 2009

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands-Day 16

This was an interesting one, as so many have been. I am so thankful that hubby chooses wholesome activities and hobbies to be involved in. He loves to hunt, to fish, to rebuild his project vehicle, to photograph, to create in stone and in cement, to play music via the stereo, and so many more things that he can do. Our home, and garage, and shed, etc. are full of hobbies and loves. The thing is, he is very, very good at keeping all in balance, and that is the challenge here today. Most of the women I know, and their hubbies, all choose good activities and hobbies, and, so far, keep them all in their proper perspective, not letting one rule anyone's life. That is the way to be!

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