Thursday, August 6, 2009

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands-Day 18

Today we are praying for this. Dee has never been too focused on material things, or having them, simply because it is the newest and best, or because someone else has one. Like me, though, he would rather use his money to purchase something he can hold in his hand, rather than something that ends up down the drain! He loves to use his resources to get stuff...always looking to get a knife sharpener for Allison, a feather boa for Grace, marbles for Adam, cast iron for Mike (sorry Allison), teacups for Danyel, photo stuff for Doran, movies for Kayty, car stuff for Nate, (Ethan and Cameo haven't expressed any "look for" items yet...maybe Allison has shared the fact that she has a closed loaded with cast iron...and they are afraid!) Stuff is not bad, unless it takes the place of things we need, of people and their concerns. Priorities...pray for proper priorities!

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